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August 13, 2009

Rac — er concert report

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Guess humidity isn’t a great friend to anyone around here judging by the comments of my last post! Hah. Tuesday night we did get a pretty big downpour which helped cool things down a little bit, not much but I’ll take what I can get.

This is prolly going to be a long post as I’m going to encompass all of yesterday in one post.  I was up for 20 hours.  Yikes. Also: great concert + blogger who tends to ramble at times = long post.

I’ll start with my run yesterday (Wednesday).  Last day of interning (or at least going into the clinic to intern) so I got up at 530 for a 6 miler of a recovery run.  I kept the pace nice and relaxed although I don’t know if that was conscious or not.  My legs might have been protesting a little from the tempo Tuesday. Nothing exciting here, just a run-on-the-mill recovery run.  I did get to enjoy what might be my favorite run in my neighborhood.  Only reason I mention that is because I think I’m going on a vacation next week then leave for school, so I’ve got to be thinking “goodbye runs” from here on out.

Interning was the usual.  I did get to read for fun in the morning, as my morning duties were getting patients to fill out a survey.  Ever since the MCAT got done I have been a book glutton! Definitely not a bad thing, but I have been so book deprived this summer! The only “bad” thing about yesterday was that I wanted to leave work early so I could get to the concert on time.  Normally I love staying at the clinic but I would be coming out of Boston to the suburbs before heading back out because I had to feed my neighbor’s cat.  It was a very very tight schedule yesterday but I managed to get to the concert on time! Woot for driving really fast in rush hour traffic — well maybe not woot, more like a prayer of thanks for not getting myself killed in the process!

And the concert: AMAZING! Going into last night I didn’t really know what to except.  The show was at a baseball stadium so it was basically one big party. The headliner was Jason Aldean with openers Dean Brody (hmmm won’t let me put the link in so here’s the URL if you’re interested:  and Jimmy Wayne.  I actually knew more of all of their music than I thought. — I only have one CD between the three of them (a Jason Aldean one).  But I literally won FRONT ROW SEATS. Like legit, front row.  It was awesome. I got to touch Jimmy Wayne when he came into the audience (yes I am still a teenager at heart). I wish I had brought my camera to show you guys but I forgot!

Oh and just a note, because it just popped into my head: I do thoroughly enjoy being tall.  But I felt like an Amazon woman last night.  Luckily I brought my roommate who is just as tall as me (if not taller) so it wasn’t as awkward.  But still pretty awkward when Jimmy (yes we’re on a first name basis) walked by and was what felt like a foot shorter! Ha. Also just to note, if you look at a picture of him it appears that his hair requires more maintanance than mine. Not sure how I feel about that heh. Oh, and just a random note, it was Dean Brody’s bday yesterday and the whole stadium sang happy birthday. Awww.

Jason Aldean rocked it too.  For real.  If you ever get the chance to see him — DO IT.  Words really can’t describe how I feel about it.  Suffice it to say that I want to move to the south where there are real honky-tonks and bars that play country music.  That scene just felt so comfortable.  I would say that the 90% of the songs played were ones I knew, so I got to sing along loud which makes any concert extremely fun.  Even my roomie knew a few and she doesn’t like country music.  He also played some rock songs that she knew and I didn’t, which was something to laugh about.

So there is my concert report.  If I had to give it a grade, I’d give it an A+. I had so much fun, which is why I did a whole post on it I guess.  If my ipod still worked I would load it up with his songs to run too.  I will say, however, that I am a fogie because my ears are STILL ringing!  I’m prolly going to take it easy today as a result of little sleep (thank you internal clock!) and the to-do list that is in front of me and very overwhelming.


  1. I love the title of this post. Hah, it sounds like it was a blast. Good luck with the to-do list.

    Comment by veganfritz — August 13, 2009 @ 10:39

  2. Awesome!! That sounds so much fun 🙂

    Comment by Tay — August 13, 2009 @ 13:50

  3. Sounds like you had a great time! I’m a longtime JW fan and have seen him in concert several times and he just keeps getting better. I don’t know how tall you are, but I’m about 5’9 1/2-5’10 and I can relate to your comment “I do thoroughly enjoy being tall. I felt like an Amazon woman last night.” Jimmy and I are eye to eye. I didn’t think about that and wore my boots to the last show I went to. When I got closer to him at the meet & greet after the show it hit me…oh well. When I got to him, we were still E2E and he smiled (don’t you love his smile) and said “Good thing I put mine on!” I hope you get a chance (or several) to see him again. I guess I tend to ramble too…

    Comment by Brandi — August 14, 2009 @ 10:16

  4. […] listening to it on repeat the past week.  Sound up and rocking out.  I saw him (Jason Aldean) last summer in concert and am in LOVE with him too.  Why do all my celebrity crushes have […]

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