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August 6, 2009

Records = Preserved.

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My friends are the best and basically bought me a liquor store last night.  It’s going to take me quite awhile to get through it all as I’m a lightweight 🙂

No puking last night, no hangover this morning.  Double preservation! AND I think all those alcohol calories and sugar mixers fueled my legs because my friend and I were smoking this morning.

I slept weirdly last night.  I think the stress + odd wakeups the past few mornings have made my internal clock all screwy because I woke up at 5:44 and 6:28 this morning before my alarm finally went off at 7. I definitely could have used an extra hour or so of sleep but it’s rare that the schedules of me and my friend align for one run in a blue moon but today made it twice in one week. I could NOT pass that up.

We decided to run in the national park that runs through my town and the surrounding ones.  It’s not a big huge multiple trail park, there’s one.  Just one trail.  Yes, lame I know. To run it along it’s entirety and back is 11 or 12 miles, which neither one of us wanted to commit to so we ended up running 35 minutes out and 34 minutes back (yay negative splits ahaha).  I don’t know the exact distance but based on the pace I felt we were running at I’d venture to say we did about 8 miles.

This run went much better than Saturday’s.  My legs felt springy and I wasn’t huffing and puffing to keep a decent pace.  In fact, I think I could have gone further if I really really wanted to.  The weather semi-cooperated.  It was a little hot and slightly humid but, compared to my run yesterday, today felt like it was made for running.  Clearly not as I was almost overheated and definitely dehydrated but I suppose weather is all relative.

It was weird not having to race back to my house to study / do something MCAT-y.  I got to chat with her family for a little bit before coming home to READ for FUN. Crazy-ness I’m telling you! I did also do a lifting session this afternoon which left my legs, arms and core screaming for mercy and then I ran some more.  I did about a 3 mile “cool down” which was also done at a nice brisk clip.  So about 11 miles total for the day. All of which were at a pace I was more than happy with.

Muy bueno? Eh. I keep telling myself that I need to give myself a break from all this physical stress I’m putting my body under.  I was thinking this week, but I’m going with the blown-diet mentality here: I’ve already put in so many miles this week that I’m saying screw it to a cutback week.  I will PROMISE this though: next week my family is going for a week long vacation and I’m not.  Stress level = incredibly reduced.  Like zero.  Which means that running so much as I’ve been lately isn’t necessary because there’s nothing to run away from. And then the following week I go back to school which isn’t as mentally / emotionally stressful as home, so the running will be nowhere near this level then.

Also check out this giveaway. Well, maybe don’t as I really want to win this! Hahaha.


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