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April 12, 2009

Make ’em say UGGGGH

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Da Na Na Na. Oh Master P in the 90s.  Believe it or not but there was a period (middle school) where I shunned my beloved country music to be in the “popular” crowd.  Blech. Stupid middle school.

Anyways, the song doesn’t really have anything to do with my running, except that I am saying “UGH” this morning after my long run yesterday.  Twenty-Two miles.  Los doces.  It was one of the hardest long runs to get through actually, no I don’t think it was.  It was difficult yes, but when I finished time really did not have seemed to pass.

The weather was icky.  I started the run in between the two rain storms that were passing through the area but it started raining around mile 12.  This cold rain lead to my fingers going numb around this point too.  I have Raynaud’s syndrome, which is a fancy way of saying bad circulation.  Not life threatening in any way, and truth be told kind of cool that in 50* weather I can show people my freakishly blue/purple fingers haha.  But all these factors lead to be getting agitated and I even started getting really discouraged around mile 18!  I had to remind myself that I am a strong person who CAN finish this run. At this moment I made the decision to commit to 22 miles rather than the planned 20.  One mile for every year of life on Earth.

Those last 4 miles weren’t fantastic but they went by really quickly (maybe because I had just completed an 18 mile loop haha).  Finishing that run made me appreciate the amazingness that is running.  I was a little disappointed with the “slowness” of it, but I ran 22 freaking miles.  My pace was only 15 seconds slower than what I wanted it to be, but it was just with so many miles covered those 15 seconds add up pretty quickly to multiple minutes.  And seeing how much time really had passed, it didn’t feel like I had been out there for all that long despite all I wrote above.

I had fully intended to do work yesterday but all my body wanted to do was eat and watch Lost.  Ok so maybe my *body* didn’t want Lost per se, but my mind sure as heck did! I had to periodically get up and move about because I could feel my legs tightening.  It got better as the day went on but right after my run when I sat down for lunch I didn’t think my legs knew how to work when I tried to get up!

I really wish I had access to an ice bath, but since I’m not an athlete for my school that was out of the question.  Unfortunately that meant trying to use cold water in the shower and I am not disciplined enough to make that worthwhile; thus I ended up with a hot shower to warm up from the rain.   That prolly was a bad idea in hindsight, as my legs are just a bit sore now.

I’m currently sitting on 67.5 miles.  I may try to get out there and shake-out my legs and hit 70 for the week.  Seems hard to believe that exactly 4 weeks ago I was hitting 60+ miles for the first time and I thought that I wouldn’t be able to repeat that effort this training cycle! I may, or may not, hit the pool later today depending on when it’s open.  My legs need some shaking out.  Luckily it’s taper time, and it could not have come at a more needed time.

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