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May 6, 2009

At Last

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I’m at home (and actually moved out of my suite at school) for a few days.  I finished a genetics exam, orgo exam, and a final paper for my conflict and genocide class.  All thats left is a take-home  (which I’m working on from here) and a spanish final. Whew!

And I slept like a freaking rock last night! I’ve been having trouble sleeping post-marathon as I’ve tried to finish everything up and pack ect. and I think the adredeline coursing through me was messing with my sleep. Monday night I only got 5 hours!

No real running 😦 but I’ve been doing some walking and on Monday there were some shuffle jogs a la SeeRunJess (I’m too technology stupid to link up to her actual shufflejog post though. sorry!) I’m also getting my second massage of my Christmas gift card.  Yay! I’m sure it will hurt because my quads are killing me just sitting here but it will sooooo be worth it.

This post was kind of scatterbrained and (to me) not really cohesive. So much has gone on in the past few days post-marathon that I can’t possibly recap it all in a post.  Also, my internet at home is kind of sketchy so I’m trying to get all my thoughts down before it quits on me.  I’m going to try to get to the library to do some work so hopefully I’ll get my thoughts together then.  Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!


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  1. Don’t worry about doing any real running right now. Get your finals over and enjoy that massage (and maybe some shuffle-jogging).

    Comment by runjess — May 6, 2009 @ 17:19

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