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April 6, 2009

6am stress relief

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Where did the sun go? This morning it was absolutely beautiful out and now its raining and dark.  Boo! Although I am very happy that I got a clear crisp morning to run in.  Maybe it was the weather that played a large role in the quick 7.5 miles I did this morning.  Maybe the best 6 am run I’ve ever done.

Man, did I feel like I was going at a really good clip; I surprised myself when I looked at my watch and saw how “little” time had passed.  I guess  I should have expected it as I had to keep telling myself to slow down.  I have my last hard week before the taper and I don’t want to get too worn out at the beginning of the week!

So my run was good.  Wicked good in fact.  Knees weren’t bothering me, a sign that I did my cutback week properly.  BUT the spot where my big toe hits my actual foot (I guess its the metatarsal) is super tender, but not in a bad way.  Just kind of achy.  It’s also red and a little inflamed.  BOO! And, me being the hypochondriac I am, immediately think *stress fracture* dun dun dun.  (How great of a doctor am I going to be? “Hello Doc, I have a headache” “OMG you have brain cancer!” heh). Intellectually I know its prolly nothing that ice and ibuprofen can’t cure, but I’m a complainer by nature, and the best things to complain about are dramatic.  And to me, and most runners (?) stress fractures are dramatic.

Aside from the toe pain, I think my run was just about the only good thing about my Monday.  Monday’s typically suck.  A lot.  I’m in class 9-6 every Monday (what a way to start off the week right?).  But today was a doozy, with a genetics test this morning,  not getting back an Orgo test that I *really* wanted to see how I did and having a 4 hour lab for said Orgo class.  (I’m noticing I capitalize Orgo.  Heh, that’s how much it rules my life).  Additionally I talked to my classical mechanics professor and basically the only way for me to get an A in the class is to ace everything for the rest of the semester. Uh, really? Greattttt.   So needless to say, running is keeping me sane and most likely will until May when the semester ends.  Coincidentally when my marathon is.  I see some kind of symmetry with that.  Not sure if it’s good or not but hey, at least I know that I can keep chugging along with a non-school goal for the rest of the semester.

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