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April 7, 2009

Only Tuesday?

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I guess when Monday feels like a week unto itself, when Tueday rolls around and you realize that you still have 4. more . days. until the weekend, its not too nice.  But it’s already the afternoon and I’m done with classes for the day with no *real* obligations for the rest of the day.  Sure it would be nice to get some work done, but I’d rather watch LOST 🙂

But let’s talk about running (or rather let me write about it).  I’ll start by saying I was in a deeeeeep sleep last night.  Like hard-core, vivid dream sleep.  Unfortunately it wasn’t too pleasant of a dream and woke me up.  Why I can never remember nice dreams is beyond me, only the scary ones stick.  The point I’m trying to make is that I was sound asleep until my dream woke me up around 530 or so.  With an alarm set for 630 (I know, sleep in woot! Heh) I did, in fact, fall back asleep and during the next hour I had another vivid scary dream.  Boo! Hmmm, I love how I haven’t even thought about mentioning running yet.  Oops! New paragraph time.

So scary dreams leave me groggy, which is *not* what I wanted on a “easy” 12 miler.  I guess the easy is supposed to refer to the pace, anything over 6 is not easy in my book, no matter how far I have run in the past.  The sun was up, but hiding behind the overcast sky.  The low last night was 43* (I slept with my window open!) so I was really comfortable and able to beast this run.  Definitely by far one of the best morning runs ever.  And I know I said that yesterday’s was the best, today might have been better.  I felt like I could’ve gone on forever and man, I was *fast*.  My toe did start hurting about a mile in, but no pain, just kind of a funny feeling. After the first 3 miles or so, I had to remind myself that I have a hard tempo tmrw and a 20 to do this weekend.  But with this week being my last hard week before the taper, I want to make sure that I give it my all and, to use a bball expression, leave it all on the court.

I also feel like my school life is going really well too.  Yes, I am worried about some of my classes and I really need to find a way to word hard to boost the GPA but yesterday was course registration for next semester and I always get excited for that.  Prolly something to do with the classes I’m taking now feeling a little stale and the newness of the next semester.  I’m also taking a not so tough courseload (jazz dance anyone?).  I figure I’ve busted my butt taking extra courses and an expanded class schedule for the past 3 years and I deserve a semseter to recharge.  Prolly the best thing too as I’ll likely be applying to med school in the fall too. Also, I get to sign into housing for next year tonight and I’m looking forward to that as I got a good housing lottery number and think I’ll get a nice room!

Hmmmm, looks like I should have been an english major or something! Hopefully I haven’t bored you with my posts (although I guess if I did you wouldn’t be reading this now) but if there’s anything you want me to expand on or tackle / explain in a future post, leave a comment! Even if you don’t care what I write about, leave me a comment anyway so I can feel the love 🙂

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