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December 4, 2009


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Indeed.  It’s been one long week! The weeks after a long weekend always drag.  Well maybe the weeks don’t because I can’t believe it’s Friday, the 4th of December, but the days sure do.  I think the longest days this semester have been this week.  Oh well, one more week to go!

I ended up not going out.  I got sidetracked with my geophysics paper and no one wanted to go out because they had lots of work to do as well.  Kind of a bummer because I totally wanted to go out but I prolly needed the extra sleep as my body is reeling from such a prolonged sleep deprivation before Thanksgiving.  I ended up with 6 hours but that totally is better than 3-4.

When I woke up it was cold again! Yesterday’s high was 68* so the 38* that I woke up to felt very frigid and I debated breaking out the underarmour.  I didn’t though and I’m glad because it was totally not necessary.  But weather is so relative so it was tempting to wear it. I actually enjoyed the brisk cold enveloping my body — I think I say this during all my brisk mornings haha.

I also woke up to some sore muscles: specifically my quads.  Yesterday’s massage prolly was a bit too much pressure on ’em because they felt like someone took a baseball bat to them and feel all bruised.  No es bueno! I actually stretched out a bit after doing some corework and before hitting the streets.  And let me say this: stretching feels sooooooooooo good.  Seriously.  I need to get back into a stretching routine.  I do stretches for jazz class but 2x a week just isn’t enough.  Todos los dias (everyday)!

Even though my legs were a bit, ummmm can’t really think of a word because sore doesn’t really describe it, my run was pretty good.  Unfortunately my hardcore pseudo-tempo didn’t give me a huge leap in my pace for an easy run. Bummer only because I’ve been so reliant on the “fast running begets fast running” principle and in the grand scheme of things it’s still true.  But I think the extremely high mileage + massage =/= fast running.

Don’t get me wrong, I still was at a good clip but it wasn’t the easy pace – 30-40 seconds that I usually enjoy the day after a speed session.  Just the easy pace.  My body will be happy even though my mind is frustrated with it. Meaning I prolly should have cut back from my planned 9.1 miles but they felt good so why not? I think that I’m not going to do a “long” run tmrw but stick with the 9-11 range.  No sense in really pushing hard yet.  Plus it’s suppose to rain in the pm and I don’t think I’ll be able to get more that 10 first thing haha.

Okay — I need to get some more work done on this geophysics paper.  For those who were curious I’m writing it on gravity anomalies.  Due to the mass distribution on Earth some places are denser than other.  This leads to an increase in the pull of gravity on objects in that particular area.  NASA is looking at these and can actually detect sea level changes, glacial changes, groundwater changes from the different values gravity has in the areas.  Pretty cool but totally kicking my ass right now. Also, since I’ve been so math-based for so long and am currently taking  two language course I cannot for the life of me string together an English sentence anymore! Every other word in my paper has been something in French or Spanish haha.

Also Sarah is having a giveaway.  Holllleeerr. But don’t enter. Because I want it 😛



  1. That paper topic sounds interesting, but I soo hear you on the not being able to write english! Thankfully I’ve overloaded on language classes so that English is hardly necessary to make it through the semester

    Comment by Evan Thomas — December 4, 2009 @ 17:08

  2. have a great weekend girlie 🙂

    Comment by aron — December 4, 2009 @ 17:50

  3. Wow. At your mileage level I am surprised that you don’t stretch. I’m looking forward to scheduling a message soon!

    Comment by a marathoner — December 4, 2009 @ 17:54

  4. I don’t stretch either 😉

    Comment by Matt — December 4, 2009 @ 18:06

  5. I agree, this week has been super slow for me too. Though the next few days are going to go by too fast.

    Your geophysics paper sounds analogous to one a friend of mine wrote. She’s double majoring in math and physics (finishing up this year). Last year she wrote one on Lagrange Points. From my small understanding of astrophysics, a Lagrange Point is a gravitational anomaly in space.

    Keep up the good running! (and yeah, homework over my break is not going to be fun)

    Comment by Nick — December 5, 2009 @ 00:40

  6. Stretch!!! Trust me. Haha…although I’m realllly bad at it I know. Yeah, massages are in that “hurt so good” category. Have a great weekend girl!

    Comment by eatmovelove — December 5, 2009 @ 07:57

  7. This week has been grueling for moi aussi. Get it, french? hehe. It seems like all up college peeps are crazy flooded with the school stuff right now. Oh soo much fun. *insert sarcasm here* At least it’s the weekend. And btw, hope your quads heal up all good. Mine have been killing me too. I actually have a bruise that popped up internally. Umm, I don’t think that’s a good thing!

    Comment by Liz — December 5, 2009 @ 15:14

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