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May 10, 2009

t + 1 week

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Hard to believe that one week ago I was in the midst of running my marathon.  Feels like just yesterday and yet it also feels like ages ago.  I’m still not in the I-have-motivation-to-do-anything mindset, sitting on the couch is what I’m gravitating towards.  The I-did-amazing-and-feel-like-superhuman feeling is wearing off

Today I’m “cleared” to run for an hour.   I’ve printed out multiple marathon recovery plans and they all concur that the Sunday after the big day is an ok day to run ~60 minutes (6-8 miles)  The rationale is that training buddies get together and rehash the race.  Well, I trained alone and I’ve already hit a 6mile run so I prolly won’t take advantage of the “long” run.  I still might go out for a run, some storms came through last night and cooled things down a bit or rather they cut the humidity out of the air.

Ok so even though I’m dragging, I still want to go for runs.  I think it’s because running is so integral to who I am that if I stop (even for a good reason, like recovery from a great marathon) it’s going to be lost to me forever.The I-did-amazing-and-feel-like-superhuman feeling is wearing off and I’m feeling restless.

I dont even have to start work yet which is weird bc last summer I started working right away, as I worked at a garden center which is very very busy in May.  But with this grant I got through my school to work in the Sports Med / Ortho dept at Children’s Hospital I’m just waiting around for when they’re ready for me.  I’m not really complaining here (as I really think I need both the mental and physical rest from this semester) but it still feels weird not go-go-going all the time.

Oh well, I need to learn how to enjoy these downtimes as life can get too stressful and I need balance ahaha.  Tonight I’m going to see Dane Cook with my cousin which will be really fun.  I’m not a huge Cook fan but the tix were free, so why not? I’m also trying to watch Lost online, not really working as my internet connex is awful.  Wish me luck, but if this doesn’t work, there’s always the 6 seasons of 24 I own haha.


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