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April 8, 2009


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Oh man,  I always think I’m going to die on a tempo run (or any speed for that matter) before I start.  Especially when the distance I need to cover is long.  I get that “oh &*!#” mentality and butterflies start fluttering around in my stomach.  Of course I never remember the good that goes with tempo; that awesome feeling when you’re done and it feels amazing and that you can do anything in the world

This morning I set my alarm a little earlier than usual so I could get to the gym by 6 and I’m proud to say that it happened (although with my type A personality there really wasnt any doubt I suppose).  I like to do my speed stuff on the treadmill so that I can ensure the paces I want / need are hit.  I’m sure it’s not the greatest, I’m not going to run my marathon on a treadmill you know! Tempos have happened outside in the past but they’re usually 10-15 seconds per mile slower that I want.  Not bad, but being type A, dissapointing.

Anyway, on to my run this morning:

  • 15 min warmup
  • 7 miles tempo
  • 20 min warm down

I hit reset after each “segment” and as a consequence I don’t know exactly how far I went, somewhere around 11.5 miles I would guess.  I hit reset for a couple reasons:

  1. The treadmills have a 60 minute max before they automatically stop.  You can start up again without losing your data but the break of pace mid-tempo wasn’t something I fancied.
  2. I could cheat the 30-min time limit when others are waiting.  Yes, I know.  I *am* a terrible person.  But hey, if I bust my butt to get out of bed and start my run at 6, I don’t care that I’m hogging the TM for such a long time.
  3. Having a total of 11 or so miles is really long time to be on the mill of dread.  And looking at mile 1, 2, 3 (ie the early miles) is really discouraging! Granted, if you can stick out the whole lot, looking at 11 miles on the screen is something to feel accomplished and definitely a source of pride.  But getting there is a pain and a half.

I guess I’ll wrap this up by saying that it’s been about 9 or so hours after I finished my run and I still feel like a million bucks.  Hopefully I’ll be able to remember that I *can* do a successful tempo.  Heck, I’ve even done successful tempos outside (gasp!).  But for whatever reason, I never think that I’ll finish them.  I need to get better at reassuring myself that I know how to run, and run well on top of that.  Any tips? I suppose, though, that it won’t really matter until after the marathon.  I haven’t looked at what my “speedwork” is for the next three weeks but the distance can only get shorter as I go into taper mode after this weekend.  Eeeeek! So scary to think that “the hay is in the barn” (ha I was about to write that backwards).   Well almost, I still get to bask in the hardcore-ness that is this week 🙂

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