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June 5, 2009

Up up up and awayyyy

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Wowza. I haven’t run much (read: at all) over 90 mins since the marathon almost 5 weeks ago. Partly it’s because I don’t have anything goal wise and partly because my ideal run is around 90 mins , so why push further, right?

In any case, today I decided to do something longer, like half marathon distance longer.  Glad to be able to say that I did it.  Boy though, my legs didn’t want any of it.  At least they complained the first 5 miles and the last 4, so I guess I got 4 miles when I didn’t have to bully the legs into chugging along. Heh.

And while my legs were trying to tell my mind that they wanted to stop, I couldn’t help but wonder if listening to music while running would shut my legs up. Thoughts?

Yes, I know, music while running is considered the 8th deadly sin by some and I’ll admit that when I run by someone who’s listening to an ipod or some other mp3 player, I feel smug because I am not.  It wasn’t always that way though.  I used to run with my ipod religiously until it broke (stupid piece of junk!) in May 2007, the day before I was to start my first half marathon training cycle!  Obviously I got over my adversion to running without music and did really well and didn’t give my ipod another thought.

About a year later from the breaking I re-charged it and it worked! If you knew me from RWOL or school or whatever, you’ll recall that the first run I took my “new” ipod on, I ended up super lost and my 14 miles turned into 18. Whoops.  Regardless, I still used it on runs that I knew was going to be tough motivationally or easy runs and left it at home for the tempo and speedwork that really does need to have your brain’s focus.

Then it broke again, this time just at the beginning of my marathon training cycle. Super-de-duper, right? Well I haven’t touched it since (not that I think it will turn on or anything).

But now I’m conflicted.  I love the way running without music allows me to be in-tune with my body and pay attention to it more.  On the other hand, a run like today could have benefited from the distraction because I was running my 13 come hell or high water.

I guess posing my question to me isn’t useful, as I’m not likely anytime soon to plunk down $$ on an ipod when fall tutition is due soon.  But, if I were to budget carefully, some type of small mp3 player could be a possibility.  So, do you listen to music when you run? Why or why not?


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  1. yesssss especially on long runs… i always have my ipod!

    Comment by aron — June 5, 2009 @ 16:23

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