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April 29, 2009


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Til the marathon. Yippee!

Plus there may or may not be a light at the end of the semester.  I’ve been so busy the past few days! But I’ve finished up my last two lab reports and they are ready to be handed in today.  Hooray! School is winding down, this is the last week of classes, and I’m ready for the summer to start.

Weather-wise it has felt like summer lately! I wouldn’t mind if I didn’t have to go to class and could lay outside all day long.  My body isn’t used to the heat, and running in the heat hasn’t been the greatest.  Sure, I’ve been able to finish my workouts and run them the way I want to, but my body isn’t used to regulating its electrolytes yet because the temps have jumped up and down with no adaptation period.  I’ve been getting really dizzy and lightheaded lately (and sometimes very disorientated) and sometimes it happens when I’m just sitting down and not moving! I asked my doctor about it last night and she thinks it’s salt depletion because of the weather as I’m not dehydrated.  Now I get to pile salt on all of my food. YUM 🙂

The taper is winding down too.  I’ve put in more miles than called for but I don’t think I’m overdoing it.  On Monday, I ran 6 (which was 1 more than I wanted) and yesterday was only 4.  This morning was 6 with 4 at tempo and my legs actually felt pretty fresh! It was weird though because I finished at 7 and yesterday I had “slept in” until 730.  Yes 730 is sleeping in for me, my body does not recognize that I am a college student! Not sure what the rest of the week is going to hold for me running wise, but I’m starting to get the butterflies in my stomach.

It’s so close and part of me (the really irrational part) wants to just drop out because I’m nervous but I know I’ll be fine.  People keep asking me about it, like when it is, how long it is, how long I’ve been training. A couple of my friends are even showing up to cheer me on and one of them asked for the race map so she and other friend can go to different spots on the course! ❤  With each person I talk to, I get more and more nervous because, even though I tell them the goals I can live with, I feel like the more people I tell the more people will want to know how I did and if I didn’t do well I will want to crawl under a large rock and never come out.

But enough doubting! I’ve put in the work and I need to keep telling myself that.  Or I can just go watch LOST 🙂

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