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June 13, 2009

There ain’t nothing like…

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yes another country song title.  Except I’m going to finish the phrase with seeing your younger sister graduate high school when it seems like yesterday that you did.  And by yesterday, I clearly mean 4 years ago. Yowza!

The ceremony was nice but it felt sooooo long! It was about 2 hours long, which isn’t bad but the reading of the names (which was *only* 300) took forever.  I wanted to jump out of my seat and read the names myself to speed up the process! But my lil’ sis is a high school graduate, again: I feel old.

In order to make it to see her walk the stage on time (as well as her friends because they’re pretty cool too), I asked my friend if we could start our run at 8am.  Ok, so I know that 8 isn’t that early and many of you reading regularly get up at the butt crack of dawn (and finish then too!) but it’s summer and I’ve had enough 6 am wake up calls from the past semester to last me awhile.

And man it was humid that early.  Not too hot but the humidity ruined any chance of a cool feeling.  Guess I’ll be drinking lots of water today. The run itself wasn’t anything to write home about but it was an enjoyable 11 miles nonetheless.  We were running through the local national park and there were so many other people out there this morning! Maybe it’s because I typically run this trail during the week, midday but I’ve never seen so many people.

Eh so not exciting run = lame post.  Sorry about that but sometimes it happens.  And I shouldn’t say that it was a lame run because it was really great to be running with someone else who could push me. Granted each of us think that the other is holding back so we end up pushing each other.  You would think that after a bunch of runs together we would figure this out and allow us to run at the pace our bodies want.  But if you thought that you’d be wrong, because every run we do together is pushed.

Even though I really enjoy my alone runs, its always great to be out with someone else.  My partner is doing a 10-er in the morning but I can’t go because I’m working all freaking day.  Too bad because it gets lonely in my head sometimes haha. Are you a solo runner or do you run with others? Or a mix of both?



  1. Just catching up with your blog…I like the new look! You’ve been doing lots of double digit runs lately, so congrats on that. Also, I’m mostly a solo runner, but yesterday I did speedwork with a group and it was a blast. I really like doing my long runs by myself though.

    Comment by runjess — June 16, 2009 @ 15:27

  2. I am a mix but a majority of my runs are alone.

    Comment by aron — June 16, 2009 @ 16:39

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