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April 3, 2009


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Ok. So I obviously decided to write a blog. Which surprised me, as I don’t really like to “overshare” or share in general.  But I remember my english teacher in high school used to tell us (every class) that if we wrote for 15 minutes a day then our writing would improve drastically. And seeing as how my journal hasn’t been touched in forever, this might work?

I don’t know who / how many people (if any) will read this, and as much as I’d like to jump into telling a story or something cool, maybe, just maybe, I should say something about myself?

Well in any case, I’m KK (clearly a nickname), which is weird as my initals are not KK.  Regardless I am a student at a small liberal arts college in the Northeast, where I (attempt) to study physics and pre-med stuff.  Science (and math by proxy) is my thing.  I ❤ country music. For real.  As in, pretty much the only thing I listen to except when I’m at a party and have no control over the music played.

I guess I should segway into running? I mean , this blog is called marathonmaiden.  Funny, as I haven’t actually yet run one.  I will be, on May 3rd, and I’m really excited.  Can’t believe it’s a little over 4 weeks away! And I can’t believe that I will propel myself  26.2 miles, especially since  I used to dread running.  I viewed running as something to be done with a ball (basket or volley) in hand.  And because in track I was a sprinter for a year, distance for a year then quit.  Oops! But the here and now are the most important thing.  And that is, I’m running.

So I think I’m rambling. Sorry.  Not sure of the direction that this blog will take.  Again, its called marathonmaiden but I doubt it’ll stay strictly to running.  Anyhoo, I think I’ll wrap this up and hope (?) that someone will read this?  I’ll keep writing here because it’s been drilled into my head that if I don’t practice any type of writing then my writing will suffer. And as a science person, I’m already at risk. Heh

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