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July 13, 2009

Perfect week for a cut back week

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The title is a little tongue in cheek because it *is* a perfect week as last week was insane BUT running is my stress relief and…

I feel acutely stressed out, with no apparent cause.  Well, maybe the stress is from nervousness as I finally get to interact with patients tmrw at my internship.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the research that I’ve been doing (more so the actual learning rather than the tedious process of finding sources and writing a paper) but I really love meeting patients and finding out what’s wrong with them and trying to fix it.

Ok well maybe I don’t exactly do that. Yet. But it’s wicked fun being around a doctor who is doing it because she tells me why she’s doing stuff and all that jazz. So hopefully I’ll have something really exciting to tell you (within reason.  I have to sign a confidentiality form, which makes me giddy because I’m finally going to be at the hospital *doing* something!) And, as a side note, it’s funny that I find patient interaction to be my favorite thing because I am a terribly awkward person in real life which makes meeting people interesting to say the least.

I got a really good run in today.  And by good, I mean recovery and less miles than I wanted.  Very good because after inadvertantly running 58.2 miles last week I know my legs need less pounding than that this week.  I need to finish writing up a schedule for this week to stick to because without a overarching plan I tend to overdo it.  Opposite of most people in life with respect to running (or exercise in general) but I think it’s pretty common among runners.  At least those that I know.

So my workout was:

  • 1.5 mile warmup
  • Full body circuit / weights (including W5D1 of the pushup challenge)
  • 6.5 mile run (yes I know 6.5 miles isn’t exactly short but better than the 8 or 9 I was planning before I remembered my cutback week plan)

Overall a good workout that left me tired in the I-pushed-myself way, not the my-body-needs-rest way.  Very satisfying indeed. If anyone’s interested, I was thinking of putting together a tab/link and including my lifting / circuit routine. I know I’ve talked about the routine in a past post or two but thought it might be useful to have it in a easily accessed location. Thoughts?

The rest of my day shaped up to be MCAT work mostly.  Which felt eh, I think I’m becoming better at really slowing down and understanding what I’m looking at before answering the questions but who really knows. I thought that the last prax and I failed it.  Oops. But no worries here.  I think that if I stay calm the results might just be more favorable. What a crazy and novel idea!

Off to finish organizing my gmail account.  Stupid me, I accidentally re-imported another email account of mine into the gmail one and now I get to go through all 1200 + emails that just got dumped into my account.  Grrrrrr. And then it’s The Closer, bed and an exciting day tmrw!


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  1. I had to force myself to cut back last week and I will have to force myself not to pile the mileage back on this week. It’s nice not to have the opposite problem, I guess.

    Comment by runjess — July 14, 2009 @ 17:34

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