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May 8, 2009


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Where are you?

And I mean this in many aspects.  First with running and some background.  I am a huge type-A.  Major type-A. I plan *everything * and am obsessed with knowing everything.  So naturally, I keep really comprehensive training logs.  An while I’ve run the past two days (and they’ve been wicked nice runs too) I have had no desire to acknowledge them in a log.  Nor have I had the drive to do any core-work which I am also obsessed with.

I guess this is ok as I am still recovering from a sweet marathon but whenever my type-A perfectionism isn’t there 100% I always worry that I’m turning lazy.  This also applies to school.  See, even though I’ve been home for the past three days, I still have a final tmrw afternoon.  And I should be studying for it right now / have been all day.  I even have the damn spanish textbook in front of me.  But every time I look at the material it really is a foreign language to me despite studying it all year (and being actually quite good at it).  So by my feet it sits, clearly not being studied. Anyone have any good tips on how to focus?

Since this is a running blog you, my dear reader, must want to know how the running is going (even if I don’t really care to record in my log).  Recovering is going splendedly!  I truly feel like my body is recovered, even though that’s prolly a myth.  I always expect myself to be super-human or something so I should prolly take it easy this weekend.

I did a 5 miler yesterday and a 6 miler today.  GASP! I was only planning on 5 today but the legs feel really good, the pace is my easy pre-marathon run pace and it was a beautiful day out.  Perfect combo for a great run, I was nice and sweaty afterwards which was refreshing.  It’s hard to work up that kind of a sweat during the semester when my runs are during the cool mornings.  Beating sunshine, so hot that you feel your skin baking makes me happy.  So bad I know! But I’m getting better at wearing sunscreen so that I don’t develop into a wrinkley old hag by my next birthday.


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  1. sounds like you are still motivated to me 🙂

    i am the same way… type a perfectionist 🙂

    Comment by aron — May 11, 2009 @ 23:39

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