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June 1, 2009


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Ok so this might go back to the whole I’m-a-hypochondriac thing but I’m sure I have a touch of OCD.  In fact, I’d wager that a lot of runners do to. Let me elaborate:

I loathe when my run ends on a non .5 or whole mile.  I’ve actually gotten better about accepting .1 or .4 or any other decimal but honestly, it still bothers me.  And I can’t stand going beyond the tenths place.  So I try to get whole miles in, or at least round to the half mile.

I also despite not ending on a whole minute.  Again, I can do the whole 30 second thing, and if I’m short on time I can live with :39 or something.  But if I go 46:01, you KNOW I want to make that an even 47 mins (or even 48 for the next reason I am OCD)

I am obsessed with the number 4.  It is my lucky number, so much so that it is tattooed on me.  No joke.  So I like multiples of 4, with 8 and 12 miles being my favorite distances to do (provided I have the time to complete ’em).  This transcends beyond running and when I eat food, I’ll pop 4 goldfish (or whatever) into my mouth at a time and when I cut a banana up for my cereal only 16 slices are cut and the rest of the banana, depending on how big it is, just gets eaten alone.

Ok so I don’t think I need to give further examples of how and why I’m weird.  But I bet anyone reading this has quirky habits.  So I don’t feel bad about mine 🙂

I do, however, want to share something else quirky.  So you’ve just read how even number orientated I am. But when I set my alarm clock, it’s always a minute before I want to get up.  Ex) I set my alarm for 8:29 today because I wanted to get up at 8:30.  The alarm gets set for 5:59 when 6am is the plan.  I guess I’m a contradiction haha.  But its not just me because my running partner says that she does the same thing.  So anyone else?

Anyway, onto my actual running.  I did 6 at 6 (well I guess 5:59 technically haha) yesterday and it was slow.  I call it the “6am Shuffle” because no matter what, my body and mind just don’t seem to be into it.  It’s borderline painfully slow. But I believe that those runs build character so I continue to do ’em.  And since they’re only one day a week, they prolly will continue to be super turtle speed because I’m not going to get used to them like I did when I was still in school.

Today I hit the gym up for another lifting session.  I did maybe 45 minutes of lifting then decided to reward myself with a 6.7 mile run after (but the .7 is ok because the time ended on an even minute heh).  And man, what a difference running at 11 is over 6.  Both time slots have their pros and cons as I’ve blogged about before but I ❤ me my late morning runs. I felt fantastic!  I’m surprised that I was able to run as well as I did today because of the lifting beforehand but there really wasn’t that much of a noticable effect. Or maybe I need to get over my dread of lifting (yes I know how good it is for me , which is why I do it) and actually *really* push myself heh.


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  1. I am pretty OCD as well. Not with running though, I just go out there and run what I run.

    Comment by Matt — June 1, 2009 @ 15:40

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