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October 9, 2009

Good news? Bad news?

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Just got back from the medical center with some good news: *probably* not the flu. Or at least if it is, it hasn’t progressed to that bad of a stage.  If I feel this bad and it isn’t the worst yet I’m really not looking forward to this weekend.  But the doc did a strep test and checked me out for pneumonia.  The doc said just to continue to rest and drink lots of fluids and if it got worse to go to the ER this weekend and if I still felt bad on Tuesday that I should come in to get blood work done.  So I guess it’s good news? Most likely not the flu but who knows what it really is and even if it is the flu there’s nothing I can do to treat it.  Prolly just a regular virus.  Yuck.

I honestly tried to sleep in this morning.  I even took a TylenolPM last night — and I despise taking any medication for any reason so this was a big deal.  Still I slept until only 0700. Bummer. But then, me being me, I said to myself “hey I can still get in a short run”. Ummmm yeah, really? After all the crying I did because I was so miserable yesterday?

Well, my friends, I did go out for a short jaunt.  And by short I mean incredibly short because I was so breathless by the end of 1.5 miles, which in hindsight makes me superman that I could go that far.  I ended up with 3 because it was shorter to just turn around than continue my loop.  The breathless thing was really annoying because my lungs are clear and I don’t have asthma.  Guess it’s just my muscles being so fatigued that they don’t want to help me breath in my running. After that I decided to skip doing any core. Also annoying? That the weather was damn near perfect for running.  I hate feeling like I “wasted” good running weather even if it’s for my own good.

The rest of my day has been pretty lax, which I obviously need.  One of my classes was canceled but unfortunately it was number 2 out of 3 so I couldn’t start my day late or end it early! Annoying.  I was able to also catch up on L&O: SVU and The Office.  Both episodes were so good but so different from each other that it was weird watching them back-to-back.  SVU was wicked intense, I swear that show has really evolved over the years and turned away from just the plot and developed the characters.  Love it.  And The Office was frickin’ hilarious as always.  Doubly so when it’s a DOUBLE EPISODE.

I’m actually looking forward to this weekend despite the fact that it’s October break and 99.99% of the campus has left.  It’s like a ghost town.  But it will give me a chance to sleep lots, watch T.V-on-DVD marathons, read so *good* books (and trashy mags).  I’m also hoping to take a trip to the grocery store and target but that will depend on how much I feel like driving.   Tired + driving =/= good idea.

Ok so I need to insert some more running talk before I get back to the tabloids I have waiting for me (haha): some awesome people racing this holiday weekend (including yours truly on Monday) but Matt and NACN are running Chicago, Katerina‘s running a 10k,  and Lacey‘s running the Tufts 10k with me! As well as these fine folks from RWOL: kmh, suepm, metal, runningalison, arcticblast and chapelheel.  Let’s cross our fingers for some great weather and kick ass races!

P.S. Sarah is having a great giveaway. And the standard I want it so don’t enter rule applies 😛

P.P.S. I think I forgot to mention this when it happened but I actually WON a giveaway from Christina and I recieved it today.  Woot.  What a great way to make a girl feel better!



  1. see you soon! 🙂

    Comment by Lacey — October 9, 2009 @ 17:13

  2. Ugh, I hate “wasting weather” too, but thats just your body’s way of saying, “REST UP.” Hopefully, you’ll be ok for your 10K on Monday (wow, good luck), just get a LOT of sleep tonight plz 🙂 OH, and thats sweet you won her awesome givaway, you lucky duck!

    Comment by Kathleen — October 9, 2009 @ 17:14

  3. Is there anything worse that not running in perfect running weather?!?! Drink up, rest and get back on the road soon!

    Comment by a marathoner — October 9, 2009 @ 17:39

  4. Hope you feel better!! And good luck on your 10k this weekend, have fun!

    Comment by Michelle — October 10, 2009 @ 07:36

  5. Hope you feel better soon!

    Comment by Chelsea — October 10, 2009 @ 12:40

  6. Take care of yourself. They’ll be other great running weather days in the future. Hop you feel better by your race!

    Comment by Liz — October 10, 2009 @ 14:00

  7. I HATE being sick, especially because I’m a runner. Hope you feel well enough to rock that 10k!

    Comment by runjess — October 10, 2009 @ 18:03

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