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June 25, 2009

R is for recovery…

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and my legs have been screaming for it.  I was going to do some leg exercises today but scrapped it as I’ve been running so much that doing any lifting on my legs prolly would do more harm than good.  It takes a lot for me to back off of anything once I’ve incorporated it into my plan so I’m happy with my decision.

That said, I prolly should have cut my run down too.  I ended up with 8.1 miles which were super slow.  The pace was alright for my legs but I couldn’t figure out if they were tired from A) all the miles I’ve been doing B) the humidity C) lack of sleep or D) all of the above. Oh well, I’m nothing if not stubborn.  We’ll see how I feel tmrw and I don’t have a problem cutting out a long run and making all my runs this week mid-distance in an effort to keep my mileage in check.  At least in theroy I don’t. In practice? Well I guess we’ll see tmrw.

This ties in nicely with what I wanted to write about: listening to your body.  There was a RWDaily posted on this (based on a NYTimes article).  Now without plagerizing either source,  or boring you with a recap of what they say, I’m just going to give you my personal experience with it as debate will go on about running through fatigue vs pain in other places I’m sure.

I’m sure y’all can guess that I’m a very cerebral runner.  Just look at today, pushing through 8 miles when my body prolly would have been happier with 5 — if that. I tend to not really trust my body to do what I want it to do.  Maybe it’s lack of self confidence or something but I always need to have a plan, an exact pace ect. and can’t stand the phrase “Well let’s just see how it goes”. Ummmm no, we won’t.  We will plan.  Maybe that’s part of why I do speedwork on the treadmill, I don’t want to see the pace my body wants to go: I want to run at the pace my *mind* wants me to go.

I guess, slowly but surely, I’m taking time outs when my body has lingering tiredness (this morning for example with the lifting) but more often than not I’m the kid who tries to overprepare for stuff.  Tests, meetings, applications, running.  There’s a quote ( and I have not idea who said it) that “it’s better to be undertrained at the start of a race then overtrained”.  Well I can see the point.  But I need to have my mind at ease, which lends itself to overpreparedness.

This strategy has always worked well for me so far.  My mind tells my body to do something and my body has (on the very large whole) done it.  Even during a run, my body may try to tell me stuff but I don’t hear it.  I suppose that it transcends nagging aches too, I’ve run through serious injuries too.  Which is bad. Very bad. I can’t help but wonder what my body can do if I tuned in a bit.  Even if I didn’t respond, just acknowledged that I am more than just my mind.

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  1. I don’t trust my body either, mostly because it’s kind of a wuss compared to my brain.

    Comment by runjess — June 25, 2009 @ 18:19

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