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July 17, 2009

Time to buckle down (Part 1?)

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With absolutely no incentive to get up early and run the past two days (sadly the humidity I’m facing now is not enough), I’ve slept in.  And potentially destroyed the early bird running adjustment that had begun. Granted, my sleeping in is 830 (which sounds about right for many of you early birds here) but still.  And I’m feeling extra tired because I didn’t fall asleep until late last night or the night before.  Wednesday night I’m sure it was overtired but last night prolly was because it was the first hot and humid night we’ve had.  Hello summer? You’re finally showing yourself now?


This week is a cutback week and as of this morning, I’m only about 2 miles under where I was last week. Problem? Maybe.  I’m cutting today’s (long) run wayyyy back, from 14 to 8, so hopefully that helps with the weekly mileage.

Yesterday (Thursday)I did a lower body and core strength routine followed by a 6-ish mile run (and I plan on creating a page that describes my routines soon, I promise!).  The run was one of those that when I got back I was pleasantly surprised at my pace.  I felt like I was running through some really heavy medium, like molasses or something but was actually running at my usual pace.  Not sure how I exactly feel about it; on one hand it was nice to see that I wasn’t as slow as I felt but OTOH the pace felt creepy crawly and the legs heavy.

Today (Friday)Like I wrote above, I cut my “long” run to 8.5.  It was HOT. But oddly enough I don’t ever really feel the heat when I’m running, basically just when I step out of my house and when I get back.  I’m glad I decided to listen to my head and stop when I did because the heat definitely wiped me out, hitting me only after I was showered. I did Week5Day3 of the pushup challenge which felt really really strong today.  Yay!

Not Running:

Took another MCAT prax test yesterday. *shakesheadandsighs*. Not where I want to be.  So today I am planning on sitting down and going through the 3 tests that I’ve done question by question and doing them all out so that I KNOW I can do it. Most of it is stupid stuff, most likely of which I won’t make the same mistake again but there are certain topics I feel shaky on. I’m also borrowing a friend’s study materials too so I can have different books / perspective on the material.  I need to buckle down! (and this post is titled part one because there might just be a part 2 somewhere in the future)

Part of the problem is that I’m also trying to write the review article, re-vamp my medical school list and send out a billion emails to the incoming freshman as part of my peer leadership “job”.  The MCAT is the most important, therefore needs the bulk of my attention. Wrote all of that BEFORE my computer crashed this afternoon.  I should have seen the signs because my laptop was on its last legs.  So now the MCAT is the only thing I can do once I leave the library today.  Lucky me? Eh, maybe. I’m just hoping that A) my computer files are all recoverable and B) the cost isn’t that much.  Oh well. Nothing I can really do about it now.

On a positive note: last night I went shopping and started picking out pieces of clothing that will make up my “professional wardrobe”. Eeek. This is a step towards real-person-dom!  I got some really nice stuff, and it didn’t *entirely* break the bank, just a sizable dent.  I don’t know what it is about shopping for (nice) clothes that makes me feel so nice especially since I’ve always been more of a tomboy at heart. Much more comfy in my running shoes than heels (and since I’m 5’11” heels aren’t fun). 

Going to wrap this up by saying have a good weekend.  With luck, I’ll get my computer back tmrw morning (I’m paying extra to have it be a rush job) and I’ll be posting over the weekend.  If I don’t, well it could be a blessing in disguise because it means no procrastination via the internet.


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  1. yay, real clothes! i want details 🙂

    Comment by sarah (ghost world) — July 18, 2009 @ 22:28

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