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June 16, 2009

Phew! Kind of…

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When it rains it pours man.  Seems like I type that a lot! Once again my life has hit a crazy busy streak and I just want to curl up in a ball and let life run its course without me.

And I’ve said it before (and I’ll say it again) I love being busy; it makes me feel great and accomplished. I truly do feel yucky after a day (or two or ten) of procrastination.  Even running as much as I do on those days doesn’t help.  So I sat down and took a crack at an online MCAT practice test, checked out some library books for my research and hit up the hospital for my TB test yesterday.  I think there’s something masochistic about my all or nothing attitude.  Instead of spacing everything out (the smart and SANE thing to do) I’ve made myself sick to my stomach with worry that nothing will get done in / on time.

Well, it will. It always does. And I’m starting to feel better about myself now that I’ve (sort-of) accomplished things.  Newton was right about intertia and now that I’ve set things in motion I’m sure that tmrw will be uber-productive.

My running has been pretty good lately.  I’ve been doing some pre-brekkie runs the past few days and I’m enjoying them.  Although after being sleep deprived the past week I do want to stay in bed.  I’ve been getting 9 hours a night the past two nights but I guess it’s not enough to pull myself out of debt.  Hopefully this week and maybe my eye will stop twitching.  But like I said, I’ve been liking the roll out of bed and go thing especially since the rolling out of bed part is when I actually wake-up, not some annoying alarm.

Yesterday was a solid 8 miles and the pace wasn’t bad! Looking at “the stats” (which consist of my mapped out route and the time on my 3 year old watch) I wasn’t running at my usual early bird run pace which was encouraging.  Actually come to think of it, Sunday wasn’t a 6am shuffle either. Score one for me! I also did a lot of walking around yesterday in Boston.  I was in the city to get medically cleared (and get my TB test) so I can really start this internship rather than just do research.  I arrived a little early so I hopped off the T a few stops before mine and just meandered through the area.  Another highlight of yesterday was *going out* for ice cream rather than just eating it out on the porch at home.  Yummy! Summer is officially here!

Today I decided to do a double session of sorts.  I rolled out of bed and did a quick 1.5 mile run to get the blood flowing followed by an hour or so of weights / calisthenics and then a short warm down. My hammys are feeling the lower body work I did! I also did Week2Day1 of OneHundredPushups.  I can’t tell how well its working; I mean I can do more pushups now than I could do a week ago but the thought of one hundred pushups in a row is still wayyyy daunting.  I guess it ‘s like marathon training in that 26.2 miles seems soooo long durning training but if you train right you’ll make it.

The strength stuff was followed by breakfast and some medical school application work (srsly gotta cut down that to-do list!).  About 2 hours after finishing my strength session I hit the streets for an 8.2 mile run.  My watch didn’t register me running any faster than normal but I felt a lot quicker.  Excellent feeling for sure but I wish my pace reflected it.  Not sure how I feel about splitting the workouts, I did it to see if more work would get done because I’ve been so lax lately about sticking to deadlines and I’m not sure if it was a success in that respect.

Gosh, this post epitomizes what my first paragraph was about! No post for 3 days then a novel! Off to finish up a practice test and hopefully a few pages of notes for my research before heading out to see some friends and catch a movie.  Hopefully this week I can space out my posts (as I have a few ideas for some and even some drafts started) and not spew out three days worth of running and life into a one post!


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