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July 8, 2009

La-La Land

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My run felt a billion times better today than yesterday.  My legs were a little tight and took about a mile or two before they loosened up.  I set out on a 7.6 mile route but I was feeling good and rebellious so I tacked on an extra .5 to make it 8.1.  My pace was slightly faster than yesterday but not by much which is a good thing.  It shows that I can be consistent and hold myself accountable to really going easy on days that I’m not going hard.  I’m trying to get myself out of La-La-Land; that pace that’s too fast to be useful but also too slow to be useful. Apparently my body loves that pace for training even though it won’t really yield anything come race time.  Except, of course, a La-La pace.

Afterward I did some arm and core.  I didn’t set out to do this but I basically did my strength routine minus the leg work.  Oops! I started out with my pushups and then wanted to do some more arm work because it felt good.  And I ❤ my corework so there was no way I was giving that up.  So before I knew it I was late for an appointment! Luckily it wasn’t anything I had to shower for but I still felt bad showing up all gross!

Today was also a day where I showed my uncanny ability to finish my runs a millisecond before a big storm hit.  It was so big that there was a tornado warning! I was no where near the actual touchdown site but my area was included in the warning.  Kind of cool, you know mother nature and all, but I’m sure it would have been a sight to see one.  Makes me feel all Wizard of Oz-y.

Seeing as how I broke out of La-La Land with my running today I decided to take the initiative and really flush out the article that I’m writing.  It’s on adhesive capsulitis (aka frozen shoulder syndrome) and diabetes.  It was a good fit between me and the doctor I’m working with, as she’s into endocrine and I’ve toyed with ortho.  I was able to finish the intro (minus the editing process).  Granted the intro is the easiest part but at least I have something to show her when I go into the clinic!

One aspect that I’m hurting in is the wallet.  I just got A) my tuition bill for the fall and  B) a partial list of the books I need for my classes.  Being a science major sucks because every book is a textbook that costs, minimum, $150.  Thank god for Amazon, even though I’m tempted to spend lots of money of things like t.v. on dvd.  I did plunk down $25 for the fourth season of The Closer.  Not too bad considering I wanted to buy the first 5 seasons of NCIS. Because I am a huge sucker for older bamfs. Someday I might share the list of my dream hollywood men.  And yes, they’re all 40+ (I’m 22 for reference). I think I’ll leave you with that eye candy.


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