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December 20, 2009

Mixed Emotions

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Loooooooooong ass post to follow this disclaimer 😉 I’ve been home and without social interaction for 24 hours and I’m taking it out of you guys! It’s not (all) rambling though, lots of stuff going on in my running world.

So we didn’t get “The Blizzard of ’09” but we did get 8″ of the stuff. Annoying as it’s not enough to be considerable but not too little to be inconsequential. When I looked out my window when I got up I wasn’t sure what the plan was going to be today: head to the gym or hit the streets. I couldn’t base it off my street as I live on a side street which doesn’t get plowed so I was unsure of what the main streets would bring. After some hemming and hawing, the thought of my friend Metal over at the Marathoners daily crew on RWOL who just beasted a 50k in WORSE conditions made me hit the streets.

[Random clothing note here because I couldn’t find a better place to plop it haha.  The mittens worked well.  It was about 20* real temp and 10* with the wind chill and my hands never went 100% numb and my 4 fingers stayed “warm” the whole time.  My thumb? Eh not so much. BUT I did have dexterity in all my hand and fingers when I was done.  Still cold but they were red vs white.  Progress? I think so.]

Getting off my street was tricky because, like I said, it wasn’t plowed so I had to try and stay in the tire tracks left by someone who was leaving.  Add that to the fact that I live at the base of a big hill made the start of the run a bit shaky.  Once I got onto the main road the conditions of the pavement weren’t much better.  Sure the plows had come by but it was still snowing a bit and the traffic on the streets matted all that fluffy stuff down.  Given the option to run through unpacked snow or packed snow I’ll take the fluffy stuff any day.  There was absolutely NO traction on the streets.  Made me a little nervous about traffic but I paid close attention to my surrounding (there weren’t a lot of cars out there) and felt safe the whole time.

Given that my feet weren’t able to grip onto anything made me reevaluate the pace I wanted to run at.  My lungs and heart were prepped and ready to go for the usual pace.  But my legs, already fatigued from this past week, couldn’t overcome the extra effort to hit that pace with the roads being what they were.  Now I HATE making excuses (as evidenced by my [failed] tempo post earlier this week) but the weather really was a factor here.  I was huffing and puffing at a pace that was ridiculously slower than usual.  Slower than my Monday runs even.  All because the snow and my shoes did not want to work in harmony. Boo. I actually was whimpering at some point.

Which embarrassed me to be honest.  I had chosen to do a double route just because of the weather (it just felt safer to be in a reasonable distance from my house) and tears almost fell when I passed my house after the first loop. Again embarrassing.  So I told myself that I was going to do negative splits this run.  I didn’t check my watch because I didn’t want to know my pace but I knew that I could easily do negative splits.  It would be harder to do positive splits here.

The second loop went better than the first.  I thought of Metal and HTFU and I was okay.  I think that during the second loop the roads might have been clearer and the sidewalks had been semi-plowed so I was able to run on the lighter snow.  I was running in an inch of snow here but it felt better than the mush and hard stuff on the road.  Only downside? Slippery.  I fell about 4 times.  Nothing hurt or anything.  Just annoying but I was able to “laugh it off”.  And if you are any of the children who were out playing during one of those times: I am sorry to have taught you some new four letter words.  Or rather I should be apologizing to your parents.

But despite the terribleness of the run I still slogged out 12.2 miles.  Yeah I know: How bad could it really have been if I could do that? Well you know how I was debating the gym earlier today? I wish I had gone.  This was NOT a run where at the end I felt hardcore or anything.  I do have a cool story to tell about how hardcore I am (because let’s be honest no matter how I feel it *is* hardcore what I did) but this run felt harder than my 22 miler last spring in the hurricane.  I soooo feel like I’d rather have done a 20 miler on the treadmill than this run.  Maybe I’m just a pace addict.  But this run felt longer than my marathon.  It probably was just the first half though because my attitude improved the second loop.

In any case this run capped off a great week.  Yup my legs are tired BUT I completed a (training log: Monday – Sunday) week of double digit runs, and only one of them was under 11.  This put my total for the week at 80.6!! A new weekly mileage PR. Hollllleeeeeerrrrrr. I am really pumped about this fact, although I wish that the run today had been a “perfect” run to cap it off. Still pumped about it though no way around that! And TheLam asked how long the streak is going for.  Well I’m not sure. The double digit one will likely end soon but the overall one? Until I can’t run anymore haha 🙂

And after this week my shoes have 2041.7 miles on them.  Might be time to retire like Rebecca has suggested (or rather ordered me to do! haha)? I know that I said after this week (meaning after today) but I really feel no ill effects of them.  I do have a pair that might have 100 on them that I brought home.  But part of me doesn’t want to part with the ones I’ve been using.  Some weird freaky attachment syndrome. Maybe I’ll keep them around so weight room stuff.

Speaking of which I need to get back into.  I stopped back in October so that I could get some mileage in.  Funny because if you had asked me in the past if I would ever consider stopping the weights I would have told you that I don’t know how people DON’T lift regularly.  Oh how the table has turned.

Alright time to wrap up this longish post.  I could definitely write more but my stomach is growling.  Maybe the only downside to doing an 80 mile week? I mean I love having a hearty appetite but this week I was CONSTANTLY hungry.  And constantly eating as a result.  I neither like feeling hungry nor do I like eating constantly.  Kind of hard to enjoy other things (like NCIS or reading a great book or going out shopping) when the only thing you want is fooooooood. I don’t know how all you really high mileage people do it!

Off to go fix a snack! And keep those Q coming because I want to write some As 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your Sundays guys! (And double thanks if you stuck around to the end of this post heh)



  1. Wow, I can’t even imagine running outside in this! Way to be!

    Comment by BostonRunner — December 20, 2009 @ 17:35

  2. rockstar! i did a run last year around this time (actually i looked it up, it was a year ago tomorrow!) in a foot and a half of freshly fallen snow. and the town i lived in was NOT big on actually plowing their streets. so here i was, running down the middle of city streets in knee-high snow on a sunday night. i think i only did 2 miles, and it was EXHAUSTING. like running through water. and i think i ended up around a 14:00 pace. hahah. so much fun though!

    ps i am jealous of your weekly mileage! i rocked out at 7.1 miles this week, but considering that a few weeks ago the number was 0, i suppose i’m ok with that 🙂

    Comment by runningd0wnadream — December 20, 2009 @ 17:56

  3. Bamf work … even if you fell 4 times. Ha. 😉 With the shoes, do what I did. Let them sit in a closet awhile and then realize someone else could use them more than your emotional attachment. It’s cold out and Goodwill could definitely put them to use. Bust out the newish kicks.

    Comment by a marathoner — December 20, 2009 @ 19:32

  4. Running in snow always KILLS my legs. You are def a BAMF, but I hope the roads will be cleared soon so you can run safely! I did 7 miles today on like the 2 roads in my neighborhood that were plowed…it was def a run that made me want to kill myself, haha!

    Comment by Kathleen — December 20, 2009 @ 21:22

  5. An 80mi week?!?! :bows down in awe: Good lord girl! And I totally would have whimpered, teared up and gone inside! So be proud! Are a BAMF!

    Comment by runningfiance — December 20, 2009 @ 22:02

  6. Wow, all I have to say is YOU ARE MY IDOL 🙂

    Comment by Tricia — December 21, 2009 @ 11:09

  7. I’m glad you didn’t get hurt on any of your falls. Keep it safe and don’t worry about pace on easy days — whether the weather is good or bad. 🙂 Congrats on the mileage PR.

    Comment by paige — December 21, 2009 @ 20:32

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