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June 18, 2009

So What Marathon Are You Running?

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I had to jokingly ask myself this as I worked out today because I’ve been training like a mad-woman! My body is responding well to the increase in strength and running workouts but I’m on track to a pretty high mileage week and I’m not even signed up for a race!

Today I did another 2-a-day with a full body circuit in the am and a run later.  The circuit kicked my butt, it was a mix of 2 leg exercises, the pushup challenge (W2D2) and two other arm exercises, 3 ab exercises and 2 back ones.  Whew! I ran through the circuit 3x so each exercise (except for the challenge) was done thrice.  Plus there was ~3 miles of running in between exercises.  Man, I’m hoping to be sore tmrw because it was hard!

After that, I made sure to eat a hearty brekkie to refuel and get my muscles ready for the run I had coming up.  My legs were twitching during the lull and I debated taking a nap.  But that would have meant showering because I’m a clean freak and there was no way I was climbing into my bed or onto the couch all sweaty! So I decided to work more on the MCAT practice exam, but that only kind of happened as I got distracted by JAG. Oops.

Oh and tangent (well tangent only because I’m not going to talk about my run in this paragraph): I did an MCAT practice verbal reasoning and I got a 10! Okay, so I do have room for improvement but for a first time through I will take and 10 and run with it. Plus I did a physical science section (gen chem and physics) and I got a 10 on that too! I talked to a RWOL forumite who told me that I was doing great which made my day! Again, room for improvement but it took a lot of stress of me bc I’ve been thinking I’m going to fail.

Back to the run.  I wasn’t planning on going that far Lies, I was planning on 7 which prolly wasn’t the smartest thing given my body was (and still is) tired.  But I got out there and there was a slight drizzle and I took off.  The backs of my legs are still a little stiff, so I definitely need to stretch and The Stick later (must. do. this!) but the run went well.  And I may or may not have tacked an extra mile on at the end.  Again, to reiterate: I am not signed up for any races! I have a few in mind, but they aren’t until the fall and any serious training won’t happen ’til mid-late July.  I don’t know what I’m thinking not incorporating short runs like I normally do. Note to self: take a cut back week next week!

And just because I love to throw out questions (because I love reading it when ppl respond and answer!):  How do you effectively tell yourself to take it easy? I guess I’m asking basically because I’m not sure if I should do this or, since I’m feeling ok now, keep doing what I’m doing.  The expression that comes to mind is “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.  I definitely don’t want to be injured or anything and I think I’m being good about playing it safe. Advice?

Off to go celebrate my brothers 13th (!) birthday with some homemade strawberry shortcake and some fresh picked strawberries! Yummy 🙂

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