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August 23, 2009

Semi-reflection time

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As I wrote in my Weekly Recap this morning I just finished up a great week.  But with the closing of anything it’s time for a little reflection.

I’m at an impasse as to where I want my miles to go, esp after the half on Sept 6th.  I really like running this high mileage but with no fall (or winter) marathon as a goal I’m a little worried about burning myself out before I start training for Boston.  True that this week felt great and I love the feeling of accomplishment that it brought but it makes me nervous about the long term impact.  Oh well, kind of a deep topic for a Sunday morning! Hah.

My run this morning was a little less than stellar but I expected that going in.  I haven’t been sleeping very well since arriving at school.  Not too worried about this, I know I’ll adjust even though it’s annoying as hell.  My legs were a little stiff after my 14.4 miles yesterday but I figured a nice 6 or so would be a nice way to shake them out.  And while I’m glad I finished up 6.7 miles my legs are a little ambivalent.  They kind of warmed up after the first 5k but by the last mile they were tired again. Since the run was only 6.7 that left 2.6 miles of decent running.  Eh, I guess I can’t complain (at least not too much heh). And the run woke me up so it was at least good for that.

A semi-running related note: we did a scavenger hunt today during preceptor training and it was SO MUCH FUN. It was based on trivia around our campus so we sprinted to each location to answer the questions.  It was text based so you had to get the first clue right to move on and my group ROCKED.  We finished all 10 questions first and the next closest group finished 4.  Ha.  So much for needing to run! I wish I had known that we would be running around because I would have worn sneakers (not flippy floppys) and a sports bra.  I was so sweaty and gross after that walking into the air conditioned auditorium to claim victory felt amazing.  And since my group was so fast the overall day of meetings ended about an hour early.  Yippee! Plus, my group received plastic medals Olympian style — like the Dean and the Dean’s intern placed them around are necks. Oh sweet victory haha.

Clearly the scavenger hunt ended up being the highlight of my day.  Now I need to shower (again ugh) and then put up my feet and get lost in a good book before dinner.  I think we (my friends who are in precepting training with me) are going out to a boooo-fay.  Should be good, and hopefully cheap!


  1. I always lose sleep during transition times.

    Comment by runjess — August 23, 2009 @ 17:03

  2. whoo scavenger hunt! very nice.

    Comment by veganfritz — August 23, 2009 @ 18:09

  3. Sounds like you have made the transition nicely, except for the sleep thing. Hopefully you will be able to catch up soon!

    Comment by LARunner — August 23, 2009 @ 20:31

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