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December 29, 2009

Intervals, Hills and Massages. Oh My!

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Yesterday (Monday) was a whirlwind day.  I was on the go from 0800 to 2300! Whew.

I obviously still managed to get a run in though.  I ran first thing because I knew how busy it was going to be plus we were supposed to get (and did get in fact) a rain/snow storm in the late morning/early afternoon.  So timing was perfect.  I set out for 8 miles but for some reason thought that 11 was more appropriate? And I am totally bumming that I didn’t keep track of how far I was going because I did this run on autopilot and I really did want to slowly lower my mileage down.  But it was a good run albeit on the slow side because I wasn’t paying attention to anything.  I really don’t think I could really tell you where I even ran to be honest.

And just a note about the crazy ass New England weather: I was driving on the highway and I started out in rain close to my house, it changed back and forth between rain and snow then I hit whiteout conditions.  On the highway!! Now it wasn’t that scary because I’ve done that before but after about 20 minutes it’s was like I hit a curtain and SUN on the other side.  Freaking crazy how the highway can be such a divisor of weather patterns.

Now onto today.  I was planning on doing intervals (or any type of speedwork really) yesterday but since I was choosing to run in the morning, in prep for a packed day, I didn’t want to feel rushed or anything so I put it off.  I also was feeling a little sore from lifting on Sunday (although not as sore as I thought I would be.  Better shape that I thought? Yes!). So it fell onto today.  Which I’m not too upset about because, although I still have yet to pick out a plan (and 16 weeks was YESTERDAY), both the plans I’m thinking of, Boston Bound and BAA Veteran (any insight would be helpful in my decision making process and my thoughts on the subject are here), have an interval/speed/hill type thing on Tuesdays so I figured why not set a tone now.

Although looking at the workout you’d think that I was in training right now.  Which to anyone wondering (I know AMarathoner asked earlier) I’m not quite sure how I’m reconciling the high miles I’m doing now with what a potential training program will ask.  What I think I’ll do is (hopefully *fingerscrossed*) take the next 4 weeks to back off and then start back up again.  The BAA one has the potential to get high mileage, like roughly where I am now, and the Higdon one looks lower mileage but I think I can add safely to both of those if I feel necessary; I have such a high base already.

So here’s the workout: I channeled Jess because I remember her doing both intervals AND hills in the same workout. And just an interesting note I had this song in my head the whole time heh. That man can do no wrong in my eyes!

  • Warm up
  • 2 X [ 4 X 800] @ 10k pace with 90 sec recovery between 800s and 5 minutes recovery between sets
  • 4 X 800 m hills with 90 seconds between hills (and 5 minutes between last 800 set and first hill)
  • Warm down

I did do this on a treadmill because it was wicked windy out AND in the teens, soooo not conducive to fast running, but whatever.  I still feel like a bamf!  I ended up running the 800s a little faster than 10k pace — more like what I want my 10k pace to be (703 min/mi vs 715 min/mi).  And both the distances for the 800s and recovery were loose.  Since I was on a tm sometimes I wanted to start or end the recovery on an even number or whatever so I took the liberty to do that.  Same with the hills. I don’t know if I can call these Yassos or not.  For one thing there was that 5 minute recovery between repeat 4 and 5.  I think that’s a no-no in Mr. Yassos book but whatever.  I felt that it was still a good solid workout. I’m happy with the pacing too because, although the first one felt like death, the rest felt good and I had to resist the urge to go faster.  As I had 8 total I didn’t want to burn myself out and not be able to finish.

As for the hills.  They were tough.  Yes they were done after the 800s but I think they would have been tough on their own.  I designed this workout myself and I wrote down 400m hills but after the 800 repeats I think that’s just what my brain was used to, so I got about a mile more in that originally planned.  Which I could not for the life of me figure out why my mileage ticker on the tm was more than I thought it should be. And yes I consider math a strength of mine haha. (Interestingly enough I think I ended up doing a 5th 800 on the last set because I can’t count!) I did the hills at 4% incline (is is an appropriate hill setting? Gosh I feel like such a noob!) and the first one was tough! They got easier after that but man that first one almost killed me I think.  But then again the first anything is really tough IMO.

When I was done my face was beet red! But like I mentioned, I felt so bad-ass! There were also a bunch of people staring both during the workout and after.  I guess not many people can fathom running on the treadmill for as long as I did / actually do a real hard workout on the darn thing (or anywhere really).  But I take pride in that.  I wanted to shout to everyone: “I’M RUNNING THE BOSTON MARATHON!!” but I figured that would make me seem like a braggart (does anyone even use that word or am I the only one?) so I didn’t.  I just smiled back at them and hit the next interval or hill hard.

One of the other reasons I did this workout today was because I’m actually getting a massage soon! Even though I’m not a fan of the post-massage soreness the next day I love the feeling of a massage.  It’s definitely not relaxing for me but I love when my friend works on my legs and I can feel tension and “gunk” (lactic acid etc.) being released and my muscles loosening up. So I wanted to hit my body hard and then get it worked on 🙂

Which I probably should leave for like NOW! Enjoy your Tuesday’s everyone.  Stay warm in you’re in the NorthEast (or anywhere else that’s cold too!) and stay cool if you’re somewhere warm.  Although don’t tell me that because I may have to hunt you down haha!



  1. Woot! Action packed workout and day. Very bamf on the tm. It’s funny how non-running nutcases look at us like we are … nutcases. Ha. Great work out. Will look at your Boston plans.

    Comment by A Marathoner — December 29, 2009 @ 17:21

  2. The BAA looks more your cup of tea from a mileage standpoint. I would imagine you can add to it to reach the 80-90 mpw you are targeting.

    Comment by A Marathoner — December 29, 2009 @ 17:24

    • That was my thinking too. Great minds think alike! I’ll need to incorporate hill work into it but that wasn’t a problem today so I can see it working for the rest of the training plan as well.

      Comment by marathonmaiden — December 29, 2009 @ 21:41

  3. I LOVE JAY-Z!!!!

    Comment by Kathleen — December 29, 2009 @ 17:41

  4. You so are a BAMF to get all that done on a dreadmill no less! I feel a myocardio infarction coming on just reading about all those hill 800’s. I’m so not ready for those…

    Comment by Teamarcia — December 29, 2009 @ 17:50

  5. Wow, great workout! I hear ya with the milage- I love the high stuff (I plan to peak between 80-100 miles) but your body will thank you if you chill it out now though I’m sure. Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

    Comment by tmart — December 29, 2009 @ 21:03

  6. I love how you “Channel” people haha! I’ll be ‘channeling’ you for sure – just to get my butt out the door. Lately, my ‘running’ is sporadic to say the least and consist of 30-min ‘jogs’ on the TM – i don’t know anymore…keep it up girl, love reading about it and your love for it 🙂

    Comment by eatmovelove — December 30, 2009 @ 09:27

  7. Good job on the treadmill workout. I always get so bored on the treadmill, but it seems like you managed to spice up your workout;) I’m SO jealous that you get a massage, I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

    Comment by Ada — December 30, 2009 @ 09:30

  8. YES! whhooooa that is intense. way to go!!! i am impressed 🙂 you really ran it out. and run this town is the perfect background to that. jayz rocks my world, seriously. you have heard the collision course he did with linkin park, right? love that stuff, too.

    THANK YOU for the card!!!!!!!!!!! you are such a sneaky santa sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!! awww 🙂 and i def appreciated the reminder that i need to ramp up (uhh start??) training in january 🙂

    Comment by lacey — December 30, 2009 @ 11:00

  9. I had a very similar experience with the weather yesterday, except luckily I wasn’t on the highway just watching from my house! First drizzle, then downpour rain and snowy mix, then full on blizzard. Madness!

    Comment by BostonRunner — December 30, 2009 @ 11:14

  10. […] a psychological term that people actually use hah).  I’ve done it by time and by distance (and in that link hills too) before. In this case speedwork can easily be incorporated into a […]

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