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October 15, 2009

Another cold one but a cute outfit

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Good afternoon everyone! Has anyone seen where the fall went? Seriously, it went from 60* weather to a high of 42* today.  It actually *feels* like snow is possible and if it gets as cold tonight as it did last night…well I don’t want to go there.  It’s mid-October for Pete’s sake.

The rains have moved in though within the last hour and the skies are all gloomy (anyone else wonder why skies is an acceptable word? There really is only one haha) which makes me happy that I got my workout done early this morning.

My alarm was a bugle horn or fog horn or something this morning.  I even woke up 15 minutes beforehand but fell back asleep.  Which is always the worst because you feel all flustered.  I accidentally left my heat on a little too high last night so the room was nice and toasty. A good thing I guess, since the temp was 31* and the wind chill lowered it another 7*.  Winter anyone?

I finally figured out how to make my heat turn on when I need it to and off when I don’t: there’s a little switch called automatic where once the room is a certain temp, the heat will shut off and when the room temp is lower it will kick back in.  Why is the new dorm so complicated? In every other building there is only this setting thereby simplifying the concept of heating a room. And making it less wasteful. In anycase it is figured out and hopefully this means I won’t wake up at 0200 all sweaty and confused and gross anymore.

So the point was that it was relatively easy to coax myself out of bed. I hit the gym for some lifting.  As much as I’d rather not do the weights at all, 0600 is a great time to do it because A) there are soooo few ppl there during the 0600 hour and B) more importantly, no sports team leering at me because I am “interfering” with their lifting. No one really shows up until 0700 by which I am done and ready to leave.

The actual lifting session was a bit rough because I hadn’t lifted in about 10 days as I had the 10k on Monday and I’m paranoid about lifting too close to any race.  We’ll see how I feel in the morning.  It wasn’t a terribly hard session but by the end I was feeling a little fatigued.

Which showed during the 3 mile “warm down” run that I did after.  I have a hard time thinking about 3 miles as a run distance since I’ve been consistently doing 6+ lately.  But I was pretty happy that I stuck to 3 today.  I don’t think my legs could have handled any more than that after doing 1.5 miles of warm up and then lifting.

And it was cold as hell (if hell were, in fact, cold).  I actually wore a pair of capris rather than shorts! It’s still too early in my mind to break out the tights and/or pants but still cold so I figured capris were cute.  PLUS, in the true spirit of my life, I was unable to shower for a while and the capris were able to keep me warm in class and I looked damn good in them, if I do say so myself (hinthint: just in case I saw Hot-Spanish-TA, sadly it hasn’t happened yet but the day is still young).

Sadly I did not snap a pic of me in them but trust me I was looking good :)

Sadly I did not snap a pic of me in them but trust me I was looking good 🙂

Again, I got my outfit 100% right temp-wise except for my hands.  It seems that I am doomed to be frozen-handed during the winter.  Last winter I could wear 4 layers on my hands and still go numb.

Today’s run wasn’t as happy as yesterday’s BUT it was still on the fast side.  I guess I’m still riding high from the fastness of Monday.  It was also a treat to start and complete my run with full sunlight because I ran second.  I did see a creepy flock of birds

...And remember, the next scream you hear could be your own!

...And remember, the next scream you hear could be your own!

There were easily 40-50 of them.  I’ve seen the movie and didn’t find it scary but it’s very eerie to see that many birds with your own eyes!

There must be something in the air because after my outdoor run I have not been able to stop sneezing! My nose was a little runny after the run (you know it’s winter when your nose runs more than you haha) but no matter what I did the sneezing wouldn’t stop.  I was thinking allergies but it’s still happening even with all this rain coming down. Boo!

Alright, enough blogging and more independent study stuff! Yesterday Lacey asked about my project.  It’s actually a little embarrassing to talk about because it in no way relates yet to my major (physics) BUT I’m looking at adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder syndrome) and the fact that it is wayyyyy more prevalent in diabetics vs. the general population.  Right now I’m looking into how the body regularly does the whole immune response thing to trauma and the mechanisms of how new tissues are formed etc.  Later I’ll look into how/why it goes wrong and possible reasons.  Unfortunately there isn’t too much concrete knowledge on the latter stuff so we’ll see where the road takes me.

And again, thanks for all the really nice and kind and encouraging and pumping up words lately.  It really inspired me to keep going and I think it is a factor in the pep in my step lately.  So the pressure is on for y’all to keep me running fast and easy 😉


  1. Very nice getting a mix of weights and running in … I had the same thought process w/ respect to clothing. There is no way I can put on pants in October, but that day fast is approaching.

    Comment by a marathoner — October 15, 2009 @ 18:28

  2. Ughhh flocks of birds totally creep me out!! I had to read the book and watch the movie The Birds for school when I was 14 and 10 years later I am still terrified!

    Comment by Michelle — October 15, 2009 @ 21:09

  3. Rockin’ pants! I’m sure you looked hot in there. You go get that Spanish T.A. LOL! Great training lately, btw.

    Comment by LARunner — October 15, 2009 @ 21:15

  4. Cute pants. I bought some carpis and think the weather is perfect for them now. BTW- I’m a medical statistician and we do a lot of research with diabetics so I think your project is way cool.

    Comment by EarlyRunner — October 16, 2009 @ 12:29

  5. it’s time for warm weather clothes, that is for sure. i can’t wait to get back to the weights. i’m the same way, don’t lift around races. i need to whip myself into shape!!!!! i’m sort of re-motivated and am excited to build off of the marathon. too bad i don’t live near you i could join you for some workouts.

    study= sounds really cool!!!!! it is a relatively new discovery? not researched?? kudos to you. maybe a thesis?

    Comment by Lacey — October 16, 2009 @ 15:01

  6. The short story, The Birds, is much scarier than the movie!

    Comment by runjess — October 16, 2009 @ 15:18

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