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April 30, 2009

Just breathe

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Yup, trying to put my mind at ease because even though the shoes are on their way to me, I won’t be able to fully relax until I have them in my hands.  So more bamf-tv is in order for tonight.

Ok, so this wasnt really a i-have-something-to-say post.  More of a vehicle for this free giveaway, its pretty cool but ends tmrw at midnight!

Stress I Do Not Need

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I think I had a stroke or two this morning. Over running shoes.

My shins started to hurt last night and, since this happened back in February / March I assumed it was my shoes.  I was correct because my current pair had 553 miles on them! Yeah, way too many but I’m cheap and like to run my shoes into the ground.  To give you an idea of how cheap I really am, this pair was the first >$15 pair I’ve ever bought for running.  My parents bought my bball shoes when I was younger so I can’t say how much they were.  Luckily I had bought a second pair of this model over my spring break mid-March so I dug them out last night.  And they’re the wrong size.  Ok, so they’re still 11s but I need a WIDE and these were medium (go ahead and judge the size of my feet, whatever, I’m 5’11”).  I’m so mad at myself because I should have double checked when I got the second pair, but I figured when I told the (highschool) clerk that I wanted 11W that she would have brought out 11W.  Oh well, I won’t make that mistake again! But the marathon is 3 days away (!) and I don’t have properly fitting shoes?!?

Talk about stressful.  I calmly called all the sports stores in my middle-of-nowhere area and none of them carried my shoe or anything that I could comfortably say would be an ok replacement.  So that left online.  Normally I am loathe to order things online (yup I am an oldie when it comes to the internet and technology) but some AWESOME people at RWOL suggested it.  However, my schools post office isn’t open Saturdays and I’m nervous that overnighting them will not be successful.  But I did it after lots and lots of searching, and it didn’t even cost me that much; mucho cheaper than getting them in a store.  Additionally the model of show I’m wearing is old, so I have to order the newer version.  The description is the same on both shoes so we’ll see.  Better than wearing old shoes or too narrow shoes.  Hopefully they get here in time

Big thanks to the marathoners over at RWOL! My friends could see that I was stressed out over it (and I was really flipping out too) but they all wondered why it was such a big deal and my marathoning online friends totally got it.  Major major thanks again! Hopefully I can relax and bring my blood pressure down 🙂 Maybe some lost or 24 is in order?

April 29, 2009


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Til the marathon. Yippee!

Plus there may or may not be a light at the end of the semester.  I’ve been so busy the past few days! But I’ve finished up my last two lab reports and they are ready to be handed in today.  Hooray! School is winding down, this is the last week of classes, and I’m ready for the summer to start.

Weather-wise it has felt like summer lately! I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have to go to class and could lay outside all day long.  My body isn’t used to the heat, and running in the heat hasn’t been the greatest.  Sure, I’ve been able to finish my workouts and run them the way I want to, but my body isn’t used to regulating its electrolytes yet because the temps have jumped up and down with no adaptation period.  I’ve been getting really dizzy and lightheaded lately (and sometimes very disorientated) and sometimes it happens when I’m just sitting down and not moving! I asked my doctor about it last night and she thinks it’s salt depletion because of the weather as I’m not dehydrated.  Now I get to pile salt on all of my food. YUM 🙂

The taper is winding down too.  I’ve put in more miles than called for but I don’t think I’m overdoing it.  On Monday, I ran 6 (which was 1 more than I wanted) and yesterday was only 4.  This morning was 6 with 4 at tempo and my legs actually felt pretty fresh! It was weird though because I finished at 7 and yesterday I had “slept in” until 730.  Yes 730 is sleeping in for me, my body does not recognize that I am a college student! Not sure what the rest of the week is going to hold for me running wise, but I’m starting to get the butterflies in my stomach.

It’s so close and part of me (the really irrational part) wants to just drop out because I’m nervous but I know I’ll be fine.  People keep asking me about it, like when it is, how long it is, how long I’ve been training. A couple of my friends are even showing up to cheer me on and one of them asked for the race map so she and other friend can go to different spots on the course! ❤  With each person I talk to, I get more and more nervous because, even though I tell them the goals I can live with, I feel like the more people I tell the more people will want to know how I did and if I didn’t do well I will want to crawl under a large rock and never come out.

But enough doubting! I’ve put in the work and I need to keep telling myself that.  Or I can just go watch LOST 🙂

April 26, 2009

Another week gone

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“Man I don’t know

Where the time goes

But it sure goes fast”

I can’t believe that there are SEVEN days until the marathon! I remember starting out week one and now I’m on week 16 as of tmrw.  I definitely need to step back and admire the work I’ve put into this training.  I thought that 20 miles would never happen, but my longest run was 22.  I didn’t think I’d be able to put in high miles when I was in school, but I hit 70 a few weeks ago.  If you had told me a year ago that I would be running a marathon, I would have asked you where I could get the drugs you were on.  So I must say that I’m happy that I’ve been able to push myself in this aspect of my life.

I am a little sad because today was the Groton 10k road race.  I won my age group last year (in my first 10k!) and I really really wanted to do it again this year.  Stupid 10k and marathon too close together! Obviously I’m hoping for a really good marathon time so I shelved the 10k but I just checked out the results and I definitely would have placed 2nd and had a very good run at 1st. LAME.  Hopefully missing out on this will pay dividends next week.

Also hoping that short runs will help me out.  I finished my last “real” run yesterday: 9 miles.  And I’m not going to be running anything over 5 this week [EDIT: I have a 7 on Wednesday, but I may chop that down].  GAH. I can’t believe that I’ve gotten this far in my training.  Very very nervous for this upcoming week, I need to keep telling myself that taking it easy is what my body *needs* (and very much deserves). I had my first test yesterday because I really wanted to push out an extra mile to get double digits plus I was running so smooth.  And with the weather, that was impressive to me. (on the weekends I head out late morning when the sun is bright)

I ended up getting a little burnt (note to self: WEAR SUNSCREEN) after running in strong sun and laying outside for most of yesterday and today, but it’s already turning into a nice tan.  I’m Scandinavian, I tan, however, like I’m Dominican.  Sooooo terrible, I know.  I really need to get better at wearing sunscreen, I don’t want to end up all leathery and wrinkly.  Yup, I’m vain enough to have my looks be an impetus over say, cancer.  Even though I’ve had numerous spots checked out for cancer. Ugh, I’m lame. Note to everyone reading, wear sunscreen and protect your skin!

But this weekend was soooooo nice, yesterday high of 76* and today it was 89*. Hooooooller! The only bummer is that there really hasn’t been *spring*; it’s gone from winter to summer with nothing really in between, hopefully this week chills out a bit and mother nature wakes up and recognizes what season it is.  And don’t get me wrong, I ❤ the heat but when I’m trying to push through the last week of classes (this week!) and finals, I don’t really want summer.  I’d prefer rain to keep me inside.

Time to start doing all the work that I avoided for my time in the sun!

April 24, 2009


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I received notification today that I won a Fellows Award for $3000 to take on an unpaid internship at Children’s Hospital in Boston from my school! I busted my butt filling out the application and am soooo happy that I got it.  About 100 people applied for 20 spots; not terrible odds but they definitely make me feel special that I got one 🙂 This means that I don’t have to work my usual summer job full time (ick) and if I want a little extra cash flow I can pick up one day there.

In running news, I feel YIPPEE too.  My pace for my runs aren’t getting faster but my legs aren’t feeling as trashed as they were at the beginning of the week.  Maybe the taper is actually doing something? For instance, this morning I was able to let my mind wander rather than have it be: “jeez my legs are tired” or “and just WHY am I doing this?” haha. Mind you, my pace was still very slow for me but it was MP + 75 seconds which, and correct me if I’m wrong, is where they should be.  I’m just an overachiever who wants to run all my runs fast and hard.

Orgo related: I took the second exam of the current material today (we get 2 attempts at every test and the better score is the one that counts, sweet deal) and the exam was exactly the same as the last one format wise.  And there still was a section that I didn’t get! Everything else was fine but man, my prof better not put that stuff on the final. And for the fellow Orgo nerds out there, the section was “Is this molecule an aromatic?” UGH

Alright, going to wrap this up.  The boys of summer are playing tonight; home opener against the Yankees (boo!).  Fitting because the weather *is* summer-like.  Today was a high of 70*, tmrw will be ~85* and Sunday will be ~82*.  Knowing New England though, next week we’ll get snow. HA, but hopefully not 🙂

April 22, 2009

Messy, messy, messy

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… Frosty anyone?

I’ve been musing lately over life and how messy it is.  Like, there are moments when it seems all neat and tidy but then there are moments when you feel like you have no control over events or anything else that goes down. Now I’m not going to turn this into a philosophical post or anything but like the saying goes, when it rains it pours.

A week ago I felt on top of my game: running, school, social stuff, sleep (hmmm almost all alliteration there!) all seemed to come pretty easy.  I’m a pessimist by nature I suppose so I knew it was a matter of time before the cycle of life brought me down.  Usually, though, the ball only drops on one aspect of my life. Right now it feels like everything is stressful.  I have formal lab writeups, papers and problem sets due very soon as well as another Orgo test on Friday.

Now I’m not writing this to illicit sympathy OR to have a “look how much work I have” competition with other.  And I’m semi-grateful that my taper is going on. I can’t imagine putting in a heavy physical week as well as such a mentally draining one. That said, I wish my legs would get the memo that they aren’t supposed to be so heavy and get out of the molasses they’re in! I had a tempo run this morning  and all I’m going to say is that thank god it was on the treadmill where my pace was pre-determined. I’ve been having some runs lately that have been wayyyyy less than par.  I sure hope it’s the taper thats making me feel this way, I definitely don’t want my legs to be so yucky come game time!

This awful feeling lets doubt creep into my mind as to whether I’ve bitten off more than I can chew with this marathon.   I need some positive thoughts! I *know* that I can do this.  I’ve put in so much time and energy and I’m damn proud that I’ve been able to keep everything together this semester.  But it’s just that time of year when everyone feels run down.

Hmmm so not much running related stuff but everything in my life is blurring together. But I did catch up on 24 as well as a couple of episodes of LOST (still season 3!) and watching that bamf-ness makes me happy for awhile. Small pleasures in life.  But that should give you an idea how much stress I’m feeling, I only watch t.v. *before* my hw is done when I’m feeling paralyzed by my stress.  Usually I have my early runs to look forward to but this taper is driving me crazy.  Guess that’s why they call it Taper Madness

But before I wrap up this post (which was a huge debbie-downer post) I’m going to plug Awesome giveaway!

April 20, 2009

Wooo Taper!

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Week 1 of the taper is done.  Don’t really know how I feel about it, mentally or physically.

I feel like I pushed myself too hard for what needed to be done.  Oh well live and learn I guess.  Hopefully I can reign myself in this week.  I knew going into this taper I was going to be bad at it, and while I haven’t failed yet, my legs don’t feel as fresh as I thought they would.  Is this normal? I went for an easy 5 this morning and my legs just did not want to go at it. Prolly going to contribute to a little bit of taper madness, but I always thought that the madness came from feeling like a caged beast raring to go.  Definitely not a sluggish feeling and its making me nervous.  I know I can do this marathon; I’ve had stellar runs in the past and I know that my runs now shouldn’t be that same awesomeness.  But I thought that an easy 5 would really be an easy 5, not an lets-go-so-slow-you-might-as-well-be-walking-pace (well almost).

In another aspect of my life, I received a Spanish Excellence Award tonight.  I feel bad that I’m prolly not going to be taking the next level in the fall.  I might audit it because I really want to learn how to speak Spanish but I don’t want to deal with the B.S. work that comes with taking the learning languages classes.  It was also really awkward to speak English with the professors after the ceremony but hey, it was 630 at that point.  I was hungry and had only had one half hour break for lunch since 9am! Mondays suck a lot.

Off to finish up some work for tmrw, then curl up in bed with a good book and rest my body for my run tmrw.  It’s supposed to be raining pretty hardcore when I get up so I might hit the treadmill to get my pace-run done.  I usually do speed / tempo / pace on Wednesday but the weather might force me to change my routine.  I guess its a good thing, as the workout will be one day further removed from game day.  Right?

April 18, 2009

“She’s running a marathon…”

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Apparently I have a reputation.

This weekend is spring weekend at my school and I decided to stay on campus rather than go home to stay away from all the crazy drunks that populate my school.  That said, I went out to a party with my friends.  I guess one of my friends has been telling me people about me and the fact that I’m running a marathon. I don’t really mind I guess, but I hate being put on the spot like this:

  • Girl 1: “So X told me that youre running a marathon?”
  • Me: “Yeah.  It’s in May, I’m pretty excited”
  • Girl 1: “Hey! Everyone! KK is running a MARATHON. How cool is that?”
  • Girl 2: “The Boston Marathon?”
  • Me: “No, Providence.  Boston is Monday and you have to qualify for it”
  • Girl 3: “So how many miles do you run a day?”
  • Me: “Ummmm it varies.  Today I ran 7 but last weekend I ran 22”
  • Girl 1,2,3 and others: “In a day?!? How long in your marathon”
  • Me: “Ummmm yeah, every marathon is 26.2 miles”
  • Silence

Ok, so typed out it doesn’t seem that awkward and I guess I should be flattered.  Especially since when every single new person walked in, they were told I was doing a marathon and that they (those girls) thought that when they ran 5 miles it was impressive. I’ll fully admit that I think it’s cool I’m doing something unique (at least where I live) but my face got all red and I started sweating more than I do on a run.  I’m not a braggy person by nature (unless I’m with my closest friends and then I know no modesty) so it was uncomfortable to say the least as I am an incredibly awkward person.  It did make me feel like super(wo)man though.

Hopefully I can harness that power into my run today.  It’s “only” 12 ish miles (yeah I tried to tell people that “only” bit and they were baffled at how 12 isn’t considered long anymore) but it’s my last “long” run ie) double digits for a while, like game day.  Actually, I shouldn’t say that bc I don’t know what next week brings in terms of mid-week speedwork but I doubt it’s very high.  But my long week next week is only 8 or something like that.

However, my legs still feel like they’re recovering from my 22 endeavor last weekend so I don’t know how today will go.  My run in the mornings this week were all really slow, but typically my weekend stuff is faster (prolly) because I eat breakfast before I go.  OTOH, its already 55* out and its about 9 am and that could be a problem, its been about 35* during the week when I ran; but I should get used to running in almost anything.  Last week it was “typhoon” conditions, this week its sunny and hot(ish).  That way I’ll be ready for anything that gets thrown at me.

Other than my run, I’m going to try to enjoy the nice weather out before the next cold front comes in later today and brings some rain with it.  I’m going to try to utilize the rain to my advantage and get some of my lab reports and paper done; who assigns stuff over Spring Weekend? Really? And I prolly should remember the sunscreen when I go out later;  yesterday I *baked* in the sun for 4 hours! I can just feel my skin developing cancer.

April 15, 2009

Crunch Time

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In many more ways than just one.

First the running, because I guess this supposed to be a running blog.  Whodathunk, right? Its TAPER TIME right now.  I’ve just begun the taper and technically wouldn’t crunch time have been the past 4 weeks when my mileage was sky high? Maybe, but anyways the taper is underway.  Or is it. My plan for today had me scheduled for 11 miles, 4 of which were in the form of mile repeats.  So basically a speed session. I did ’em, and every last bloody mile was on the treadmill.  And by bloody, I mean it in the British way, not the blood spurting everywhere way.  Felt ok, but I was thankful that I was on the treadmill, I mean the weather was really really nice out, but I needed the pacing of the good ole ‘mill because I could just feel all the glycogen in my legs being depleted.  My idea of a taper was, like, no running.  Or something.  Heh, guess I was wrong? Then again, I’m only in my first week of tapering and shouldn’t speak too soon.  I’ll let you know in a week in I feel the same 🙂

I suppose the crunch time is more so school stress related than running, because taper doesn’t really feel like it should be a crunch time; the hay is already in the barn (and yes I really do whip out these type of expressions in everyday speak.  You know you want to be me).  BUT I got an email yesterday informing me that my marathon is 19 (well now 18) days away.  I wanted to vomit.  It’s that close? Thinking about everything that’s going down in the next 3 weeks (aka the rest of the semester) is stressful enough. I don’t really want to think that I’ll be hauling ass for 26.2 miles on top of it.  Am I going crazy?

I am soooo busy from now until next Friday, at the earliest.  I have two full formal lab write-ups,  two Orgo exams, and  a Spanish composition.  Ok so typed out it doesn’t look like much, but the labs are going to be terrible because I have to *gasp* do research for each of ’em.  Plus to top it off, this weekend is Spring Weekend.  AKA lets-be-100%-drunk-Thursday-through-Sunday.  Yup, I go to one of *those* schools; where the people who drink to get drunk ostricize people who don’t.  I fall into the “don’t” category.  I mean, I’m all for a good time but I’m not willing to sacrifice *anything* so I can be drunk all day, for 4 days.  Ugh.  I think my game plan is to utilize the library during the day and then chill with the drunkards at night.  A good compromise, no?

To make school and the future even more of an issue, I got a letter in the mail saying that I need to start planning for graduation.  Like May 2010.  Seriously people, let me deal with the next 3 weeks before you tell me that I only have one year left and need to plan.  Anyhoo, off to go start tackling this monsterous mountain of work that is stressing me out.  Like anything in life, ( running, lab reports etc) the law of inertia comes into play; the hardest part is the start.

April 13, 2009

Let There Be…

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Apparently my flirtation with overtraining has moved into the “it’s complicated” stage.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and my usual cankerous self has been a little more irritable than usual. Which is why today was a much needed rest day.  And much deserved if I do say so myself.  I ended up running 2.5 yesterday (and not a step more mind you) to hit 70 (!) miles for the week.  I am in such awe of what I’ve been able to do this training cycle.  I decided to respect my body (and specifically), though and let it recuperate.  My legs are seriously suffering from some sort of delayed muscle soreness or something like that.  Definitely time to break out The Stick tonight.

Oh The Stick…

…how I love and hate thee.  The pain that comes from “massaging” my legs is so good yet so bad.  I will fully admit that I am a The Stick novice (and I love that it is The Stick and not the stick) but I have found applying medium to heavy pressure on my muscles (especially my quads) to be quite amazing.  I’m not sure if it makes any sort of difference in my running, and to be honest I haven’t had that much time lately to really dedicate to The Stick-ing (been too busy putting in those 70 miles).  It could just be a placebo effect for all I know but the feeling of pushing out junk from my muscles great.  Any suggestions on how to maximize my The Stick experience?

I can visualize the scar tissue breaking up and floating away in my blood stream and the lactic acid doing the same.  In that sense it really is like a cheap massage, when my massage therapist (and yes, I do have one.  I may not see her on any regular schedule but she is mine heh) works on me I can see the same type of process in my mind.   Whether or not massage therapy is helpful remains to be resolved in my mind but if my mind is happy, my body will soon follow; or so I’d like to imagine.

Since I’ve always been curious about what other people do on their rest days, I’ll share what I’ve done today.  In short, Mondays suck.  I’m in class or lab from 9-6, and then of course I receive work from every single class.  On top of the work I need to do for my Tuesday classes.  And I have to go to work (I’m a physics tutor where I sit typing this now).  Monday becomes a de facto rest day out of necessity.  One of the assignments I’ve just completed is watch Maria, full of grace, for my Spanish class  (don’t judge the youtube, I don’t have any time to go see the viewings my profesora is offering).  Definitely a movie to see, but now I feel like I need to get a 24 or Lost fix now to get my bamf-ness aura back 🙂

And just to make this post extra long, I’ve been dying to share this with y’all: . What will science do next? Haha.


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