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June 17, 2009

Good Ole H2O

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Since the weather is really starting to heat up on a consistent level I thought I’d take a(nother) post to talk about hydrating. I know that some of you have been dealing with the heat for awhile so I can’t *really* complain about the heat I’m facing (but since when has that stopped me before? Ha).

I’m a terrible person to emulate when it comes to hydrating.  I always fill up a water bottle to drink / sip on through out the morning but I never get around to it until noon at the earliest.  Considering I do all of my running pre-noon that’s not so good. Now don’t get me wrong, over the course of a day I drink ~100 oz of fluids and I know that I’ve already blogged about my awful hydrating habits and have vowed to change my ways.  Hasn’t happened yet but I think I’ve found a solution: flavored water.

Yes I’m sure that somewhere, someone is cursing me as flavored waters prolly contain chemicals that I shouldn’t be comsuming (especially with that nasty coke habit I have — namely diet coke with lime).  But I’ve noticed that I can down a bottle of flavored water so much quicker that regular water.  Two gulps and I’m done rather than the hours it takes me to drink regular water.

Even when I don’t like the flavor that I have it gets drank (drunk?) faster.  Case in point: today I had a bottle of lemon flavored water. I despise lemon flavored water as I think I’m being poisoned.  It’s really that bad in my mind.  But sure enough the entire bottle was gone within an hour of me opening it.  Yesterday I opened some regular plain water at 11 and it didn’t get finished until 6pm! Granted I did drink milk and coke between those times but I’m a runner.  Running in the summer.  I need my….damn couldn’t think of a rhyming word for water.

And maybe the fact that I enjoyed an entire bottle of water rather than a few mere sips was one of the reasons my run today was the best pace wise I’ve had in a while.  The backs of my legs were sore from yesterdays lifting but I was cruising, I even added some extra distance because I had some extra time! My mind wasn’t aching for the run to be over either like it sometimes can be.  I was allowed to enjoy the 7-ish miles and before I knew it I was back at my house.

Now I just need to remember that hydration = good running and flavored water = hydration.

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  1. No water problems here. I am a camel!

    Comment by Matt — June 17, 2009 @ 19:37

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