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August 1, 2009

Enough is Enough

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Definitely some highlights to talk about (which is good because I am spewing venom like it’s my job lately):

Keith Urban / T.Swift. Ah-mah-zing! To answer Tay’s question, T.Swift joined up with Keith for a couple dates.  She’s on her own (headlining) tour but wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to open for his tour.  Which I am so happy about because she put on an amazing show and is the cutest person ever and seems so sincere! Her act included a lot of theatrics but it was still cool.  She played all my favorite songs during her set, although I like almost all of them in general.  The Keith Urban part of the show was still incredibly good.  I’ll admit I mainly went because T.Swift was there but he put on such a great show that I’m totally downloading all his songs! There was only one song he did that I didn’t know, which made me feel less like a poser-fan haha.

I also got to see one of my friends from college who went to the show too.  It was really nice to see her (even though it was for <5 mins) because she was in South Africa all last semester.  And it was great to hang out with my friend (from high school) that I went with.  Great opportunity to catch up because I have been so antisocial this summer.

But that antisocial-ness is starting to get turned around.  Today I called up a bunch of my friends and ended up setting up a night out tmrw.  Ok, so I can see you saying to yourself, big deal.  BUT my test is Wednesday.  I’ve gotten to the point where I’m going a little stir-crazy and a bit burnt out from studying, so another night out will be nice.  Assuming I can stop thinking about the test (I will admit to having some MCAT q’s on my mind during the concert! Oops!).

I was able to mix socializing and running this morning by running with another friend from high school. We did a great 8 (hehe rhyming!) around a really famous pond.  Nice and muddy from the rain yesterday. It was really really pretty and since we went (relatively) early it wasn’t that hot out.  I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night — maybe 5 hours between getting home late from the show and rising early to meet her– so the pace was a little slow, but that wasn’t really the point of this run. The part of the run which was around the pond was trails and they were HILLY! I think at one point it might have been faster to power walk up ’em rather than try to run. Of course, when you’re with a friend tough stuff like that doesn’t matter as much.  Much less complaining and many many less cuss words haha.

We got to talk about a lot of things that are stressing us out now (ie, medical future stuff) and I think I (and by I, I clearly mean my friend told me this) have come to the conclusion that I’m running so much as a way to get away from ALL the different types of stress that I’m going through right now. Since there’s a lot of family drama going on right now, I’m just hoping that my body doesn’t break in the next three weeks as I foresee lots and lots of running to help me out.

But that’s the (more) distant future. In the immediate future I have pulled a huge bitch move and called my Sunday job and told them (exact quote here) “There is absolutely no way I can work tmrw”. And I did not budge.  Now, studying might not be the most exciting thing I can do with my impromptu day off but I’ll feel better mentally.  And I always have my night out to pull me through. And clearly a running break in there somewhere. 😀


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  1. yay!!!! I’m glad you had such a great time 🙂 Dang he did only ONE song you didn’t know? He did a couple that I didn’t know (off of his new album), and I’m a huge fan!

    Comment by Tay — August 2, 2009 @ 00:07

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