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April 3, 2009

I’m a *Runner*, en espanol

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Ok so I got that awkward first post done last night.  It reads pretty lame to me, but that’s ok.  This morning, I realized that a “measly 6” run is not a small feat to other people.

Naturally I get picked in Spanish to model dialogue what we’re doing.  Nevermind the fact that the profesora frequently messes up my name.  But there I am, being interrogated and she’s trying to ask questions so that I can use all the tenses. Fun Stuff.  So she asks me what I did this morning and I answer that I ran 6 miles.  She KNOWS I run because I always use the verb “correr” for anything I’m talking about, what I will do, have done, am going to do, doing now etc.  Apparently, though, 6 miles blows her mind and she stops peppering me questions momentarily.  And the rest of the class too appears amazed that I would want to do that, because to make it to a 930 class, all showered, well-dressed and fed, I had to get up at an early time.

Hmmmm, I guess that story sounded better in my head. Heh. Oh well, time to move into my run this morning? It was pretty good.  6 miles in ~50* weather.  Very foggy and actually started to sprinkle / drizzle a bit by the end at which point it was pretty nice.  Since my school is pretty small I decided to do a 1 lap of my campus + 4 mile route + 1 lap of campus.  (Yes my school is that small).  I’ve been struggling to keep pushing my mileage up up up (…and away) so by running  my route in this order I was not tempted to expand it.  Well I was, but it didn’t make sense to me.  And I wanted to do some core-work before my aforementioned 930 Spanish class.

Guess that’s it for now.  I should get some work done now, but I recently became addicted to LOST.  As shameful as this should be to admit, I finished season 1 in a week and will probably be half done with season 2 this weekend.  But I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to.  And trust me, this falls under addiction.  A bientot! (I really try to be all hip and cool with my multi-languages 🙂 )

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