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June 10, 2009

Give Me Speeeeeed

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All I need is an open road. And a while lot of speed.

If you’re a country lover you’ll know the song 🙂

Yesterday I decided to hit the gym because of “impending thunderstorms”. Naturally they never came. But I got a great speed session, the first post-marathon.

It felt fantastic too! I did:

  • 1 mile warmup
  • 4 X 1 mile
  • 1.2 mile warm down

The first two repeats were closer to tempo pace and the last two were at my usual mile repeat pace.  I was a little nervous about doing it as it’s been almost SIX weeks since my last speedwork but it went (as I’ve clearly already said) awesomely.  It was also a great mental challenge too with it being on the TM.  Maybe it could have been harder mentally if it was outside on a track or something, or if it had been an even paced TM run, but I think it’s good enough to be on a TM that long no matter what tricks are used to make time go by.

Surprisingly my legs feel fresh too! Maybe I didn’t as hard as I could’ve gone but I think it was smart to be conservative the first time out.

Today I did ~7.2 miles while exploring a new route which was really nice.  Since I’m not shelling out $$ for a garmin (nor do I have a deep desire to own one) I map my routes out beforehand on sites like or  This is great because I can taylor my route to the distance that I want rather than run until I think I’ve gone far enough, but it can also be a disater, as one time I mapped a route that took me on portions of a highway-esque road. EK!

But back to today. It was perfect running weather: cloudy, mid-50s (wicked cold for June!) and no breeze. It was a great cathartic run as I’ve been feeling pretty tense lately.  Nothing like a run to mellow me out! Plus I wanted to try exercising out some residual pain from my first ever migraine last night. I typically get ocular migraines but this was  much different and so bad; it completely wiped me out!  Other than some lingering head pain today, the run cleared me out and I feel back to normal.

After the run I did my usual corework and began Bobbi’s 100 pushup challenge.  I decided not to do the 200 crunches one since my core is already pretty strong and I was able to do 200 crunches during the initial test.  I thought that I was doing them wrong, but when I retested I still got a pretty high number! I’ll be starting the pushup challenge on week one  and following column 3 because I got 13 on my initial test, and man was it hard.  Going to be sore tmrw for sure! But it’s worth it as I want to be the bamf chick who can whip out 100 on a whim!

Alrighty, enough procrastinating! Got to get some more work done with my research and start studying again. Test is t-8 weeks!


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  1. Send that friggin weather down here! I was roasting today!

    Comment by Matt — June 10, 2009 @ 17:31

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