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May 7, 2009


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I am still in that post-marathon high.  I feel like I’m just glowing and oozing with happiness.  Hopefully this feeling lasts even longer 🙂

My body is feeling like its recovering very nicely and my massage yesterday was great.  it was only supposed to be an hour but after the hour she asked me, do you have anywhere to be? ummmm not if youre going to keep going lady haha.  my calves are a little sore and tender but i expected that as they were tooooo tender and a big “hot spot” yesterday. note to self: stretch more!

I’m going to try and have a “real” run today.  Its on and off rain today so I’m sure I wont be out there too long.  As much as I hate the rain its goingto keep me in line from pushing too hard this week.  Then it can go away forever and leave me with sun!

On the school front, I am so close to being done with my finals (and my 3rd year of college eeek!),  so thats definitely adding to the goodness I am feeling.  I just need to crunch the numbers on one problem of my take-home exam and take a spanish exam friday but nothing over-the-top. YAY.

Other than what I just wrote I plan on sitting on the couch and watching tv all. freaking. day. Right now its charmed, a show I loved when I was younger.  After this its a toss up between JAG and ER;  law & order is definitely on tap for later.


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  1. glad you are still glowing 🙂 you should be!!!

    Comment by aron — May 11, 2009 @ 23:19

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