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August 2, 2009

Weekly Recap: July 27 – August 2 2009

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Mileage: 60.2

Time: 8 hours 37 mins

Strength Training: 1 full body day, 1 lower body day, 1 upper body day

Core: 5x

XT: 0

With all the stress I’m under it really doesn’t surprise me that my mileage was so high.  So much drama and tension in my life right now that is making each day so incredibly painful.  I know that it’s not *really* an excuse (or at least a good one at any rate) but hey, it is what it is.  Also inflating the numbers is the fact that I did not take a rest day this week. Bad, bad me. There were some really fast runs during this week too which is a little surprising. I am sooooo due for a cutback week though.

In the interest of my time I’ll talk about my run today here.  It was a very quick paced 8 miler, which true to how my summer is going, was a lot longer than I planned. The air was a little humid but it felt like it was at that storming point so it wasn’t so bad; the worst part was stopping and feeling the sweat come out of my pores.  I did some core after which felt easy maybe I’m getting stronger? I didn’t wait long between finishing the run and doing the abs / back work so like I mentioned before I could see the sweat forming on me.  So weird to see.  Try it the next time it’s humid and you’re sweating (humidity works the best because there’s no where for the sweat to go once it’s out of your body). Wow, I think I’ve completely revealed how nerdy awkward I am.

I mentioned in the recap that I need to take a cutback week.  I know this but I also know that my life isn’t going to get any less stressful over the next 19 days (yes the countdown to going back to school has begun).  So, what do you guys do (other than run of course) that is an outlet for your stress.  I’ve tried journaling before and none of my friends are around to just head over and vent to them, so I feel at a loss. Hence the 60 mile week.

As an MCAT update, I’ve taken two more practice sections of exams and I did pretty well on them.  That’s not to say I feel 100% at ease with the test (and I honestly doubt I will) and the butterflies have taken root in my stomach. The only downside to doing decently (can’t you tell I’m *such* an optimist ha) is that I’m heading out tonight to dinner and a movie and I feel guilty about not studying.  If I had done bad I would have canceled no questions asked and if I did extremely well I would have felt that a night off would be okay. But in the middle? It means that I could use the extra studying but the world isn’t going to end if I take a few hours off.  Story of my life I guess being in the shades of gray haha. I mean, I’m definitely going out but it will be difficult to get my thinking away from MCAT and more towards FUN.  I think I’ll be okay but I’m just getting anxious about the test. I wish I could just take it NOW and get it over with.



  1. Nice mileage!

    Comment by Matt — August 2, 2009 @ 18:00

  2. It’s time for me to take a cutback week too.

    Comment by runjess — August 2, 2009 @ 19:12

  3. hang in there!!! awesome job on the 60 mile week!

    Comment by aron — August 3, 2009 @ 01:26

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