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April 13, 2009

Let There Be…

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Apparently my flirtation with overtraining has moved into the “it’s complicated” stage.  I’ve been having trouble sleeping, and my usual cankerous self has been a little more irritable than usual. Which is why today was a much needed rest day.  And much deserved if I do say so myself.  I ended up running 2.5 yesterday (and not a step more mind you) to hit 70 (!) miles for the week.  I am in such awe of what I’ve been able to do this training cycle.  I decided to respect my body (and specifically), though and let it recuperate.  My legs are seriously suffering from some sort of delayed muscle soreness or something like that.  Definitely time to break out The Stick tonight.

Oh The Stick…

…how I love and hate thee.  The pain that comes from “massaging” my legs is so good yet so bad.  I will fully admit that I am a The Stick novice (and I love that it is The Stick and not the stick) but I have found applying medium to heavy pressure on my muscles (especially my quads) to be quite amazing.  I’m not sure if it makes any sort of difference in my running, and to be honest I haven’t had that much time lately to really dedicate to The Stick-ing (been too busy putting in those 70 miles).  It could just be a placebo effect for all I know but the feeling of pushing out junk from my muscles great.  Any suggestions on how to maximize my The Stick experience?

I can visualize the scar tissue breaking up and floating away in my blood stream and the lactic acid doing the same.  In that sense it really is like a cheap massage, when my massage therapist (and yes, I do have one.  I may not see her on any regular schedule but she is mine heh) works on me I can see the same type of process in my mind.   Whether or not massage therapy is helpful remains to be resolved in my mind but if my mind is happy, my body will soon follow; or so I’d like to imagine.

Since I’ve always been curious about what other people do on their rest days, I’ll share what I’ve done today.  In short, Mondays suck.  I’m in class or lab from 9-6, and then of course I receive work from every single class.  On top of the work I need to do for my Tuesday classes.  And I have to go to work (I’m a physics tutor where I sit typing this now).  Monday becomes a de facto rest day out of necessity.  One of the assignments I’ve just completed is watch Maria, full of grace, for my Spanish class  (don’t judge the youtube, I don’t have any time to go see the viewings my profesora is offering).  Definitely a movie to see, but now I feel like I need to get a 24 or Lost fix now to get my bamf-ness aura back 🙂

And just to make this post extra long, I’ve been dying to share this with y’all: . What will science do next? Haha.


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  1. Congrats on hitting 70! That’s a lot of miles.

    Comment by runjess — April 14, 2009 @ 18:47

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