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July 10, 2009

To be or not to be…pride edition

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I was  so proud during my run that I did not react at all to the catcalls, whistles, horns etc. that were directed at me.  I’ve gotten so much better at *not* giving ’em the finger and saying a few choice words.  Then about a mile from being done I lost it.  Well, not really.  But at mile 12/13 of a 14 mile run in temperatures that are 15* warmer than they have been my patience isn’t at it’s peak. So when I was crossing the street and a car ignores the stop sign and almost hits me I was actually happy to say that all I did was give an evil look.  But when the driver leans out the window to tell me to “Be careful, I almost hit you” in an uppity-snooty-soccer-mom-suv-driving tone, I just had to snap back with “well why don’t you learn how to stop at an effing stop sign”. Except I didn’t saying “effing”.

But other than that the run was great.  It ended up being 14.1 miles and the pace was great! Yeah, sure it was a little fast (it was actually MP + 20 seconds! Yikes!) but it felt strong by the end and I think I could have eeked out another mile or two easily. It was an epic fail pace wise, but I’m thinking that hopefully it means my MP could be faster.  Yes, I will live in denial with that train of thought.

Other than my run, it’s been a pretty unremarkable day.  I did make a lot of calls to doctors (both my own and the ones I’m working with) AND I was able to reach every single one. On a Friday. Woot, way to tie up loose ends! I also got a prescription filled and while I was waiting I got to see a very angry woman berate all 3 pharmacists and the store manager because her prescription wasn’t filled yet. I understood her point that her son really needed the medication but if the pharmacy doesn’t have the drugs on the premises, yelling isn’t going to do any good.  Very awkward while I was waiting.  And it was very hard not to laugh out loud. My entertainment on a Friday night.

Speaking of entertainment, the fourth season of The Closer came in the mail today! I’ve already seen it but I had to watch it online because I was in school and we don’t get cable *gasp*. $50,000 a year and we don’t get cable.  Bull.  I do have to outline an essay and compile a list of relevant work experiences for my Med School app so I might put on a couple episodes and try and multitask.  I do have 6-7 hours of work at the gym tmrw which means I have 6-7 hours to do work behind the desk so I’m not too worried if I don’t get anything done but it would be nice to have some starting point.

Oh well, off to go pick up pizza. Enjoy your Friday night!

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