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December 27, 2009


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Hope you guys enjoyed reading my goals for 2010.  If not check them out and let me know what you think. I know I like seeing what everyone else is gearing up to do! It really pumps me up and after writing mine I kind of want my races NOW.  But like I said yesterday I’m going to start with the whole progress toward the goals NOW.  I’m chomping at the bit here!

This weekend was interesting and fun.  But tiring too. Here’s what went down (and the title of this post come from the fact that it didn’t feel like the weekend.  At all.  But I think that’s because I’m on break so my days are all jumbled):


As I kind of wrote a bit about already, Christmas night was great for me.  After I got back from my run that afternoon the family has already left for Christmas dinner so I was free to do what I pleased.  Which meant that I took a long  hot shower, poured myself a glass of wine and read a book.  I had plans to go see Holmes which was awesome.  It was such a good movie and balanced action/explosiony stuff with wit and humor.  And Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law aren’t too bad on the eyes.  The way it ended leaves a sequel option which I am totally cool with.  Afterward me and my friend hit up a Chinese restaurant with some other friends and there was lots of laughter and joking.  Not so much reminiscing about high school / the past which was nice because I really don’t want these friendships to turn into “Remember back in the day…” stuff. Stayed out wayyy too late though but I lost all track of time! Craziness as that never happens.


After a night of fitful sleep (thank you too many mai-tais and beef on a stick!) I ran 12.2 miles in what turned out to be drizzle rather than just cloudiness. Ew.  But it was semi-warm at 35* and there was no wind.  Thank god for small favors I guess.  The overall pace was a true long run pace which, needless to say for my type-A self, was slow.  It was appropriate and I’m trying to wrap my head around the idea of really going slow and easy. Sometimes I just feel like long run pace is too slow for my liking: if I had my way it would be MP + 30 seconds.  Because that’s what I like to see my pace work out too.  So it was good that I hit MP + 60 seconds today.

And I did not have an “accident” like yesterday heh.  After talking to some people I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s tired / fatigued pelvic floor muscles.  Interesting because I associate it with women who have had children.  But I figure that all this mileage is fatiguing ALL my muscles rather than just the “running” ones.

Saturday night was a night to celebrate with friends from high school. I went into the evening exhausted and I was a major league grump getting ready but I’m glad I went.  Even though I really don’t have much in common anymore with my high school friends (I have this theory that high school friends / childhood friends are really only there because you live in the same town whereas college friendships are actually based on common interests) but they’re still cool people. And fun to drink with.  I didn’t spend the night and left on the “early side” but still a good night. Lots of Lady GaGa.  You’d be proud Sarah haha.


I really wanted to get a gym session in yesterday but by the time I dragged my sorry butt off the couch it was an awkward time to go so I stuck with the run.  So that meant it got transferred to today.  I did the same workout that I did on Tuesday (found here under the Strength page). Since the gym I worked at was closed all weekend (it’s really small and doesn’t have a huge staff) I went to an affiliated gym today which didn’t have “in-between” weights: 17.5, 22.5 etc so I bumped UP the weights today.  Let’s just say I’m going to be sore tomorrow. But it was a great workout. I was in awe the whole time though because the gym was pretty packed with middle age and old people. I felt like the youngest by far but it was totally motivating because I want to be like that when I’m older.

Running wise (yes I did that too) I had calculated last night that I only needed 8.4 miles to hit a new weekly PR.  Then I did some more math and calculated that I only needed 11.7 miles to hit 84 which would be an average of 12 miles a day.  I ❤ me some round numbers and ended up doing 12.3 miles because I felt so damn good.  Well kind of good.  There is some soreness from lifting (and likely all those miles) but I never felt like I was doing the miles just to do them.  I still felt like I wasn’t going to die even though my legs definitely lost their “freshness”.

But the run was great.  A little slow to start but when are my runs fast out of the gate? And it was drizzling the whole time.  Well that’s a lie, maybe the first half.  So the 50* (!!) weather felt a lot cooler because of it and there was a really cool fog.  I loved running in and out of it at various points during the run.  And interestingly enough, despite the soreness in my quads, the HUGE monster week I just put in and the lifting I did this morning my pace was right on target.  Well MP + 50 seconds which I’m happy with. Not only that but the last 3 miles were quick.  Like really quick (MP which is PDQ after running so much heh). It didn’t feel that way during the run but numbers don’t lie.  So I’m pretty happy with myself although now all I want to do is lay down on the couch and not move. Haha.

And I think today is going to be the end of the double digit streak.  It was fun while it lasted (16 days!) but I think that I need to refocus on other things.  Plus I don’t want to get to the point where I’ve gone so far on the streak that I end up ignoring a nagging hurt (which there is no sign of yet — knock on wood) and end up sidelined.  Boston is just around the corner and it’s wicked important.  Granted I say that now and who knows what tomorrow will bring (especially since I might want to kick of the New Year — which starts this week!! — in style) but that is my musing of the day 🙂

Hope everyone is relaxing on this Sunday.  Hopefully the holiday weekend doesn’t end for you today! As I’ve been a student, oh my whole life, I’ve always had the week after Christmas off so I’m not sure if any of you have to work tomorrow or not.  I know that even though I’m still on break I have lots of errands to run so I’m sure as heck relaxing right now haha!


  1. i am proud!

    also, 35* = “warm” = HA

    such a new england thing to say 🙂

    Comment by sarah (ghost world) — December 27, 2009 @ 17:18

  2. BAMF!!! How will you adjust from pre-training to training for Boston? Meaning, you are already at 75-85 mpw. Does that mean you will ramp up to 100mpw? Your fitness obviously can handle that mileage. Most of the plans I’ve seen start way below where you are. Just wondering.

    Comment by a marathoner — December 27, 2009 @ 17:45

  3. Wow, you have been busy this weekend!! It doesn’t feel like much of a weekend to me either, I’ve been busy and I’ve been working, so ya, not much R & R involved. I like your theory about high school friends and college friends. I believe that to be true, most of the time.

    Comment by Liz — December 27, 2009 @ 17:59

  4. haha thats too funny! check out these intevals that meg did a guest post about on my blog- I did both of them and the are really good! the first one is about 40 minutes and the second is shorter.

    Comment by Christina — December 27, 2009 @ 22:29

  5. yeah, wait until you get in the working world honey – funny we always want the other thing – when i was a student i just wanted to be working…now God i wishhhhh i were a student please! such is life :)…agreed about the swap – noone would want to come here – i couldn’t even get into my car yesterday, it was complete ice – i felt like a caveman ‘breaking through the ice’…way to pound out those miles girl – have you ever been injured? (knock on wood!!)

    Comment by eatmovelove — December 27, 2009 @ 22:33

  6. Haha, break is the best! I love reading about all of your crazy long runs, but it WOULD suck to see ya injured, so good choice on resting up a bit, and GET PSYCHED UP FOR BOSTON! Wooo lucky!

    Comment by Kathleen — December 28, 2009 @ 07:51

  7. I like your theory on college/high school friends too, I think that’s pretty true in my case too.
    Probably a good idea to rest a little bit, getting injured would be the worst.

    Comment by BostonRunner — December 28, 2009 @ 10:52

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