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May 13, 2009

Oh Abs

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How you torture me.  I took a week off of ab / core work after the marathon in order to let my *entire* body get some rest.  I re-introducted it on Monday and did it again on Tuesday.  Ouch, but its the good ouch.  Even thinking about moving makes me abs hurt! I don’t do anything really extensive for these workouts, it takes just 9 minutes after a run.  I do 3 out of the following exercises:

  • plank
  • row
  • bicycle
  • russian twist
  • 90* legs
  • deadbug
  • flutter kick
  • leg lift
  • scissors

I have clusters of moves that go together but that’s just out of habit, but its really like a chinese menu.  I do 3 X :45 on, :15 rest with each of the three moves I choose for the 9 total minutes.  Pre-marathon I did core 4-5 times a week and I’m trying to get back there.  After the abs are done I do a few exercises given to me by my PT to strengthen my back, specifically my lower back.

On a different note, did anyone watch The Biggest Loser last night? It might have been a liiiiiittle too long but still amazing television.  I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it but wow, every contesetant looked so good.  It’s totally inspirational to me, and I’m nowhere near overweight or out of shape.  If you haven’t seen the show check it out!

May 11, 2009

Internal Clock

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Hmmmm I wish that my body would acknowledge that I am a 22 year old college student who should be able to sleep in.  No matter what time I go to bed, my body doesn’t like to sleep past 8 am.  To me, that’s sleeping in really really late. Gaah. Too bad that’s the crack of dawn for my friends haha.

I was hoping to catch up on my sleep debt accumulated from the semester but it doesn’t look promising.  I was up late the past two nights and, although I can’t complain because I was having fun those nights, it’s doing nothing for the circles under my eyes.  Hopefully I can get to bed a little earlier each night this week before I set up my hours for my internship at Children’s.  I’ve set up a meeting for next week about starting my internship at Children’s and the doctor I’ll be working with asked me to start researching articles so I can write a review article this summer.  I am so excited about this opportunity and being taken under the wing of a really smart and respected doctor.

Today I did somewhere between 5 and 6 miles.  Not too sure about the length (and I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to map it) and I know the pace was dreadfully slow.  Even with the soreness gone from the race, my legs won’t go fast.  A little discouraging yes, but typical I think for a little over a week from race day. According to some smart ppl at RWOL, it’ll take awhile before my legs start to feel fresh again.  Right now, its about not pushing hard, even though I’m dying for a hard workout.  I just want to feel super strong again!

Speaking of which, I’m debating when to reintroduce weights back into my routine.  I cut them out at week 8/9 of the training cycle, but kept doing core and pushups / dips.  The week before the race, I cut out the arm stuff and a few days before cut out the core.  Today I reintroduced core but still am unsure when my body will be ready for the other stuff.  I’m thinking wait another week before starting up some calisthenics and then take it from there.  I’m sure my body will tell me when I’m ready, but I’m curious as to *your* thoughts on the matter.

And because I’m a sucker for a good Cinderella-esque story so I’ll share: I’m watching Oprah and today’s she’s looking at “American Idol” like shows with Simon Cowell.  Here’s a link for Susan Boyle who is amazing.  You have to wait about a minute into the clip but its well worth it!  Holy cow can this chick sing!

May 10, 2009

t + 1 week

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Hard to believe that one week ago I was in the midst of running my marathon.  Feels like just yesterday and yet it also feels like ages ago.  I’m still not in the I-have-motivation-to-do-anything mindset, sitting on the couch is what I’m gravitating towards.  The I-did-amazing-and-feel-like-superhuman feeling is wearing off

Today I’m “cleared” to run for an hour.   I’ve printed out multiple marathon recovery plans and they all concur that the Sunday after the big day is an ok day to run ~60 minutes (6-8 miles)  The rationale is that training buddies get together and rehash the race.  Well, I trained alone and I’ve already hit a 6mile run so I prolly won’t take advantage of the “long” run.  I still might go out for a run, some storms came through last night and cooled things down a bit or rather they cut the humidity out of the air.

Ok so even though I’m dragging, I still want to go for runs.  I think it’s because running is so integral to who I am that if I stop (even for a good reason, like recovery from a great marathon) it’s going to be lost to me forever.The I-did-amazing-and-feel-like-superhuman feeling is wearing off and I’m feeling restless.

I dont even have to start work yet which is weird bc last summer I started working right away, as I worked at a garden center which is very very busy in May.  But with this grant I got through my school to work in the Sports Med / Ortho dept at Children’s Hospital I’m just waiting around for when they’re ready for me.  I’m not really complaining here (as I really think I need both the mental and physical rest from this semester) but it still feels weird not go-go-going all the time.

Oh well, I need to learn how to enjoy these downtimes as life can get too stressful and I need balance ahaha.  Tonight I’m going to see Dane Cook with my cousin which will be really fun.  I’m not a huge Cook fan but the tix were free, so why not? I’m also trying to watch Lost online, not really working as my internet connex is awful.  Wish me luck, but if this doesn’t work, there’s always the 6 seasons of 24 I own haha.

May 8, 2009


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Where are you?

And I mean this in many aspects.  First with running and some background.  I am a huge type-A.  Major type-A. I plan *everything * and am obsessed with knowing everything.  So naturally, I keep really comprehensive training logs.  An while I’ve run the past two days (and they’ve been wicked nice runs too) I have had no desire to acknowledge them in a log.  Nor have I had the drive to do any core-work which I am also obsessed with.

I guess this is ok as I am still recovering from a sweet marathon but whenever my type-A perfectionism isn’t there 100% I always worry that I’m turning lazy.  This also applies to school.  See, even though I’ve been home for the past three days, I still have a final tmrw afternoon.  And I should be studying for it right now / have been all day.  I even have the damn spanish textbook in front of me.  But every time I look at the material it really is a foreign language to me despite studying it all year (and being actually quite good at it).  So by my feet it sits, clearly not being studied. Anyone have any good tips on how to focus?

Since this is a running blog you, my dear reader, must want to know how the running is going (even if I don’t really care to record in my log).  Recovering is going splendedly!  I truly feel like my body is recovered, even though that’s prolly a myth.  I always expect myself to be super-human or something so I should prolly take it easy this weekend.

I did a 5 miler yesterday and a 6 miler today.  GASP! I was only planning on 5 today but the legs feel really good, the pace is my easy pre-marathon run pace and it was a beautiful day out.  Perfect combo for a great run, I was nice and sweaty afterwards which was refreshing.  It’s hard to work up that kind of a sweat during the semester when my runs are during the cool mornings.  Beating sunshine, so hot that you feel your skin baking makes me happy.  So bad I know! But I’m getting better at wearing sunscreen so that I don’t develop into a wrinkley old hag by my next birthday.

May 7, 2009


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I am still in that post-marathon high.  I feel like I’m just glowing and oozing with happiness.  Hopefully this feeling lasts even longer 🙂

My body is feeling like its recovering very nicely and my massage yesterday was great.  it was only supposed to be an hour but after the hour she asked me, do you have anywhere to be? ummmm not if youre going to keep going lady haha.  my calves are a little sore and tender but i expected that as they were tooooo tender and a big “hot spot” yesterday. note to self: stretch more!

I’m going to try and have a “real” run today.  Its on and off rain today so I’m sure I wont be out there too long.  As much as I hate the rain its goingto keep me in line from pushing too hard this week.  Then it can go away forever and leave me with sun!

On the school front, I am so close to being done with my finals (and my 3rd year of college eeek!),  so thats definitely adding to the goodness I am feeling.  I just need to crunch the numbers on one problem of my take-home exam and take a spanish exam friday but nothing over-the-top. YAY.

Other than what I just wrote I plan on sitting on the couch and watching tv all. freaking. day. Right now its charmed, a show I loved when I was younger.  After this its a toss up between JAG and ER;  law & order is definitely on tap for later.

May 6, 2009

At Last

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I’m at home (and actually moved out of my suite at school) for a few days.  I finished a genetics exam, orgo exam, and a final paper for my conflict and genocide class.  All thats left is a take-home  (which I’m working on from here) and a spanish final. Whew!

And I slept like a freaking rock last night! I’ve been having trouble sleeping post-marathon as I’ve tried to finish everything up and pack ect. and I think the adredeline coursing through me was messing with my sleep. Monday night I only got 5 hours!

No real running 😦 but I’ve been doing some walking and on Monday there were some shuffle jogs a la SeeRunJess (I’m too technology stupid to link up to her actual shufflejog post though. sorry!) I’m also getting my second massage of my Christmas gift card.  Yay! I’m sure it will hurt because my quads are killing me just sitting here but it will sooooo be worth it.

This post was kind of scatterbrained and (to me) not really cohesive. So much has gone on in the past few days post-marathon that I can’t possibly recap it all in a post.  Also, my internet at home is kind of sketchy so I’m trying to get all my thoughts down before it quits on me.  I’m going to try to get to the library to do some work so hopefully I’ll get my thoughts together then.  Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!

May 3, 2009

OMG x3

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…as in omg, omg, omg! So if you’re checking in just to see how I did, I won’t make you read a really ridiculously long report and I’ll let you know that I ran a 3:37:5x (the results haven’t been posted yet and I can’t remember what my chip time was exactly).  This means I qualified for Boston! In my debut! I am really really pumped right now and feel kind of like I am on speed (although I don’t really know what thats like).

Where to begin? So going into the marathon I had three goals A: BQ, B: sub-4, C: finish. I only really broadcasted “C” as my potenial goal, as I didn’t want to have to explain a missed goal to others.  Secretly I thought a BQ would happen.  The night before (aka last night) I tried to relax and put in Zoolander to calm my nerves.  I slept pretty well, woke up once at 2:17 and again at 5:22.  I ended up getting up at 545 and actually felt pretty awake. My suitemates had written on the bathroom mirror in lipstick, run kk run!  ❤ them! Ate my tried-and-true breakfast of cheerios, with a pb and banana sandwich (food of the GODS) and hit the road.  My only complaint about the morning was that there is absolutely nothing worth listening to on the radio.  I made due with kiss108 and got to listen to lady gaga and t-pain.  Oh and Michael Jackson and the Dropkick Murphys (shipping up to boston = love), but the goodies were few and far between.

Ok so enough pre-race, I know you guys want to read about the actual race! I don’t have any mile splits really.  The race only had timers every five miles so I made due with that.  Yes I was wearing a watch, but my first mile was 930.  I figured a BQ was out of the picture so I settled in to try and hit by B goal and enjoy the race.  I think this was very advantageous as I wasn’t obsessed with my time (yet heh).  The weather was a little on the cool side too which was very nice.  By mile 5 my time was 44xx and I thought,  hey not bad.  By mile 10 the time was 1:25:xx which was even better.  Each 5 mile increment was faster than the last and a BQ possibility was creeping back into my mind.

The middle miles were more of the same, I ate a Chewy Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip granola bar at mile 17,  in training I had never eaten something so late mile-wise in a run, but time-wise it was about dead on.  At mile 20 a BQ was a definite possibility so I kicked up the intensity (I also stripped my long sleeve off, I don’t really know why I waited so long but I was never uncomfortable until then).  I got a little excited after mile 22 as each step after that was new territory and I ate a Kashi granola bar, Hone y Almond.  At this point I picked up a friend.  And by that I mean there was a guy, mid-30s?, who kept trading a lead thing with me.  I did not mind at all because it was great to be running along side someone (note to all non-runners out there as you might not know this, but runners are soooo nice and supportive to each other!).  I think the pace was around 8 min/mi and it was actually comfy.  Around here is where my mind started to go a little doubtful on me because it’s like, youve come so far but you still have a respectable distance to go.

Alright, so there was a chick in a lime green shirt that was in front of me.  I had my eye on her the entire race.  At mile 23 the guy I’m with says, you see the girl in green? I was like, I’ve only been keeping her in my sights the ENTIRE race.  To which he replies, lets catch her.  Ummmmm, from mile marker 23 to marker 24, it was a 6 min mile.  WTF?  I never ended up catching her but that mile made me want to puke.  Surprisingly, when I fell off the 6 pace I kept my 8 pace.  Very nice indeed.

With 2.2 miles to go, in order to BQ I needed to run it in about 17 mins.  Somehow I found the speed to do so and actually finish under the qualifying time.  In retrospect, the race seemed really really short. BUT, after a certain point (mile 15 maybe?) each mile marker seemed to get farther and father away from each other.  I never did hit the wall though.  Sure my legs hurt and knees ached but never actually physically felt restricted.  More of a ouch-that’ll-hurt-tmrw thing.  I attribute that to starting off conservatively and keeping well hydrated.  I never really have ever drank anything during long runs (bad yes I know) but drinking water on the course was the smart thing to do.

Post race, I met up with two of my friends (after I called / texted practically everyone I know) and we walked around and had lunch (Christina, if you read this, I owe you for lunch!).   They said that they didn’t doubt my ability to BQ and (this is a direct quote from Christina): You will beat all the Africans.  Not Kenyans, but every person on the damned continent haha.  Apparenly that was a theme, knowing I could do it even though I never really said that it was my primary goal. We took some (extremely hot) pictures too.  Hopefully I can figure out a good way to post ’em.  I grabbed all the free food that wasnt nailed down too heh. And then I headed back to school, as I had an Orgo review session to go to.  When I got back to the suite, I had flowers waiting for me 🙂

Now I’m just relaxing and eating and am going to have to crack open a book or two tonight.  *Le Sigh* I totally am not in the mood to focus.  I have crazy energy and want to party haha.  Hopefuly this was a decent RR, but if I left something out that you want to know about just ask!  And thanks again to all the support you’ve shown me, warm wishes and good vibes sent my way too.  I really appreciate it and it helped me run an amazing debut!

May 2, 2009

T-12 hours!

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Quick post tonight as I’m fighting major butterflies!

Took my shoes out for a quick 2 mile run through as I got them yesterday! They performed really well and I am so happy that they’re comfy and big enough for 26.2 miles tmrw.  I also went to the expo this morning to pick up my race packet, I also spent waaaaay too much money but that’s ok.  I got an awesome tie-dye long sleeve that has the marathon logo and the names of runners (including mine!) on the back.  I also got this is lime green, and I love it!

Right now I’m trying to study genetics for my exam on Monday (at 9am) as I know tmrw I’m not going to want to do anything study-wise.  But I might just have to stop and catch up on CSI and Numb3rs, using my brain is wasting precious glucose! 🙂

Thanks for all the warm wished I’ve received over the past few days.  It means so much to me to know that I have support from lots of people!

May 1, 2009

Trying to Relax

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AKA: t-2 days!

My shoes came in at 954 this morning!   At least that’s when the post office notified me that my package had arrived, I was so excited that when I got the shoes, I immediately put them on in the middle of the campus center.  They’re good! Slightly differenet than my old ones (these are the newer model) but I think it’s because they’re brand new rather than the actual shoe type itself (if that sentence even made sense).  Thanks for all the kind word from everyone yesterday, they really mean a lot that people cared!

I’m starting, however, to second guess my decision to run a marathon the day before finals  week starts.  My original thinking was that most of the heavy work is typically given to me the week BEFORE finals, and thus when I’m tapering.  Well the school gods decided to play a joke on me and give me relatively no work this week, allowing me to really notice that I’m tapering.  I was hoping school would have been a good distraction haha.

In reality, finals might just kick my butt.  Most of my classes need an excellent grade for me to pull off an A.  I mean, I can live with the B+/A- grades, but I am such a perfectionist that I want the damned A.  So I have to really study, which wouldn’t be a bad thing except that my finals are at the beginning of the week. Grrrrrr.

Ok enough venting, I think I’m putting out all my negativity because I’m nervous for the marathon.  There, I said it. I am nervous! But excited at the same time.  Which is good because it means that I care about running, duh.  I’m heading down to the expo tmrw to check things out and hopefully the weather turns nice as its a little dreary out right now.  So now its time to sit back, eat some carbs, curl up with a good book (or lost because thats how I roll) and try to relax 🙂

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