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November 30, 2009

Weekly Recap: November 23 – 29 2009

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Miles: 73.9

Time: 11 hours 25 minutes 36 seconds

Strength: Big Fat GooseEgg

Core: 5x

XT / Rest: Zero

This week epitomized “Go Big or Go Home” in a huuuuuuuuuuge way.  Since I was at home for the majority of the week I ramped up my running in proportion to the stress being home brings.  The POTM challenge also was a factor as I was in the final push for that too.  Lack of rest didn’t hurt either in this monster week.  Miraculously (?) my average pace didn’t suffer toooooo much.  Makes me really think that I’m perfectly suited for this long distance stuff.  And don’t anyone worry: I’m definitely going to NOT keep this up! Heh.

Also to note: November mileage = 293.6.  Great month to be sure but slightly disappointed that it’s not a monthly pr like October was.  Seems a bit improbable given this past week but hey, not going to snub my nose at it 🙂

P.S. Check out the giveaway that Lizzy’s having, although I’m going to say don’t  (like always) because I want a better shot at winning haha

November 29, 2009

Heading on Home

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Weeeell technically I already am (school = home in my mind).  And I’ve been here for a few hours.

I ended up hitting the hay early last night, falling asleep to my beloved NCIS dvds.  Oh true love haha.  I slept pretty damn soundly too waking up 10 minutes before my “early” alarm.  I love the fact that, despite getting up at 0600 during the week, after 4 days of “sleeping in” 745 becomes early.  Gosh this week is going to be rough heh.

Even though I’ve been putting the miles in the past few days I wanted to get in a last minute run before coming back.  I might not have a ton of good routes at home but I wanted to take advantage before I came back to school and got back into my good ole routine.

Clearly that means a good distance of a run. But I managed to show *some* restrain and only go 9 *inserteyeroll*.  At first my legs definitely felt the 15 from yesterday (and the wicked huge week) but it went away fast and I was left being able to relax and zone out: before I knew it I was back at my house.

The weather was perfect for letting me zone out: upper 30s, sunny and not as windy as yesterday.  I was able to wear a longsleeve and shorts and feel enveloped in body warmth but I could feel the crispness on my face and skin.  Does that make sense? It’s how I like to sleep too: cold air around me but I’m wrapped all warm.  Comfy and I can just let my brain be.

Letting my body just be? Eh the 9 was prolly a bit overkill.  But I don’t feel any worse for the wear, it could be that I was running on autopilot and not concentrating on anything.  Right this minute my legs do feel a bit on that edge of too much and okay so tmrw will likely be a rest day.  Also good to transition my sleep pattern too, as I said before 0600 might feel a bit rough.

After my run I did some corework, hit the showers then hit the roads.  Very proud of how efficient I was this morning.  Usually I dilly-dally around after a run.  Even though I ❤ corework I always try to delay the start of it.  Come to think of it, I do that with my runs sometimes too.  I guess it’s just the inertia factor coming into play. Anyone else like that?

Well I prolly should get back to this paper I’ve been trying to write all break.  No where near close but that’s okay, right now I don’t have to be.  I just need to have flushed out solid ideas into semi-paragraph form, not coherent perfect sentences.  Hopefully no one comes to stats tutoring tonight (doubtful because it’s still technically break) so I can work on it some more.  Especially since I’ve been continuing the Special Agents Gibbs and DiNozzo love fest all afternoon and — oh looky there! — I have time for one more episode before I have to leave for work.

Hope everyone who is traveling back home, to school, where ever has a safe trip! To those who aren’t: enjoy the rest of your Sunday night!

November 28, 2009

Day 3

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of double digit runs.  Of course I knew that Saturday = long run so it wasn’t unplanned but still.  3 days in a row of double digits? Hollerrrr.  Not sure if I should be proud of this or a bit embarrassed because I let myself just go and not take into account how my body is going to react to it.  It can’t be that *great* for my body this constant prolonged pounding day in and out.  Even though it feels good.

And it really does. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to address it but to clear up anything if you’ve been wondering: SpecialK brought up an interesting comment on my post yesterday.  She didn’t want to congratulate me on my run as, and this was my inference, my run felt compulsorily.  And at first I was a bit offended: so true that running does feel like a compulsion to me but it doesn’t feel unhealthy at the same time (if that makes sense).  It’s my stress release the only thing that lets me feel like I can shuck the heaviness of school, family etc that press down on me.  I’ve felt that, on the whole, my running has been in “normal levels” (whatever that means).

At least overall: my behavior the past two days (and today which I’ll get to soon) has definitely looked like an obsession.  I mean, come on, I think that for *most* ppl — and I definitely put myself in this category — running lots of double digits runs day after day doesn’t work.  And I know this and acknowledge this: even my body is starting to feel a bit sore and stiff after so many miles.

Not quite sure where that ramble was / is going BUT where I want to get is here: I’m totally aware that I’ve been running myself like crazy.  And I know that I can’t keep this up — nor do I have any desire to.  But, being home, the only place for me to have “me time” is out on the roads.  Which is why the past 4 days have had high miles.  But thank you SpecialK for letting me realize this and actually think about all the miles I’ve been pushing myself to do.  Ironically all this thinking was on my LR today but it’s nice to be able to see my motivations behind why I run the way I do in certain moments.

Today was also a day where I decided I have a love / hate relationship with the wind.  It was soooooo blustery out.  I think I like (and maybe I’m just crazy here) a head wind better.  A tail wind makes me feel like I’m “cheating the system” so to speak — although I will be the first to take a tail wind in a race! A tail wind also turns my long pony tail into a whip and I’m very surprised that I did not lose an eye on today’s run. Luckily the wind cut both ways so I got an equal amount of tail and head winds as well as some nice side gusts that almost pushed me into traffic!

The day was also clear and sunny so it was perfect conditions for my long run.  I have only one real long run route at home (not home enough to spend time working out stuff that’s not combos of routes) so I planned on doing that.  It’s 13 miles so I was really hoping that my legs would hold up.  Like I said above, my body is feeling some effects of my high miles even though it’s not in pain or hurt.  I didn’t have to worry though as my legs felt fine. A little bit weak/sore at the end but I think that would have happened regardless.

In true MarathonMaiden fashion I added an extra 2 miles onto the route.  I almost didn’t but was spurred on by a fresh feeling around mile 11.  Call it a Last Mile Party of sorts.  The thing about these parties is that they really should only be LAST MILE and not last 4,but it lasted about 3 regardless.  The last mile was a bit fading.  Not rough but I *did* let up the pace a bit.  I think the last mile I realized that 15.1 miles is a LONG ASS RUN.  But, as has been the trend lately, my pace was dead on.  Not wicked fast but solid.  Not quite like that 2 week period where I felt flying but much better than the alternative I suppose.  I think the alternating head and tail winds helped to make that possible.

Certainly not the partying last night.  Heh.  I had a bit much to drink but luckily I am one smart cookie and drank plenty of water too so my record of no hangovers ever is still intact 🙂 It was great seeing my high school friends and cutting loose with them, some of the people there I hadn’t seen in years.  It was just a really great blast from the past filled with drinks and dancing and singing!

I have the option to do this again tonight but it depends on how much more work I can bang out.  I kind of want to just stay in: with all the running and going out I’ve been doing lately (ummm can we say T-W-R and F?) I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of things in excess and a night to “detox” is what I need.  Plus, as much work as I’ve done in the past few days I certainly need to do a bit more.  Also I’m driving back to school in the early AM (gotta get out of here fast haha) and I want to not feel sleep deprived / exhausted.  Oh man, can you tell I’m trying to rationalize this?! Hahaha.

November 27, 2009


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my name is MarathonMaiden and I’m a run-aholic.

I told myself that after putting in all those miles for POTM I definitely had the liberty of taking today as a rest day. Additionally the forecast called for steady rain and I didn’t bring home the proper gear for that.  But for those of you who “know” me: rest? what is that?

Last night was great with watching Charlie Brown and then Beyonce / Paul McCartney on TV with some friends and I still managed to get to bed at a semi-decent hour.  Thereby getting another night of 9 hours.  My body is going to go into shock or something when I get back to school and can’t just sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

When I got up there was no rain! I thought that I should go out right then and there but my calves have been soooo incredibly sore the past day or two that I told myself that I would wait and see how I felt after waking up a bit. So naturally A) I wanted to run after 2 hours and B) the rain started back up again.

I managed to drag a shell jacket out of the back of my closet to wear, it smelt a bit musty but whatever.  It was better than the alternative of running in cotton.  I set out on my favorite run when I’m at home, a lovely 8 miler that weaves through some surrounding towns but yet is 100% backroads so I felt peaceful and wasn’t sucking exhaust fumes the whole time.

And because many of you know where this is headed: I added an extra 2.1 miles at the end.  Total miles for Black Friday? 10.1.  And each of them felt great.  Like yesterday I really appreciated the distance aspect of running as I felt stronger each and every mile.  The only difference being that the first couple of miles didn’t suck and my overall pace was pretty decent.  Stellar if you take into account how much running my legs have been doing for the past 2 weeks. Oh the wonders of a carb heavy Thanksgiving feast!

It did rain the whole time of my run but after my feet got 100% soaked, as the rest of my body, I actually was able to enjoy it and laugh and have a good time.  It was the getting to that point that kind of is no fun.  But, in the magical way of Mother Nature, it stopped raining within 20 minutes of me stopping.  *inserteyerollhere*.

But it’s all good because at that time I was eating Thanksgiving round 2.  In my eyes, the best part of Thanksgiving is the next day turkey sandwhiches. Yummy! I definitely will be partaking in Thanksgiving part 3 for dinner as well 🙂

Until then, however, it’s time to make-it-work time for this paper that I’ve been making slooooooooooooow progress on.  I need to bang out something in the next few hours so I can go to my friends and I annual “Let’s go out and get drunk” party.  Annual in the sense that this is out Thanksgiving edition and Thanksgiving is annual hahaha.

Hope everyone is enjoying Black Friday! Anyone score any good deals? I, like I knew, didn’t end up going.  Too scary!! Heh.  Well regardless, have fun basking in the post-Thanksgiving amazingness 🙂

November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Time

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Happy Thanksgiving! Hope y’all are drinking too much, eating too much and laughing too much!!

As well as running too much 🙂

This morning I got up and had a pretty lazy start.  I ended up chilling with a friend and watching a Beatles special last night.  She <3’s the Beatles whereas I only heard of them once I hit middle school haha.  Definitely difference experiences.  Despite having lots of laughs I still was able to get a solid 9 hours of sleep last night, well kind of solid: I did have a pretty disturbing dream where the prof of the class I’m auditing (and am bitter and spew venom about) failed me.  Very odd indeed.

I kind of bummed around for a little bit, continuing my NCIS marathon and watching The Closer one on tv, until I decided to go for my pre-Thanksgiving dinner run.  I’m not the stuff-myself-silly type of person (I know that there will be plenty of leftovers) but I still felt the need to do a longish run so I hit the streets for 10 miles.  I timed it so that I would have just enough time to be ready for dinner.

But when do I ever stick to my planned runs? I added a 1.2 mile loop for a total of 11.2 miles.  It felt really really good and my pace was exactly where I like it. The weather channel said it was 45* but it felt warmer even with a cloudy sky. I was actually sweating a lot despite being in shorts and a t-shirt!

My legs felt pretty good once they got used to the “hills” again.  It makes me a bit nervous for January and Boston training.  Those Boston hills aren’t anything to take lightly! (and yes I qualified back in April and yes I am in for this upcoming spring for those who asked yesterday.  Sooooo excited!!) This run was one that really made me realize why I am a long distance runner.  My legs just felt like they were getting started around mile 9-10. I guess I just need a really long warm up? Haha.

I wish I had had the time to go longer but I didn’t want to miss turkey and trimmings (even if it’s my mothers cooking *eyeroll*) I’m actually going to head over to my friend’s house in…10 minutes to partake in her family feast as the rest of my family has gone to see my extended family at the moment.  Later tonight my friends and I are going to have a dessert par-tay and watch Charlie Brown.  ❤ my friends!

Like how I opened this post: Hope your guys are having fun, relaxing and enjoying some good times with good people 🙂

Although I do have to ask: anyone out there partake in the Black Friday shopping chaos? As much as I hate crowds (and shopping for that matter) I’m surprisingly tempted to hit up the mall tmrw.  I know I won’t but the pull is there.  Masochistic much?! Heh.

November 25, 2009

5 days?!

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Well I guess more like 4 days left in break.  All I’m thinking of is how am I going to survive 5 weeks for winter break when I can’t see myself getting through the next 5 days? Hell, after 5 hours yesterday I was ready to pop a cap in someones ass heh.  I guess it’s not as dramatic as I’m making it but gosh, coming home is soooo hard! I’m just thrown all responsibilities of the house and grrrrrr it’s enough to make me go crazy.

Another thing that I dislike about coming home is the lack of stuff to do.  Sure my school is in the middle of nowhere but I’m within jumping distance of my friends.  Getting together with peeps at home takes effort.  And planning.  Kind of hard to be really spontaneous when you have to A) drive to see ppl and B) drive places to go out.

Guess I’m in a whiney kind of mood today.  This morning I was just bumming around, you know procrastinating on my GeoPhysics paper by randomly surfing the net.  Nothing makes me feel worse then being idle but I had a bad case of inertia.  No matter how hard I tried to move and actually do something all I kept doing was watching The West Wing that was on TV and then the Law and Order marathon once it started.

I think it’s the whole rebounding from sleep thing.  I got 9 hours last night! It’s like since my body has been clutching onto any hour of sleep I’ve gotten lately at school the opportunity for more has me in a coma.  I don’t think I moved once last night! As nice as it was I was more than tired getting up.

But what do I do when I need to wake up? Yup, I run.

As much as I dislike my suburbia hometown it was really nice getting to run through it.  Not to say that it wasn’t tough: my hometown is wicked hilly.  At least compared to the town my school is in, I felt like I was running through the Appalachians or something.  The first mile was tough and my whole body was reeling from ’em.  Since this place could not really be defined as hilly my body did a really quick adjustment and the rest of the run felt great.

So naturally (I’m sure y’all could’ve seen this a mile away) I ran 9.3 miles.  I think it’s my (new) favorite distance.  It’s a nice round number in the metric system, 15k, takes over an hour to complete and isn’t double digits so it doesn’t make me feel excessive.  Just far enough to feel tired but not enough to knock me out for the rest of the day.

After two slowish runs already this week I was very happy to be slightly slower than goal “easy” pace.  I had thought that with the hills I would have been running wicked slowly.  The weather was foggy and upper 40s so I never felt like I was overheating but I didn’t feel cold either.  The fog actually felt kind of good and prolly helped me stay cool too.

Likely kept me going through the last miles. As I mentioned the first few miles were tough as I adjusted to the “hills” (and gosh what am I going to do when Boston training starts and I really need to get used to hills?!) but the last few miles felt like I was on firrrrrre (well not really because like I was just saying that I felt cool haha) but there was a noticeable pep in my step and I could feel a difference in my pace.

Ending a run strong is maybe my favorite thing. And helped me get over my earlier whiny-ness.  Granted that did nothing to get over my avoidance of my work, as evidenced by my current NCIS marathon (and since they’re on DVD I don’t have to even watch commercials ahah).

But I’m still feeling antsy, so maybe a trip into Boston? First I’d need some ppl to want to as well but hopefully *something* happens tonight.  Send good vibes my way ppl!! 🙂

November 24, 2009

Homeward Bound

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Well I’m actually already home.  And already ready to go back to school haha.  The hardest part of being at college is going home for breaks.  I just feel so out of place.

Luckily I have my running to center me as well as my friends.

Last night I did end up finishing my exam with minimal stress and watched my movie.  If you haven’t checked it out yet it’s awesome! Sure, it’s in Spanish but there are subtitles.  Definitely a movie I could watch over and over and over.  In case you forgot it’s El Laberinto del Fauno and it’s WICKED good.

Also last night I think I had a fever because I woke up so many times and sweated through THREE outfits.  Gross.  My heat was off and my window was open so I have no idea what other explanation those sweats could be.  I felt fine though last night and felt fine when I got up.  Ugh and despite my complaining about my age I am not menopausal yet.  Heh.

My run this morning (my constant) kind of failed me.  There was no rain so I decided to take advantage of clear skies.  Kind of regretting that choice as I need to inject some speed into my running but hey, it was a decent run and when I finally calculated my pace it wasn’t soooo terrible. I had a case of the Mondays though.  My legs still felt a little fatigue which I’m sure is a result of me piling on the miles (POTM).  I know I need a rest day but it will have to be after the 26th haha.

I did 10.1 today.  And I felt every single mile plus the extra .1 that got injected.  Luckily I made the decision to do 2 longer routes rather than my main route plus lots of additionals.  I think my grit would have been tested otherwise! But the weather made things a bit more pleasant: 45* with cloudy skies.  I thought that there might be rain but there was only a bit of mist which felt great by the end.

Today being the last day of classes before break campus was absolutely dead.  My Spanish lab class only had 3 ppl in it! Which was nice because it was with Hot-Spanish-TA and that means the class was convo based and we did lots of talking.  I could listen to him talk foreverrrrrrr.  We also did culture stuff like listening to real Spanish music which I need to download now.  Like this. Oh man I can’t get it out of my head.  We listened to it at 0900 and it’s still stuck in my head.  LOVE.  After Spanish I handed in my geophysics exam (I’m a physics major btw to those who asked) and then hit the road.

And like I said, I’m ready to go back haha.  Luckily I called up a few high school friends who are around and we’re chilling now watching T.V. and such.  Definitely what I need as I want to get some quality sleep over break and make some sort of dent in my HUGE sleep debt.  So I’m going to start paying attention to the show.  Just wanted to let everyone know that I’m safe and sound.  And that I’m still truckin’ along in my miles.  And I’m still trying to find a good marathon plan for Boston.  Like Jess suggested I’ll likely take all the plans you’ve said and mold them into my own.  I’m also pretty excited to do some of my “home” routes this week.  It’s been a very long time — the summer? — since I’ve done them and I’m looking forward to the “newness” that they’ll bring me!

Not quite sure what my posting will be like this week as my schedule is muy different than normal but I’ll likely pop in everyday and do a quick post like this 🙂

Enjoy your Tuesday.  As I was told today it’s the humpday this week as we have a threeday week.  Although for me it’s Friday because I’m already on break 😉

November 23, 2009


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Good evening all. Taking a short break from my GeoPhysics take-home exam to post.  This test is kicking my butt.  At least it was: I think that I’m on my way to understanding it better.  I “got” the concepts but the math wasn’t working out right.  That’s the good thing about physics, I always know when I’m wrong because the numbers have physical meanings and I can base my numbers on my intuition.  For example: when a fluid gets more viscus it’ll move slower (example molasses moves slower than water) so when my answers follow what my gut tells me then I know I’m on the right path. And so I am.

But enough about physics.  After all this is a running blog and I’m taking a break from it. So no business talk here haha.

I had a typical Monday morning run.  Slow and yet steady.  I think that by accepting a slow Monday I’m able to deal with the mental aspect of disappointment of not hitting a pace.  On the other hand, I feel like I might just be setting myself up for EVERY Monday to be slow simply because my attitude is that Monday = slow run.  A catch-22 to be sure.

The weather was decent.  Low 40s with clouds.  Seems to be the typical weather as of late and I’m sort of glad, I mean as much as I despise the cold and winter looming it *is* November after all.  Time for Mother Nature to start acting like it.  It does make for pleasant runs.

Like today for instance.  Despite my legs feeling sore and trashed yesterday I was able to pull 9.2 this morning.  No Last Mile Party for me today however as my legs were exhausted by the end.  I think I’ll be happy when the POTM challenge is over.  I know that I’m not in the running for first place but it’s still keeping me going long these days. And although my legs were dragging a bit over the last mile or so I never felt like I was crawling along.

In my mind though that means I need to do some speedwork in the very near future.  Tomorrow perhaps? It’s been raining all afternoon and going to continue into the night /morning so I think it’s the perfect opportunity to hit the gym and get a good hard tempo or interval in.  Maybe the TM is a cop-out but hey, I don’t really want to run in the rain.  If it doesn’t rain I’m sure I’ll be wayyy tempted to skip speedwork as I’m not so good at sticking to speed stuff outside.

I’m not dead set on doing the whole speedwork tmrw as when Boston training comes around and there’s snow on the ground the TM will definitely be the way to get my speed in and I’ll be more motivated to keep a regular schedule for speed.  So I’m not too worried about skipping it tmrw.  Not going to derail anything but I sure could use a bit of “fast running leads to fast running” to boost my spirit and get me pumped.

Speaking of Boston training, anyone have a good training plan they want to share? I haven’t found anything that’s really stuck with me as “YES!” so I’m open to anything at this point.  I want something challenging with a peak of somewhere around 70mpw. Because I’m tenacious like that.

Oh snap a perfect segue into my next “topic” that I wanted to share: I took an online “grit survey” and according to the results that were emailed to me this morning I have more “grit’ than most ppl my age.  Numerically I scored a 3.75 while most of my peers scored a 3.2 Hollllller 🙂 Makes me feel even more like a bamf!

Alright gotta go show my bamfness to this exam as it’s due tmrw morning.  And then I get to leave for Thanksgiving break.  There was some drama over the weekend as to whether or not I was going home but I am (at least as of this moment) and I’m excited to party it up with my friends from high school.  I’ll likely also be doing lots of running with another friend as I said before our motto is “Go Big or Go Home”.

Enjoy your Monday nights.  Hopefully they are more exciting than mine although if I finish this exam soon then I’m going to watch El Laberinto del Fauno.  I’ve been waiting to (re)watch this movie for awhile now so it’s a great incentive to get me work done 🙂

el laberinto del fauno

Weekly Recap: November 16 – 22 2009

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Miles: 68.7

Time: 10 hours 29 minutes 54 seconds

Strength: 0

Core: 5x

XT: 0 (including  0 rest days)

Wow so this week my running skyrocketed. And that’s soooo evident with the total time spent running, although it does even out to a pace that’s desirable right now (re: eaaaaasy).  So much for taking a mini-taper before Thanksgiving? Overall I’m feeling really good: my pace was spot on for 4/7 runs, a wee bit over for 2/7 and under for 1/7.   I’m happy with that and that my legs felt amazing until Sunday’s run where there was a bit of soreness.  But I chalk that up to going at it after a really good 14 mile long run the day before.

November 22, 2009

Stale but running is movement

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Hey all.  Hope that you’re enjoying your Sunday afternoons.  It’s a definite make-it-work day as I didn’t do anything all weekend.  And guess what? I discovered that I have wayyy more work that I thought.  So this post might feel a bit rushed.

But I wasn’t too rushed to skip my run.  I doubt that will ever happen.  When I woke up this morning I totally felt like a mack truck hit me.  I opted to skip the movie last night to just go to Vegas night in an attempt to not stay out too late.  I had to go to support my friend who was running the Vegas thing and the movie was wayyy long.  Luckily I was able to get to bed before midnight and got 8 solid hours of sleep.

The bad thing? Well I’ve been fending off a sore throat / cold for a bit now and I think it’s threatening to run rampant on me.  I totally feel like my glands are swollen (they aren’t) and I have a headache but I think that’s due more to dehydration than anything else.  I nixed the first-thing-run to see how I felt after a few hours and some food in my belly. Good call because within 3 hours I felt good enough to attempt 6 miles.

And like AMarathoner said to me at RWOL who am I kidding trying to keep my run to only 6? He predicted 9 and that’s what it ended up being haha. I think this high mileage (ball park estimate of this week? 68!?!) is taking it’s toll — although Matt is totally kicking my ass!  Hence the little ickyness this morning and the quad soreness during the run itself.  But I’m doing POTM so there’s plenty of time to rest after Thanksgiving 🙂

I also think that running has been my constant lately.  I’ve been dealing with some heaviness feelings just because the semester is winding down meaning that I only have one more semester left of college!! That is the scariest thought in the world to me right now.  Especially since I have no concrete plans for the next year.  I have ideas but nothing is set in stone and is definitely subject to change.  But I’m just chomping at the bit to move on with my life.

I’d describe it as a restlessness lately or maybe a stiffening feeling.  I feel like I’ve taken everything I can out of my college experience and want to use it in the real world.  Granted I have no idea what the real world is yet and I don’t know what I actually want to experience: do I want to travel (YES), get work experience, work in a lab to develop my research skills?

Anyway these are the thoughts I’ve been pondering lately and my runs are such a great time to do it.  Normally I like to take my thoughts and leave them in my room when I go out but lately running has embraced it.  I think it’s because I’m physically moving and my life just seems to be waiting, stagnant, until graduation.

At least that was the case this morning.  I welcomed the movement with open arms and pounded out those 9 miles.  Even with the legs feeling some fatigue I didn’t want to stop.  I just felt sooooo alive with the rhythm of my feet going at a steady beat.  The weather didn’t help either: 52* and overcast.  How much more perfect can you get for November?

So running is my rejuvenation.  As much as it’s good for my body it’s working overtime to help my mind.  A panacea if you will.  And with that I’m going to go tackle everything that is due tmrw. Ugh 😉

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