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October 16, 2009

Cold + Rainy =/= Fun

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No snow (yet) but it’s another very chilly day and to make it worse, rainy.  I can handle either element on their own but put them together? Not so good for this chica. It looks like the next three or so days are going to be like this, sorry Lacey that you will be running in gross conditions.  But you’ll still rock! (She’s running her first marathon on Sunday!)

Due to this unfortunate weather I hit the TM.  Cold + rain + no sun = disaster waiting to happen.  I’m actually okay with this decision (as opposed to last week when I felt all guilty) because I’ve been a trooper the past two days in <35* weather (and colder with the wind) and I know that tmrw and Sunday I’ll likely be outside.  And rather than try to adapt so my body doesn’t freak out I pampered myself a bit.

Since I ran the Tufts 10k (which, sorry Emily, has nothing to do with Tufts University but rather the Tufts HealthCare Plan) on Monday an intense speed session wasn’t needed or necessary.  BUT changing speeds and going hard is what keeps me sane on the TM.  I hate just plugging along at one pace, I mean if I had been outside my pace naturally would have speed up and slowed down.  So I chose to do intervals so that I could beat the monotony of X mph for X time. Because, even though I am the queen of doing runs on the TM (once I did a 14 mile long run on one), there is only so much a person can take.

Intervals? Didn’t  I just say that I wanted to not do anything super intense? Well yes, but this is what I did: I did my intervals by time (and covered the distance traveled with a towel) so that I didn’t feel like I needed to hit a certain pace.  And I chose my pace so that it wasn’t an interval pace but rather a good medium between interval and tempo.  In this way I felt challenged by the speed but also not sooooo tired after.  I did get fatigued by the end but I think that’s okay.

Here’s the workout I did, all intervals were at 8.3mph which I think is around 7:15 pace.

Ladder (in minutes): 3, 3, 4, 5, 6, 5, 4, 3, 3

After each interval I did 2 mins at a recovery pace and I warmed up with 10 minutes of easy running and the cool down was 11 minutes of easy stuff too, so 75 minutes total.

Overall? Good workout (not great because for a workout to be great I want to feel spent, which was NOT the goal today). I felt really good and sweaty. Tay mentioned the other day how sweaty she gets at the gym. Well I’m sooo the same way.  My shirt was drenched.  And I know that how much you sweat isn’t necessarily correlated to how hard you worked (it’s also genetic and hydration too) but the more I sweat the better I feel!

The girl who was working the shift at the gym when I was there was talking to me at the beginning when I was warming up and saying that she was getting into running as a way to lose weight.  Apparently she hates it and during physio class (which we have together) she was in shock after asking how far I went this morning (it was a little over 9.5 miles).  Haha, I was like “I’m a long distance runner. It’s what I do” And when I disclosed how far I went there were murmurs around me of how far that is.  Oh man.  I am now officially the crazy runner to people.  I guess there’s worse things to build a reputation on though.

Just got out of a meeting with my advisor about my independent project.  A meeting FRIDAY AFTERNOON?! Who does that? Well apparently me because my life is so busy I can only fit it in now.  Boo. But after leaving I am more pumped up about it and want to get my nerd on and go do more research. Hoooolllleeeerrrrrr.  And to answer Lacey’s questions (and anyone else who might have it):

  1. It’s not a necessarily *new* topic as the correlation between diabetes and frozen shoulder has been recognized for a while but there that’s basically it.  There’s only recently been literature suggesting possible reasons why but there’s no definite answer.
  2. No, I’m not turning it into a thesis.  A) the deadline for declaring such stuff has already passed and B) I am wayyy too busy in life to dedicate more time to it.  I was really bummed out at first about not writing one but I’m definitely going to be happier this way.  I get to still learn all of it but I don’t have to produce a huge-ass paper and defend said paper in the spring.

Okey-dokey.  Going to start my Friday right by watching last night’s episode of The Office.  My friend has an all day vball tourney in the morning so I think we’re also going to hit up the campus movie which is Transformers 2. I doubt it’ll be a “good” movie but I’m still going to love it because: hot (military) guys + guns + blowing stuff up = amazing. ALWAYS. Hopefully there will be a Hot-Spanish-TA sighting sometime too.  Hey, it’s the simple things in life, right? 🙂



  1. Smart move to not fight Mother Nature. Way to blaze the intervals.

    It’s funny that you mentioned the strange looks you get when discussing long distance running with non-runners. I don’t even bring it up to my friends anymore … they think I am insane. It’s good to have a community of like-minded nuts who understand! 🙂

    Comment by a marathoner — October 16, 2009 @ 17:48

  2. Haha I am that crazy runner person too!

    Comment by Matt — October 16, 2009 @ 18:11

  3. Haha…I think it’s a good thing to be a crazy runner person. 🙂 FYI, Transformers 2 isn’t all that great…I thought it was too long. But the action and effects were awesome. And by the way, thanks for saying my post about primal living was unbiased. I agree, some people get way to high on their horse about things. I think some of the ideas behind it are solid…but then again, I really don’t think I can live my life forever without some grains. We’ll see how it goes…I just hope my running doesn’t suffer!

    Comment by Liz — October 16, 2009 @ 19:40

  4. Found your site through some others. I’m getting back into the running groove too and trying to figure out a lot of things! Wondering if I should just focus on enjoying running now and mixing up some distances…or if I should consider looking at a plan…hmmm, decisions! I used to run competitively until about 5 years ago…but then, well a bunch of stuff happened, and trying to resume it again. It’s beautiful here today – but cold!! – and I’m tempted to go out today…but I have run the pasdt 4 days in a row and I was hurting yesterday (I went for an hour) so I was just going to x-train – although maybe I could do a short one? UGhhh – anyways, I’ve posted/ do post alot of questions on my blog – I’d really appreciate any input/advice on there if you have time to check it out! Thanks – love your blog!!

    Comment by eatmovelove — October 17, 2009 @ 09:25

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