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July 2, 2009

Getting Schooled by a Thirteen-year old

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Yup.  So to give my ego a boost I will say that before setting out with my 13-yr old brother I had done a full body circuit complete with a 1.5 mile warm up followed by a 6 mile run.  Got it?

And when I got finished with all that, I was feeling pretty good.  Nothing stellar but my legs didn’t feel dead or anything.  And the weather held out too, the thunderstorms that had plagued the area all yesterday, last night and this morning had moved on and I was able to enjoy my run in a light mist if that.  So when I arrived home and my brother (whom for future reference I’ll call K5, yup all 6 kids start with K, so I’m K1) asked if I would run a mile and a half with him, I honestly didn’t see why not.

Let me preface this with:  in the past when I’ve run with him we have run at an 10-11 min mile pace.  Which is slower than I usually go, so I do it as a warm down for myself and a great way to bond with him, even if we don’t talk.

Well let me just say that since the last time I ran with him, he has gotten a lot faster.  A helluva lot.  He is going to have an amazing XC season this fall, I can just feel it.  I guess I should also state that he’s definitely gone through a huge chunk of puberty, so he doesn’t look like a scrawny little boy but his shoulders are broader, he’s definitely going to hit 6′ soon etc.

But onto the run. Our pace was SUB-8! After a total of 7.5 miles before (and no where near sub-8) … well let’s just say that this run was not a warm down at all.  I was surprised, though, that I was able to (somewhat) keep up with him.  He was always ahead of me by a meter or two but I gutted it out.

It was soooo much fun, even the fact that the sky *opened up* on us.  I mean, I could see that a storm was a-brewin’ but I figured it would be regular rain.  Not so much.  But I was having so much fun that I was able to laugh about the pellets of rain with K5.  I swear I’m going to have a few bruises tmrw.   And when I looked at my watch (yes I’ll admit to timing a fun run with the bro) and saw how fast we were, I guess I knew we were booking it, but I was still shocked about how much he pushed me.  I felt like I had just done a mini-tempo or something, I got that high that comes after running fast and hard.  Woot! I think I’m going to incorporate more K5 runs for a speed boost after mid-distance runs.

I also can’t stop beaming and gushing about how much K5 has improved.  Pretty soon he’s not going to be able to fit through a door haha.


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