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December 8, 2009

Crazy Busy Tuesday (but last one of the semester!)

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Hellllllo all! It’s been such a busy day.  Tuesdays have been crazy all semester but I’ve been on the go ever since my alarm went off at 0600!

Last night I was able to finish up my physics paper.  Ughhh.  Not quite sure how I feel about it.  Luckily this is a “draft” ie) submit the final paper for peer review and then turn the final thing in by the end of the week.  I just have the feeling I’m going to want to make lots of changes.  Stressful.  I just want this out of my hands already.

But enough about work.  My run this morning was ballin’ (ummm I said that? haha).  It was about 28* this morning which felt like the Caribbean compared to yesterdays balmy 16*.  I actually thought when I stepped out the door of my building that I was wayyyy overdressed.  Everything ended up being fine — 28* is still pretty darn cold — but it’s funny how relative weather is.

It’s also funny how I can characterize my run as “ballin'” and no, not just because I think ballin’ is a word that is sooo not like me.  The first 4 or so miles were brutal.  I didn’t want to be there at all.  Unfortunately I had chosen a 6.3 mile loop to do and it was easier to keep going rather than turn around.

So I just told myself to be grateful to be out there.  Some ppl are injured and can’t run.  Some ppl have never experienced how great running is.  I am so lucky to be able to be out here (and watching a beautiful sunrise too) and able to move my two amazing feet — albeit a little large heh — and move my healthy body.

Of course after this pep talk my body responded positively and I picked up the pace a little bit.  Not much but mentally I was feeling better.  By the time that I got back to my dorm I decided to extend my run and add a smaller 3.8 loop bringing the total to 10.1.  Not the biggest deal because Tuesdays are typically a “short” double digit run, if that makes sense.

I’m really glad that I did it though because this loop was a completely different experience than the first one.  My legs and lungs and mind were all in sync working in harmony to make me feel like I was an elite runner.  No joke: that was the thought that crossed my mind.  My form was transformed a bit too, and I felt like and flying.  SO. GREAT.

It had been awhile since I had a run like this.  Sure I did a speed workout last week on the TM that made me feel fast but there’s a difference between outside and inside, obv.  Once this looped ended I realized that I was just under the pace that I wanted.  No small feat considering that I was almost crawling during the first miles.

That obv lead me to doing a lap of campus which is just over a mile.  So my Tuesday run? 11.2 miles total.  And since I was running under pace and accelerating over the past 3 – 4 miles my pace was spectacular! On cloud 9.

The only downside was that all those miles finished up around 0815.  I have a class Tuesday morning at 0830.  Very tight squeeze.  It’s not like on a “regular” day I have time to shower or anything but usually I have at least a half hour beforehand.  So I was rushed and had to grab some food and eat on the go but hey, it wasn’t stressful because of all the endorphins that were (and still are) pumping through my body.

Actually another downside is that I feel like a semi-hypocrite (and no this isn’t a fishing for complements comment) because I told myself yesterday that I should back off a bit and keep double-digit runs to a minimum.  And here I am running one.  I’m usually such a future-looker, you know someone who constantly looks to the future.  But lately I’ve been stuck on instant gratification.

Obviously there’s a spectrum and moving along it won’t happen overnight.  Like SpecialK said I have awareness of the situation.  And I always hear awareness/acknowledge of the problem is the first step to change (and wow girl that totally does sound like I’m talking about rehab). I need to start thinking big picture.  I did a little bit of that yesterday with my running goal setting so I think I need to sit down and actually figure out how the hell all that’s going to happen.  If I can see the work that I’ll need to put in soon I think it’ll show me that it doesn’t need to start now.

But I’m very happy that what happened happened.  I’m feeling stellar. Plus looking at the weather forecast for tmrw it’s supposed to be snow/rain mix.  Not so much fun. So I definitely took advantage of clear conditions.

And I’m going to wrap up this post now because A) it’s really long and B) I still have lots of work to finish up.  Luckily this is the last week of classes so the end is in sight!

Happy Tuesday everyone 🙂



  1. “short double digit run”
    I don’t think it works like that 😛 But tomorrow will be nasty so probably good to get it all out today

    Comment by Evan Thomas — December 8, 2009 @ 16:30

  2. I think you’ve said this before, but do you not sweat that much when you run? I cannot imagine running 11 miles and then going to class without showering first. I think it would be much harder to make/keep friends. I hope you at least put on some deodorant and body spray, lol!

    Comment by Alex — December 8, 2009 @ 17:29

  3. BAMF!

    Comment by Matt — December 8, 2009 @ 18:17

  4. It seems like everything is really falling into place for you- yeah! I can’t wait to see you future marathon success!

    Comment by Rebecca — December 8, 2009 @ 19:51

  5. Very strong!! How strong? This strong: “Tuesdays are typically a “short” double digit run, if that makes sense.” Extremely bamf for a mid-week run to bang out 11.2 miles. Wow.

    Comment by a marathoner — December 8, 2009 @ 21:33

  6. Have you noticed any ill effects from your mileage? Seems like you’re still running well.

    Comment by runjess — December 8, 2009 @ 22:28

  7. Haha love the “ballin” run! Just to put my 2 cents in the jar, I think that’s cool you’re living in the moment with your runs. I know you’ve wrote a lot about cutting back on your running and stuff, but you really seem to thrive on the mileage and as long as you find that sweet spot between running too much and running enough, then instant gratification of running what you want to run in the moment is totally okay! Good luck with all things finals and school. It’s crazy in college world right now!

    Comment by Liz — December 9, 2009 @ 13:44

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