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June 9, 2009

I’m in a fight

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…with the financial aid office at my school.  Every year I have to call and tell them that I can’t afford to pay the $50,000 it costs to go there and that I need a better financial aid package.  Well I got my package email / letter over the weekend telling me I’m not eligible for any help in the spring and guess what I’m doing today? Yup calling them! Again, as I called first thing yesterday and they told me they needed time to review my account. Grrrrrrr.

Oh well.  Yesterday was a much needed rest day as my legs were dead from standing up all weekend long.  Bobbi from NHerShoes has a great pushup and situp challenge that I did the initial testing for yesterday.  I’m pretty proud of the number of situps I can do because I can already do 200! I think though that I might re-test today because I don’t think it should have been as easy as I thought it was.  And I’m definitely doing the pushup one because I could only manage 13 real pushups! Lame.  So much for my strength routine making my arms stronger.

Today is going to be a dodge the t-storms kind of run.  No, I don’t plan on actually heading out if a storm has already started but the stupid weathermen lie to me.  My running buddy and I were planning on doing a trail run this morning but canceled it because forecast was for rain all morning and the place we were going to run gets flooded pretty easily.  What do I wake up for find? NO RAIN.  Double grrrrrrrr. So now I’m obsessivly checking to see what shape this storm is going to take.  Send some good vibes my way!

I’ve also decided to change the direction I’m taking my internship research.  Now this is definitely a good thing in the long run but it means that I have to throw away about 20 hours worth of work. Boo! As disappointed as I am in having to 100% scrap my work, I know that what I’m doing is more exciting.  Plus the doctor that I’m interning under’s forte is what I’ll be doing now, so I’ll have her total enthusiasm for it.  Very nice.

I guess I should address the new theme I picked out for the blog.  I wanted a bright new change and the green was very cool.  I’m also into renovating / moving around stuff constantly.  I get restless if I stick with something too long, so I’d be willing to bet that in a few months I change the theme to something more “fall” looking rather than spring/summer haha. Oh I am so indecisive 🙂


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  1. Weathermen suck. No problem getting a little wet on your run 🙂

    Comment by Matt — June 9, 2009 @ 13:29

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