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May 3, 2009

OMG x3

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…as in omg, omg, omg! So if you’re checking in just to see how I did, I won’t make you read a really ridiculously long report and I’ll let you know that I ran a 3:37:5x (the results haven’t been posted yet and I can’t remember what my chip time was exactly).  This means I qualified for Boston! In my debut! I am really really pumped right now and feel kind of like I am on speed (although I don’t really know what thats like).

Where to begin? So going into the marathon I had three goals A: BQ, B: sub-4, C: finish. I only really broadcasted “C” as my potenial goal, as I didn’t want to have to explain a missed goal to others.  Secretly I thought a BQ would happen.  The night before (aka last night) I tried to relax and put in Zoolander to calm my nerves.  I slept pretty well, woke up once at 2:17 and again at 5:22.  I ended up getting up at 545 and actually felt pretty awake. My suitemates had written on the bathroom mirror in lipstick, run kk run!  ❤ them! Ate my tried-and-true breakfast of cheerios, with a pb and banana sandwich (food of the GODS) and hit the road.  My only complaint about the morning was that there is absolutely nothing worth listening to on the radio.  I made due with kiss108 and got to listen to lady gaga and t-pain.  Oh and Michael Jackson and the Dropkick Murphys (shipping up to boston = love), but the goodies were few and far between.

Ok so enough pre-race, I know you guys want to read about the actual race! I don’t have any mile splits really.  The race only had timers every five miles so I made due with that.  Yes I was wearing a watch, but my first mile was 930.  I figured a BQ was out of the picture so I settled in to try and hit by B goal and enjoy the race.  I think this was very advantageous as I wasn’t obsessed with my time (yet heh).  The weather was a little on the cool side too which was very nice.  By mile 5 my time was 44xx and I thought,  hey not bad.  By mile 10 the time was 1:25:xx which was even better.  Each 5 mile increment was faster than the last and a BQ possibility was creeping back into my mind.

The middle miles were more of the same, I ate a Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip granola bar at mile 17,  in training I had never eaten something so late mile-wise in a run, but time-wise it was about dead on.  At mile 20 a BQ was a definite possibility so I kicked up the intensity (I also stripped my long sleeve off, I don’t really know why I waited so long but I was never uncomfortable until then).  I got a little excited after mile 22 as each step after that was new territory and I ate a Kashi granola bar, Hone y Almond.  At this point I picked up a friend.  And by that I mean there was a guy, mid-30s?, who kept trading a lead thing with me.  I did not mind at all because it was great to be running along side someone (note to all non-runners out there as you might not know this, but runners are soooo nice and supportive to each other!).  I think the pace was around 8 min/mi and it was actually comfy.  Around here is where my mind started to go a little doubtful on me because it’s like, youve come so far but you still have a respectable distance to go.

Alright, so there was a chick in a lime green shirt that was in front of me.  I had my eye on her the entire race.  At mile 23 the guy I’m with says, you see the girl in green? I was like, I’ve only been keeping her in my sights the ENTIRE race.  To which he replies, lets catch her.  Ummmmm, from mile marker 23 to marker 24, it was a 6 min mile.  WTF?  I never ended up catching her but that mile made me want to puke.  Surprisingly, when I fell off the 6 pace I kept my 8 pace.  Very nice indeed.

With 2.2 miles to go, in order to BQ I needed to run it in about 17 mins.  Somehow I found the speed to do so and actually finish under the qualifying time.  In retrospect, the race seemed really really short. BUT, after a certain point (mile 15 maybe?) each mile marker seemed to get farther and father away from each other.  I never did hit the wall though.  Sure my legs hurt and knees ached but never actually physically felt restricted.  More of a ouch-that’ll-hurt-tmrw thing.  I attribute that to starting off conservatively and keeping well hydrated.  I never really have ever drank anything during long runs (bad yes I know) but drinking water on the course was the smart thing to do.

Post race, I met up with two of my friends (after I called / texted practically everyone I know) and we walked around and had lunch (Christina, if you read this, I owe you for lunch!).   They said that they didn’t doubt my ability to BQ and (this is a direct quote from Christina): You will beat all the Africans.  Not Kenyans, but every person on the damned continent haha.  Apparenly that was a theme, knowing I could do it even though I never really said that it was my primary goal. We took some (extremely hot) pictures too.  Hopefully I can figure out a good way to post ’em.  I grabbed all the free food that wasnt nailed down too heh. And then I headed back to school, as I had an Orgo review session to go to.  When I got back to the suite, I had flowers waiting for me 🙂

Now I’m just relaxing and eating and am going to have to crack open a book or two tonight.  *Le Sigh* I totally am not in the mood to focus.  I have crazy energy and want to party haha.  Hopefuly this was a decent RR, but if I left something out that you want to know about just ask!  And thanks again to all the support you’ve shown me, warm wishes and good vibes sent my way too.  I really appreciate it and it helped me run an amazing debut!


  1. Congratulations! What a terrific debut for Marathon Maiden!

    Comment by Mark — May 3, 2009 @ 20:20

  2. Yay! Congrats again. See you in Boston 2010?

    Comment by runjess — May 4, 2009 @ 17:21

  3. AMAZING job!!!! huge congrats to you!!!!

    Comment by aron — May 6, 2009 @ 12:20

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  5. What an inspiring race report! BQ on your first marathon…remarkable!

    Comment by Laura — January 19, 2010 @ 03:05

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