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May 30, 2009


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Yes, I’ve complained about this before.  But now, I’m going to brag a little about how busy my life is.

Well, kind of.  The fact that I’m running around (both literally and figuratively) is making my life feel very fufilling.  In the past, summers have been about grunt work and making ends meet.  FINALLY I’m working my brain out daily with all the craziness I’m going through and it feels *great*.

The only downside is that I’m such a go-go-go person that I forget to step back and relax, decompress with some hot tea and a good book.  I find myself on at one extreme or the other, too much or too little in my day.  I need to find balance.  Which is why I’m going to dedicate 45 mins every night to reading a book I just picked up from my gramma.  Hopefully this allows me to let my brain rest when I sleep and save my churning thoughts for the next day.

Again with the go-go-go theme: it is ever present in my running routine too.  I know I’ve posted in the past few days about putting together a schedule, but I attack my workouts with a vengence.  Granted, I must be doing something right, as I BQ’d,  but I guess my association with schedules is training ones so I push too hard.  Gotta get better at telling myself there’s no shame in taking an easy, or god-forbid, rest day 🙂

And so I sit here, taking a MCAT study break to post, sitting on a lovely 8 miles with a friend on some trails this morning.  We both kept the pace very relaxed but since it was on trails my heartrate was pie-in-the-sky high from all the hills that were there.  We went early which was a very good thing because today is *humid*!  After cold and rainy for the past few days it was nice to see the sun (and the state park we ran through was beautiful!) but man, did we want some rain to cool us down afterwards.

Keeping another paragraph in tune with CrazyBusyLife (kind of reminds me of TLC’s album CrazySexyCool haha), yesterday was 11 miles.  The rain hadn’t let up yet so it was kind of annoying mist but I did it.  Kind of slow but I think it’s because I lifted for the first time in for-freaking-ever on Thursday and my body isn’t too happy about it.  But that’s ok because I did it!  And now, my body still isn’t loosening up, muy annoying.  Also tres annoying: I chose to do a 5.5 mile route twice.  Not such a great idea but hey, at least I know now that I *never* want to do that again. Heh.

But 11 miles yesterday, 8 this morning? I know that there are TONS of ppl who can handle those miles in a row.  And I think I can, but I typically try to balance an every-other-day “long” run, so like 11-5-8-6 etc.  Trying to get a perfect higher/lower distances ratio over the course of a week.  Especially since I’m still hunting for the perfect race.

Even though my life is going at a thousand miles an hour, I like the fact that I can still pull out a good solid running week on top of it all.  I guess the driving force behind me being motivated to do so much is also part of the reason I can actually accomplish it.  So back to my first statement: yes, I complain about everything I’m doing (and will continue to do so) but I love it and wouldn’t change it.  Reaching for the stars maybe? Or an ulcer? That remains to be seen…heh.

May 28, 2009


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…how I’ve not really (and yet completely) missed you.

Today I re-introduced strength training into my routine (part of my lets-get-into-a-schedule plan). Yes, I should have done this a couple weeks ago, seeing as how it’s been almost 4 weeks since the race. But I’ve been enjoying the extra running so much! It seems like my body hasn’t and its time to get super wicked strong again.  I think I’m dealing with a little bit of tendinitis in one of my knees, so I want to correct that and get my ligaments and tendons strong too.

Based on how my body is feeling right now (jello), I’m going to venture a guess and say that tmrw isn’t going to feel too great.  Sure, I’ll love the so-sore-I-don’t-want-to-move feeling but (and I’m putting this out there now) I’m going to complain about it!

I almost didn’t do anything today. I’ve been having really intense (and always scary / disturbing) dreams which have been making me really tired in the morning. It’s gotten so bad that this morning my mother told me (and this is a direct quote): “You look really awful. Just terrible. Are you sick or something?” Gee thanks mom. But I trekked to the gym and felt a lot better when I left, more refreshed and awake.  Love exercise and the fact that working up a sweat gives me energy.  Enough energy to tackle more MCAT? Hopefully 🙂

May 27, 2009

Training with a purpose?

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I wrote my last post with the hope that the opposite would happen.  I bitch and moan about being a bad person because I’m too busy to do anything except what’s on my to-do list and magically (because I acknowledged it) everything goes away and I become able to fit everything in. Cleary not the case as I havent posted in a few days.  Oops.

This very busy life I have at the moment (its SUMMER ugh) is leading to me back to my super organized ways.  Typically after a semester ends, I loosen up a bit about how structured I am for a few weeks then pick things back up.  I’m getting back there because of the MCAT studying (t-10 weeks eeeek) and the research / internship plus my 2 other jobs.

BUT I’m still feeling lax about the running schedule. I’ve been going out and just doing whatever the heck I feel like.  Liberating? Sure, especially after a grueling 16 week marathon plan. But with other aspects of my life heading to setting up a schedule I think running should start to follow suit.  And what does that mean? It means that I should find a race like I talked about last post!

Unfortunately I’ve decided I won’t have time to *really* train at any decent level in the early summer, but if I pick a fall race the serious training would come at a time when the summer is winding down.  Granted school will be starting up but I’ve already proved myself when it comes to training during the semester.  This way, I’ll still have an impetus for me to push myself now and, as a result, my running won’t be at the la-la pace it is now.  Too slow to be of any training use but too fast to be considered slow/easy.

Plus it’ll add more stability to my life if I know what I’m going to be doing on any given day (running, mcat, researching and working wise).  So, a second post about racing? Guess I should really get on that.  I should try and pencil it in . . .

Oh and I’m done with LOST and I swear if you ever need to have something suck all the time out of your life, go watch it haha.  Luckily since it’s done I don’t have to worry about scheduling it in (because yes, during the school year television gets written down like everything else.  Man, I really am type-A hah).

May 24, 2009

Oh My Life…

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I’ve been a bad person with life lately. A bad worker, friend, student, blogger etc.  And why? Because of LOST. Yesterday I went to the library to do research.  I ended up watching 6 episodes of lost in the library.  And today? I worked 9 hours at my blahh job and when I got home? Yup just watched 3 episodes of lost.  I haven’t wanted to eat, sleep,  or talk to anyone.  Just sit in front of my computer and watch lost. I haven’t been so obsessed with a show since I discovered 24!

But since at the core I am a type-A-er, I still have been doing stuff.  When I was at the library I did end up with a couple pages of notes.  Not a reflection of how much time I spent there but hey, I’ll take what I can get.  And I did buy some MCAT study material and I plan on studying tmrw (if lost doesn’t get in the way).

And I’ve still been running.  Yesterday I had an amazing run in a national park by my house.  The weather was perfect, cool and cloudy.  And I felt like I was flying, and I was.  For the first time post-marathon I felt really normal. Even my knee, which I think has a slight case of tendonitis, felt perfect.  I feel like this paragraph is lacking because words can’t do justice to how awesome it was. Hopefully a sign of things to come.

Speaking of  the future, I’ve been toying with the idea of training for a race.  What race? Who knows! But it’s been 3 weeks since the marathon and with the run I had yesterday, I know that I’m going to want to unleash my competitive side real soon.  So in the meantime (like I need *another* procrastination tool) I will be looking for a (possible) summertime race and a (definite) fall race, distances unknown.  If anyone in the New England area has any ideas, let me know!

May 22, 2009

Heat Wave!

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Holy Moly it is HOT! Its been 85-90*+ for the past 3 days.  I’m going to have to start running early morning like it sounds you guys do.  Like I said in the last post, I typically start my runs right before noon.  I feel so fast (and I actually am 1-2 minutes per mile faster) than I do running right when I get up.  If this week has been an indication of the summer ahead, I might have to readjust my attitude.

In addition to going faster, I like to run at mid-day because it gives me time to sleep in (yup I consider 8am sleeping in) and then gives me 3-4 hours to let my body wake-up and warm up.  Plus is gives me a meal in my system because when I wake-up and go I don’t eat anything.  I agree with what everyone wrote about early bird running but when I don’t have to, I won’t.

So needless to say I hit the streets at 11:41 am today and got a quick 7 miles.  Ok, so I’m going to throw modesty out the window and say that I am smart, so theoretically I should always put sunscreen on.  And lots of it if I’m running when the sun’s rays are the strongest.  Well theoretical and reality are two different things at times and I’m looking at skin cancer in the future.  My skin does not like me right now! Ouch.

Also with the modesty-out-the-window theme, I should start running in more clothes than I have been lately.  With current temps I’ve been running in spandex and a sports bra.  Thus increasing the risk of cancer by about a billion. Note to self: wear sunscreen and cover up.  And a hat could work wonders or I might need to invest in more technical shirts.  New clothes are so exciting to wear!

On a non-running note, I sent in my paperwork to get my credentials for Children’s Hospital and picked up a copy of my immunizations.  I think this means I get a cool ID badge in the near future! Eeeek! Maybe I should stop procrastinating and finally pick a topic for my review paper so that when I am cleared to work I can show ’em that I am smart and dedicated and *amazing*? Heh, yeah I should but I just finished season 4 of lost and season 5 is calling my name as well as the NCIS marathon on this weekend . . . oh choices

May 20, 2009

This is the Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship

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Alright so that quote might be a little awkward for this blog.  I mean, it’s obviously not about running as I’ve been running for years.

Rather, I’m going to brag on my internship first which I started yesterday.  Quick recap: I applied for (and received) and grant through my school to take on an unpaid internship.  The internship being of my choosing and in the Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine / Ortho dept.  As of right now, this is the dept I can see myself in once I graduate from medical school.  Granted, I do reserve the right to change my mind, but right now this interests me the most.

So back to yesterday.  I went in to the city for the first meeting, to set up what I’ll be doing, the expecations of me, ect.  First off  (well maybe not first because I just wrote a novel above) the dotor I’m working with is AWESOME. She’s wicked smart and funny and great.  I can see her being a mentor.  So we worked out a schedule where I’ll be observing her in clinic once or twice a week and writing a review paper, essentially on a topic of my choice.  Her specialty is more endocrine than ortho so the idea is to find a topic that kind of meets us half-way between the two.  Needless to say, I’m stoked!  My sick, twisted brain is even happy to be doing research right now heh.

So even though this is my running blog, I will keep y’all updated on my internship when exciting stuff happens as I am really pumped about it.  And since this a running blog, I will stop talking about work and start talking (writing?) about running!

I had a pretty good run yesterday morning.  I ran before heading into the hospital and it was still slightly cool.  First off (haha I used this phrase already today but I like it) the weathermen lie.  All of them.  Because it was NOT in the thirties when I woke up.  Therefore I overdressed a bit.  Luckily I wasn’t in my stumble-right-out-of-bed stupor that hits me when the alarm goes off at 6 haha.

When I’m home I typically go running at 1130 unless my schedule dictates otherwise and since I haven’t been doing much lately, I haven’t done a before-breakfast run since the semester ended.  I had forgotten how nice early mornings can be, provided of course that I’m not running on a busy road in rush hour traffic of course. But listening to the birds waking up, the way the sun bounces off of leaves, insects buzzing / chirping (hopefully not around my head hah), its great.  I think I should try to add a early morning run once a week so that I can enjoy it, as a bonus I wouldn’t be running in hot and humid weather like I most likely will be today! What’s your favorite time to run / the time you would run if you were obligation free?

And because the word count on this post is creeping past the number of words I like to use in an *essay* (remember, physics major here!) I am going to leave this post at that.  But I just went off on a tangent about time of day in my head, so I think I will ponder it some more for tmrw. Have a great day all!

May 18, 2009

Dear Computer,

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Please stop hating me.  I do not appreciate how some websites won’t load.  Like runnersworld or google.  How am I supposed to waste my day if I cannot aimlessly surf these sites.

❤ Me

Dated, postmarked, sent.  Do you think that my computer will respond? I don’t know what is up, it may actually not be my computer but rather the connection to the internet.  But it’s really only those two websites that won’t load at all.  Grrrrrr, guess I’m going to have to find other things to occupy my time.  Hah. Hopefully I’ll be able to access the websites needed to do my internship research, because that its going to be my day and night.

Don’t know how much running I’m going to do today.  Obviously I’m going to run but when and how far is up in the air.  I’m feeling decent after my double digit yesterday and subsequent 8.5 hours on my feet, hauling stuff at work. The weather is also really nice right now, at least for running.  Cool and cloudy! Secretly I want to do a long run but I don’t think my body would like me very much.

I’m reinvigorated with running at the moment, another reason I want to go long, because I got to tell the marathon story to all my co-workers yesterday which made me feel like a rock star.  Maybe it was good that I chose to run the marathon when I did because I get to tell new people every week which makes me feel wicked amazing!

However, I’m also a little tired but I think it’s more of a sleep deprivation tired rather than muscle fatigue as I had some crazyyy vivid dreams last night.  Any one else more exhausted after a night of strange dreams? I can’t really even wrap my head around my dreams because they’re so out there, all I have left are random images.  Weird.

May 17, 2009


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Humfh.  So this morning’s run didn’t go quite like I would have ideally liked.  I think I just need to get used to the summer-like weather that’s prolly here to stay.

Yesterday I took a rest day to go down to my school’s graduation ceremony.  I ended up sunburnt (but only on my right side) and slightly dehydrated (oh there’s a surprise haha).  At least I had the presence of mind to take off my sunglasses so I didn’t get raccoon eyes.  It was so hot and humid out though that the fact that the ceremony is traditionally pretty short was a god-send.

Anyway, back to this morning.  I was asked to work at my old job, a nursery.  A garden center nursery (as opposed to a child-care place).  Since I know that no running would happen after I get out at 5, I woke myself up at 6 to get 10 miles in beforehand.  Blahh, the last time I saw 6am was marathon day.  I have been spoiling myself rotten with 8 am wake-ups.  So my alarm was a huge slap in the face.  But I get up and go outside.  It’s been raining all night but its okay now, and one would think, with the rain and storm that passed through the humidity would be gone.  Well you can think that, but you’d be WRONG.

The humidity factor was in play big time, and it sprinkled a little during the run, but I finished ’em. Every. Last. One. This was my first double digit run since the marathon.  Now, it wasn’t super fast, or even remotely fast but it happened and I think I needed a double digit to catapult me back into not being scared of running far.  Granted, I could have picked better conditions to do this 10 in but the fact that I was able to complete it and not mentally (or physically) give up on a morning like today makes me happy.  And now I get to haul trees and mulch around and harass my co-workers who complain about it.  Because I ran 10.  That’s a distance most people tend to really respect. It’s  Double Digits man 🙂

May 15, 2009

Good Luck Brian!

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Brian is running the Great Wall Marathon! He’ll be running it tonight (as China is about 12 hours ahead of EST) and I’m sure he’ll rock it.  Let’s all send good race vibes his way!

My running today was eh.  It was one of those runs where my lungs took forever to get into it.  The first few miles I thought my lungs weren’t going to get me through.  I live at the bottom of a decent sized hill and it’s always a challenge to get up it but today just felt awful getting into it.  After I got done with the hill and was able to cruise for a mile or so I felt fine and even through in an extra hill at the end of the run which felt pretty good.  But man, I wanted to pack it in after the first minute going uphill. I think it’s time for a rest day in the near future, aka tomorrow when I go to my schools graduation.

So in my post last night I pledged to drink more earlier, and its 2:23pm and I’ve already had ~16 oz milk, ~20 oz water and a bottle of diet coke.  Which is waaaay more than this time yesterday.  Not much, but its a start!

May 14, 2009


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Seems to me that I have a problem hydrating myself properly.  Sure, I drink ~100 oz of fluid a day (in various forms such as water, milk, juice, tea and diet coke with lime) but I tend to drink most of it from around dinner onwards.

I don’t know why I do this to myself.  I am always thirsty in the morning and afternoon and yet I just ignore it because I’m doing other things.  During the semester it was school or lab work and now that the summer’s here (and its even more important to hydrate well since the temps and humidity are rising) I’m still so bad at it.  I’ve gotten head rushes in the morning more times than I care to say because of it.

Why is this you might ask? Gooooood question.  I don’t have the answer. Well, actually I know that now I’ve replaced school work with research for my internship but that’s no excuse! I keep a water bottle at my side all the time and yet, I rarely drink out it! Or at least until nighttime.  Then I drink so much fluid that I feel like my kidneys won’t be able to keep up being so overworked.

I mean, I know that over the course of the entire day I’m hydrated but it’s not very even at all.  I don’t think that’s  good thing.  I pledge to become better about it! Let’s see if I stick with it.

Running today went really well.  I did 74 minutes in a national park near my house.  It was so beautiful! And very historic.  Made me wish that I was a history major instead of physics.  But only for a minute.  I love learning about history but I don’t think I could ever dedicate my life to it.  My knees started to act up around 60 minutes but since it was an out and back run I had to get back to my car and running was the fastest way to do that!

Overall I think I’m on the cusp of being totally recovered.  Today felt fast and strong even though it was still slightly slower than where a “normal” run would be.  My pace has gone from shuffle to where it is now pretty quickly as it’s only been 11 days since the marathon and I’m close to pre-marathon easy pace.  I think just a few days to a week max and I’ll be back to zooming along 🙂

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