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April 20, 2009

Wooo Taper!

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Week 1 of the taper is done.  Don’t really know how I feel about it, mentally or physically.

I feel like I pushed myself too hard for what needed to be done.  Oh well live and learn I guess.  Hopefully I can reign myself in this week.  I knew going into this taper I was going to be bad at it, and while I haven’t failed yet, my legs don’t feel as fresh as I thought they would.  Is this normal? I went for an easy 5 this morning and my legs just did not want to go at it. Prolly going to contribute to a little bit of taper madness, but I always thought that the madness came from feeling like a caged beast raring to go.  Definitely not a sluggish feeling and its making me nervous.  I know I can do this marathon; I’ve had stellar runs in the past and I know that my runs now shouldn’t be that same awesomeness.  But I thought that an easy 5 would really be an easy 5, not an lets-go-so-slow-you-might-as-well-be-walking-pace (well almost).

In another aspect of my life, I received a Spanish Excellence Award tonight.  I feel bad that I’m prolly not going to be taking the next level in the fall.  I might audit it because I really want to learn how to speak Spanish but I don’t want to deal with the B.S. work that comes with taking the learning languages classes.  It was also really awkward to speak English with the professors after the ceremony but hey, it was 630 at that point.  I was hungry and had only had one half hour break for lunch since 9am! Mondays suck a lot.

Off to finish up some work for tmrw, then curl up in bed with a good book and rest my body for my run tmrw.  It’s supposed to be raining pretty hardcore when I get up so I might hit the treadmill to get my pace-run done.  I usually do speed / tempo / pace on Wednesday but the weather might force me to change my routine.  I guess its a good thing, as the workout will be one day further removed from game day.  Right?


  1. Hola! I love running and Spanish as well, though Spanish is my better skill these days. Aging has a way of forcing one activity over another I think. Your blog entries brought me back to the good old days and I will be following your progress and process…so keep writing! I also wanted to share a resource my husband and I have developed for Spanish students…a bit more interesting and engaging and fun (and way cheaper) than your typical college class…that is if you wanted to still plug away at it. our web site is and my blog (through which I learned about you) where I talk about my process in learning Spanish is in case it might interest you. Keep running and writing and I will keep reading! Saludos, Joan

    Comment by Luis and Joan — April 21, 2009 @ 10:01

  2. Don’t worry, your legs will get fresh. That’s why a marathon taper is so painfully lonnngggg. 🙂

    Comment by runjess — April 21, 2009 @ 18:00

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