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November 27, 2009


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my name is MarathonMaiden and I’m a run-aholic.

I told myself that after putting in all those miles for POTM I definitely had the liberty of taking today as a rest day. Additionally the forecast called for steady rain and I didn’t bring home the proper gear for that.  But for those of you who “know” me: rest? what is that?

Last night was great with watching Charlie Brown and then Beyonce / Paul McCartney on TV with some friends and I still managed to get to bed at a semi-decent hour.  Thereby getting another night of 9 hours.  My body is going to go into shock or something when I get back to school and can’t just sleeeeeeeeeeeep.

When I got up there was no rain! I thought that I should go out right then and there but my calves have been soooo incredibly sore the past day or two that I told myself that I would wait and see how I felt after waking up a bit. So naturally A) I wanted to run after 2 hours and B) the rain started back up again.

I managed to drag a shell jacket out of the back of my closet to wear, it smelt a bit musty but whatever.  It was better than the alternative of running in cotton.  I set out on my favorite run when I’m at home, a lovely 8 miler that weaves through some surrounding towns but yet is 100% backroads so I felt peaceful and wasn’t sucking exhaust fumes the whole time.

And because many of you know where this is headed: I added an extra 2.1 miles at the end.  Total miles for Black Friday? 10.1.  And each of them felt great.  Like yesterday I really appreciated the distance aspect of running as I felt stronger each and every mile.  The only difference being that the first couple of miles didn’t suck and my overall pace was pretty decent.  Stellar if you take into account how much running my legs have been doing for the past 2 weeks. Oh the wonders of a carb heavy Thanksgiving feast!

It did rain the whole time of my run but after my feet got 100% soaked, as the rest of my body, I actually was able to enjoy it and laugh and have a good time.  It was the getting to that point that kind of is no fun.  But, in the magical way of Mother Nature, it stopped raining within 20 minutes of me stopping.  *inserteyerollhere*.

But it’s all good because at that time I was eating Thanksgiving round 2.  In my eyes, the best part of Thanksgiving is the next day turkey sandwhiches. Yummy! I definitely will be partaking in Thanksgiving part 3 for dinner as well 🙂

Until then, however, it’s time to make-it-work time for this paper that I’ve been making slooooooooooooow progress on.  I need to bang out something in the next few hours so I can go to my friends and I annual “Let’s go out and get drunk” party.  Annual in the sense that this is out Thanksgiving edition and Thanksgiving is annual hahaha.

Hope everyone is enjoying Black Friday! Anyone score any good deals? I, like I knew, didn’t end up going.  Too scary!! Heh.  Well regardless, have fun basking in the post-Thanksgiving amazingness 🙂


  1. Way to improvise on the gear and score a solid run. Black Friday freaks me out so no shopping here.

    Comment by a marathoner — November 27, 2009 @ 19:09

  2. Hey chica thanks for the sweet comments! I added u to my blogroll, hope u dont mind! your run sounds AMAZING! i LOVE those days when you add miles just because it feels SOOO good! haha! and that sucks your feet were wet…but it’s good training, just think u were wearing weights on your feet! hope you have a great weekend! xoxo!

    Comment by Lizzy — November 27, 2009 @ 20:31

  3. Again…I bow down to you (insert picture of bowing down here please 😉 ). Great job – sometimes you just have to go with the flow for sure. I ran 10 miles yesterday…and another 8 today…I don’t know, I’m just feeling it now – slow!! – about 9 – 9:30 min/mile pace …but whatev just feels good to get out there. I’m pretty much sitting all day too so not doing any extra walking or whatever. I love next day turkey sandwiches 🙂 yum. ahhhh – Charlie Brown – can’t wait for the xmas special – have a good night …and get drunk!!!

    Comment by eatmovelove — November 27, 2009 @ 21:13

  4. I have been itching after a day to run, but if I can get over that first hump, I do SO much better. I am in Spain right now and 4 days off running, for a total of 5. There is something compulsive about my need to run, that I should be better, and at times, that nothing can deflate that sense of high I get after the simple accomplishment of running. I don´t think that´s healthy. I almost always choose to run however…but I don´t want to congratulate or exhault your run this time…why is that?

    Comment by Special K — November 28, 2009 @ 02:27

  5. I hate wet shoes!!! But YEAHHH for running in the a semi-ocd runner myself, I probably would too! Your Thanksgiving sounds like a blast as well! mmmm loveeee foood 🙂

    Comment by Kathleen — November 28, 2009 @ 09:55

  6. Nice run, like usual. 🙂 I can’t believe the rain stopped 20 minutes before you finished. Soooo not cool! And, I loooove turkey leftovers too. I’ve been having a lot of those.

    Comment by Liz — November 28, 2009 @ 14:48

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