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September 4, 2009


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I am home. That’s not what the holler is for (if you’ve been following me for any length of time home =/= fun) but for the fact that I’ve had a productive day/evening. Let’s recap shall we?

Morning: Woke up at 6 (ugh after the first Thursday back…) banged out a great 8 miles (should’ve been less but hey my legs are ready to roll).  Hit up my 3 classes — yes on a Friday, LAME — but I’m a nerd and love being in class learning.  Today I had Spanish, Physio, and French.  LOVED IT.

Afternoon: Ate lunch with some cool peeps then had the last group team advising meeting with my freshmen.  They were itching to get out of there and start their weekend. So was I, but that was because I had to hit up the doctor for a routine appointment then try and beat the holiday weekend traffic. Which I did. Holler indeed.

Evening: Finished up a good pleasure book while making dinner (as much as the dining hall isn’t terrible and as much of a non-foodie cook I am, anything from my house is bound to be tasty).  Sadly the ending of that book signals make-it-work time (and I have to include this too) and after dinner I banged out some high quality Spanish homework. And it looks like I’ll be able to cross off another class within the hour. Hollllleeeeerrrrrrrrrr.

Now I’m just catching up on blogs and waiting for Psych to come on.  Yup totally cool kid right here.  Granted, if I was at school I’d be ragin’ (or not) but I wouldn’t be just sitting around.  Kind of lame but the reason I’m home today rather than tmrw was that, with the doctor appt, gas (and consequently $$) made it the most sensical  (yup just invented words and / or grammar) for me to do it this way.  But I’m getting my ducks in a row so it definitely cannot be called a loss.  Plus I’m starting to think that my family moved or something because I’ve been home for a few hours, it’s also after 2100, and I’ve seen no one.  Weird? Yes, but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Regardless (or irregardless because it’s my new favorite word) I’ll take this opportunity to talk a little bit about running.  This is a running (mostly) blog afterall.

So this morning I was all set to run 6ish.  This morning , however, the distance discrepancy was not because of great weather (although it has been pretty stellar).  It was because I didn’t double check how far the route was.  So I finished up and looked at my watch and got a surprise.  Because I wasn’t running that slow.  Heck I didn’t feel slow at all! So I re-mapped it and found out that I had run 2 more miles than I thought.  Sweet deal.  Much better than a run I had over the summer where I had thought I ran farther than I actually did and as a result thought I was running waaaayyy faster than I was.

The extra 2 miles did make me late in getting ready for classes but luckily I am a very low maintenance chick and didn’t really have to rush. I also got in some last minute core before the race on Sunday. Speaking of the race, I’m not sure what my strategy will be.  I never really dedicated myself to training for this specifically.  I know I’ve put out some great weeks of running butttttt there’s always that doubt in the back of my mind — even when I have done so.  Plus I haven’t really done any kind of taper and this week is looking to be another pretty high mileage week.  Oh well, nothing I can do now.  At least the weather has been nice and cool and my legs are feeling fresh and have gotten some good running as of late.

OH I wanted to mention that my legs aren’t really feeling all the dancing I did yesterday in class.  Weird for sure.  I mean, when I bend over I feel a little sore in my hammys (and when I stretch them out) but none of that ugh-why-do-i-run-if-it-doesn’t-make-all-exercise-easy feeling.  Hopefully the slight soreness doesn’t linger it was a pleasant surprise to have semi-fresh legs when I woke up.

Alright. That’s all I got for tonight. Enjoy your Friday nights!


  1. Send me some of that great running weather, please!

    Comment by LARunner — September 5, 2009 @ 06:19

  2. One thing I cherish is anytime that I feel the power and ability of my body…or its flaws as well. Just noticing, “hey, this run really is pushing me today (AHHHH-NOOOOY-ING!) or that I can do a better half moon, inspires me. We’re always thinking of what we lack in life and hardly praise how capable our bodies are right here and now.

    Comment by specialkphd — September 5, 2009 @ 10:59

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