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August 29, 2009

Let the wild rumpus start!

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YAY the freshmen arrived today.  This meant that I was uber-busy but in a way that was totally enjoyable.  Granted, Tropical Storm Danny decided to rain hardcore on us but it’ll make a great memory.  Me and my friends (my friends and I?) lugging everything these freshmen own up into their rooms (because there are no elevators: these building are OLD) which ended up wet and heavy.  Sucked during but is kind of funny now.

Because of the rain I decided to postpone my long run until tmrw when clear skies and the sun return to me.  I have to keep telling myself that I will be happy this way even though I still got 8 miles in.  I kept thinking I could push and extra 3-4 — I mean I was already soaked.  Part of me was like, well you can’t pick race-day conditions, but another part of me told that part to stfu because I was still out there, gaining experience of inclement weather (although in New England I’ve prolly run in everything and will run in anything).  But I know that I’ll be happy with my choice in the morning.

And, despite the rain, the run went really well.  My legs have been a little on the sore side ever since I did some lifting on Thursday and I think that today’s run loosened them up a lot.  I think it helped that, even though it was rainy and dreary, the actual temperature was still pretty warm. My body isn’t feeling as banged up and it has been the past couple days.  Definitely (well maybe definitely haha) I’ll have a good long run.  It won’t be too long but it’ll be the last double digit before the half.

The rest of the day has been greeting the freshmen (and their families) and going to an advising meeting where I finally got to meet all my preceptees and show off my skillz that I’ve been working on all this training week.  Tonight we have the chapel ceremony where we introduce the freshmen to all the campus legends and folklore.  It’s really intense and fun and crazy.  It might just be my favorite night of the whole year! (and the inspiration for the post title.  Anyone know where it’s from? It’s from the very first book I ever read on my own!)

On a “low” note: I bought my cap, gown, hood and tassel this afternoon.  I almost cried because it means that I am, in fact, a senior.  SOOOOOOOOOO SAD! On the other hand, now that I’m a senior I can do things like: sit on the library steps and enter the chapel from the center door (rights reserved exclusively for seniors at my school).  I guess this year is going to be very very bittersweet.

P.S Check out Tay’s giveaway! Awesome stuff!

P.P.S There was ICE CREAM tonight in the dining hall! YAY! I was seriously going through withdrawal. It had been 8 day haha


  1. rock the LR tomorrow for sure, I know I will.

    Comment by veganfritz — August 29, 2009 @ 20:37

  2. I’m going to take a guess on the book- Where the Wild Things Are? Happy times w/ graduation approaching. Enjoy this last year, there’s nothing like being in college…

    Comment by LARunner — August 30, 2009 @ 12:03

  3. I was going to guess the same book as LARunner. Very curious–please reveal. 🙂

    Comment by runjess — August 30, 2009 @ 15:28

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