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April 18, 2009

“She’s running a marathon…”

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Apparently I have a reputation.

This weekend is spring weekend at my school and I decided to stay on campus rather than go home to stay away from all the crazy drunks that populate my school.  That said, I went out to a party with my friends.  I guess one of my friends has been telling me people about me and the fact that I’m running a marathon. I don’t really mind I guess, but I hate being put on the spot like this:

  • Girl 1: “So X told me that youre running a marathon?”
  • Me: “Yeah.  It’s in May, I’m pretty excited”
  • Girl 1: “Hey! Everyone! KK is running a MARATHON. How cool is that?”
  • Girl 2: “The Boston Marathon?”
  • Me: “No, Providence.  Boston is Monday and you have to qualify for it”
  • Girl 3: “So how many miles do you run a day?”
  • Me: “Ummmm it varies.  Today I ran 7 but last weekend I ran 22”
  • Girl 1,2,3 and others: “In a day?!? How long in your marathon”
  • Me: “Ummmm yeah, every marathon is 26.2 miles”
  • Silence

Ok, so typed out it doesn’t seem that awkward and I guess I should be flattered.  Especially since when every single new person walked in, they were told I was doing a marathon and that they (those girls) thought that when they ran 5 miles it was impressive. I’ll fully admit that I think it’s cool I’m doing something unique (at least where I live) but my face got all red and I started sweating more than I do on a run.  I’m not a braggy person by nature (unless I’m with my closest friends and then I know no modesty) so it was uncomfortable to say the least as I am an incredibly awkward person.  It did make me feel like super(wo)man though.

Hopefully I can harness that power into my run today.  It’s “only” 12 ish miles (yeah I tried to tell people that “only” bit and they were baffled at how 12 isn’t considered long anymore) but it’s my last “long” run ie) double digits for a while, like game day.  Actually, I shouldn’t say that bc I don’t know what next week brings in terms of mid-week speedwork but I doubt it’s very high.  But my long week next week is only 8 or something like that.

However, my legs still feel like they’re recovering from my 22 endeavor last weekend so I don’t know how today will go.  My run in the mornings this week were all really slow, but typically my weekend stuff is faster (prolly) because I eat breakfast before I go.  OTOH, its already 55* out and its about 9 am and that could be a problem, its been about 35* during the week when I ran; but I should get used to running in almost anything.  Last week it was “typhoon” conditions, this week its sunny and hot(ish).  That way I’ll be ready for anything that gets thrown at me.

Other than my run, I’m going to try to enjoy the nice weather out before the next cold front comes in later today and brings some rain with it.  I’m going to try to utilize the rain to my advantage and get some of my lab reports and paper done; who assigns stuff over Spring Weekend? Really? And I prolly should remember the sunscreen when I go out later;  yesterday I *baked* in the sun for 4 hours! I can just feel my skin developing cancer.

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  1. Haha…the infamous “how long is your marathon?” question.

    Take it easy on those tapering legs!

    Comment by runjess — April 20, 2009 @ 15:02

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