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September 5, 2009


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Too bad I’m not in France right now.  Just working on my Modern French Lit homework and reading some poetry.  It’s not too bad.  I keep reminding myself that at one point (2 years ago) I was fluent in the darn language and that it’ll come back to me.  Just give it time. Like riding a bike?

For me, the best way to relax on the night before a race is to NOT think about it.  I mean, I’ve been thinking about the race for weeks now nothing I can do tonight that will change my preparedness.  I’ll need to lay out the stuff I’m bringing to the race but that won’t take any time. How do you relax and/or prep for a race?

And since I’m doing a reading and analysis in another language I can’t focus on the race.  Good deal. Later I’ll watch some NCIS (because I’m in love with DiNozzo and I may or may not own the 6 seasons on DVD) and hopefully fall asleep to sweet dreams.

Dreams = sleep and last night I had a pretty good night. I think it’s because my house is 100% dark at night whereas in my dorm there are streetlights outside, hall lights on etc (not to mention ppl drinking every single night!) I’m a firm believer that the most important night of sleep with respect to racing is two nights before (well I guess the whole week before but if I had to choose just one night).  Even with that in mind I’m still going to try and get another good night tonight.

This morning I woke up to some stiff legs.  Ahhhh the 48 hour delayed soreness onset in my hammys from Jazz on Thursday.  I figured an easy run would loosen ’em up followed by some stretching and The Stick.  It was about 5 miles which I don’t know if it’s appropriate or not.  How far are your runs before a race, assuming you do, in fact, run the day before?

I chose to run at midday because it’s been my favorite time to run since forever (not to mention I “slept in”).  The past two weeks have been 0600 so an 0830 wake up was heavenly! The change in temp from 0600 to 1130 was startling.  Yesterday morning I was in longsleeves and today? Sports bra! Felt like summer rather than the morning’s fall feeling.

The only downside to not running first thing is that I don’t ever feel “awake” until I’m done.  Running really wakes me up so it’s prolly a good thing that the only time I have to run is at dawn.  Keeps me focused in my classes! Sure my legs feel more comfy and running is easier the later I go (stupid circadian rhythms) but my mind is foggy all day. Mucho (well I guess très) respect to the after work and evening runners.

Time to get back to “La Littérature Français Moderne” and the most important: NCIS.



  1. Good luck on your half marathon tomorrow!

    I went through french immersion as a kid, then took it again in university, and occasionally had to use it for work. What I find totally works for me is watching french movies or listening to the radio, when understanding spoken french becomes natural again it is much easier to read it. Good luck, hopefully you get to do some Moliere, I love Moliere.

    Comment by Katerina — September 5, 2009 @ 19:39

  2. I lightly jog 2 miles the day before a marathon or goal race, but if it’s a shorter race that I’m just “training through” then I might do more.

    Comment by runjess — September 5, 2009 @ 19:46

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